Stolen wheat claim against Russia is deadly food deadlock of evil men, say humanitarians

“Appointed António Guterres and Jens Stoltenberg plus elected Joseph Biden, Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Olaf Scholz are seizing the wheat from hungry humanity,” and that is their worst crime say humanitarians.

The UN/NATO member leadership has created a deadlock in the movement of much of the world’s food grains according to humanitarian workers helping ordinary  people of the Ukraine/Russian conflict which is fought between Russia and NATO killing Ukrainians and Russians in Ukraine and Russia.

By Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John


The world's daily bread is crucial to healthy human life.
The world’s daily bread is crucial to healthy human life. Photo Credit: Saskatchewan Wheat Developers. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“Who cares who among these men owns the grain? Get it to the hungry people suffering food insecurity. The grain was doing nothing for anyone eventually rotting in storage bins as artillery shells scream overhead.

“The two sides, NATO (meaning USA) and Russia both have guns and missiles and they are fighting out their territorial wet-dreams, both killing overwhelmed, credulous Ukrainians with money ordinary people paid into their coffers,” says the executive director of The RINJ Foundation which operates women’s shelters and birthing clinics in the war zones.

“End the sanctions and the mines and get the food grains out of there to the starving portion of the world, and stop being heartless sick cutthroats,” accuses Katie Alsop, executive director of The RINJ Foundation.

These men of these two organizations, UN/NATO, along with sea mines in the ports of the Asov Sea and the Black sea, are likely the only ones responsible for a deadlock in the shipment of food grains to a hungry world, say women humanitarians in Eastern Europe.

“I have seen those big ugly mines drifting ashore in three seaports,” reports Melissa Hemingway for from the region. “I have also seen Russian military personnel doing their part with robotic machines de-mining hundreds of hectares  of Ukrainian mines along the coast after Russian and Donetsk forces taking control of the area.”

UK media reports Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis proposed a UN warship flotilla to guide grain shipments across the Black Sea, but Russia has already bid for that role once the Ukrainian mines have been removed. Perhaps NATO Ukraine would remove the mines for its allies? How long will that take?

“In the matter of a proposed UN/NATO warship flotilla to guard and control wheat shipments in the Black Sea, both the United Nations and NATO lack any credibility, in fact it smells fishy,” suggests Simon Baldock, an Israeli security analyst based in Tel Aviv. Mr. Baldock has spent several weeks, since 24 February, in Ukraine studying the crisis.

Video: The Vice story on United Nations  sex for food exploitation of refugees and other deprived people 

Video: Aid organizations under the UN have a decades-old pattern of sexual abuse and solicitation of prostitution in countries ravaged by natural disasters and conflict. VICE World News looks at these organizations that help those that are most in need, but also perpetuate a history of violence and a colonial past.

“Appointed António Guterres and appointed Jens Stoltenberg plus elected Joseph Biden, Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Olaf Scholz, are the men running this horrific mess that has been evolving for over a decade since America seeded a civil war in Ukraine up to and including the year 2014 and provoking Russia with an invasion force on the Donbass contact line in 2021,” said Dale Carter.

“None of these men can be trusted to keep the peace or feed the hungry yet the UN members want the UN to control the food despite its 100% track record of bartering sex for food in under privileged regions.”

Sexual Exploitation by UN Officials

17 Year old in India told she could have a job if she provided sexual favours to a senior UN official. Watch the video above.

Appointed António Guterres and appointed Jens Stoltenberg plus elected Joseph Biden, Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Olaf Scholz have failed the public trust and made a horrific mess of the world.

“None of these men have solved their alleged personal angers and conflicts only created more,” Ms. Carter added.

“None of these men have solved the problem of Ukrainian and Russian grain and natural gas distribution, nor have they done anything but propel their own personal political careers and personal gains. These men, every single day, dick around with the lives of billions of people in cavalier fashion, lying their faces off about the horror they are creating.

“Meanwhile women and their families are placed in dire straights, life threatening hardships, while armies rape and pillage their homes and the so called protectors of the United Nations eff their children, while trading food for sex from the child-victim’s mothers,” continued Ms. Carter.

“You want to put UN sex-for-food traders in charge of 30% of the world’s daily bread?”

Under the two organizations, UN and NATO, there have been seizures of wheat shipments coming from the Azov Sea port of Berdyansk which since 26 February is under Russian military and Donetsk militia occupation and considered locally to be part of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) according to the office of Denis Pushilin who is the leader of the DPR. at publishing time has been unable to confirm a statement the publication was given by Donbass farmers that the grains aboard the Zhibek Zholy came from the agriculture wheat producers collectives of the Donetsk people’s republic.

Another claim may be more likely. Ukraine claims that the grains were grown in Ukraine and have been in storage in Berdyansk since before 26 February in Berdyansk, when Donetsk took control of the city.

Grain farmers in the Donbass say that is unlikely because the 100,000 plus people of Berdyansk have consumed their grain storage for bread and other foodstuffs. That is not confirmed either.

The only way to confirm the source of the grains according to trusted contacts in western Canada’s Saskatchewan grain-producing province is to obtain samples of the grain and do a forensic test that will determine in what area the grains were grown.

“That will not make any difference to the people who could be fed this week from the Zhibek Zholy’s  4,500 to 7,000 tons of grain (whichever claim is true) if the vessel were not seized by the Erdogan government in Turkey,”  says Dale Carter, security director of the women’s group, The RINJ Foundation, which has been lobbying to break the deadlock in shipments of foodstuffs and grains from Ukraine and Russia, “not that UN or NATO listens to civil society because they are just people, women at that,” she added angrily.

Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office asked Turkey to “conduct an inspection of Zhibek Zholy’, seize samples of grain for forensic examination”, according to a Reuters report.

The DPR would not make a statement on the matter, but local citizens have a range of opinions, but that’s all they are, opinions in a sad war-ravaged region.

“The DPR formed in 2014 during a Ukraine civil war which has continued. Thus far only a near dozen nations have recognized the DPR’s statehood because of pressure from the USA and NATO, but after 9 years of fighting off the  armies of Canada, Britain the United States and Ukraine and their artillery attacks, the people of the DPR have proven to be a state in the context of the United Nations members’ enshrinement of freedom to exercise the right of self determination,” said Dale Carter who has been overseeing humanitarian operations in Ukraine from a security context, protecting women’s shelters, birthing clinics, and medical clinics.

Denis Pushilin leader of Donetsk PR

3 July 2022 Denis Pushilin DPR leader (center) and Andrei Turchak (left) congratulate the soldiers of the “Pyatnashka” brigade on the 8th anniversary of the formation of the unit. Andrei Turchak is the First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation among other titles. Photo credit: Official photograph of the office of Denis Pushilin, government of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Photo is cropped. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Zhibek Zholy is a mercy ship trying to bring thousands of tons of food grains to the hungry.

The Zhibek Zholy is wholly owned by a Kazakhstan firm operating as KTZ Express company, which  leased the Zhibek Zholy to a cargo company, the Green Line, which allegedly has no sanctions against it and therefore is one of the rare few vessels allowed to carry food grains to a hungry human race across the world. This information is found in several ship registries.

According to ‘Vessel Finder‘, the current position of Zhibek Zholy is at Black Sea (coordinates 41.11601 N / 30.71377 E) reported 36 hours ago by AIS. The vessel arrived at the port of Karasu Anch., Turkey on 1 July, 08:04 UTC.

Zhibek Zholy (IMO: 9598880, MMSI 273216220) is a General Cargo Ship built in 2016 (6 years old) and currently sailing under the flag of Russia.

One cannot believe the UN really cares about feeding the hungry when in fact it is the worst overlord, raping women and children in its care in developing nations where the most food-deprived people  are living. Food for sex again?

The RINJ Foundation is accusing America (and its NATO group) and its European Union Commission puppet of  starving people in Africa to suit the political whims of NATO partners seeking to hide a NATO  military activity in the Black Sea under the UN flag.

Firstly, UN men perpetuate internal corruption, severe violations of human rights, and cannot be trusted in the field.

UN men rape people they have been charged with the responsibility of feeding, assisting, protecting or organizing.

UN Peacekeepers from countries providing soldiers to UN peacekeeping missions rape the women and girls living in UN refugee camps or local villages the soldiers should be protecting. In fact according to a medical director for The RINJ Foundation, wherever UN Peacekeepers go, the need for abortions among children grows.

A pervasive human rights violations problem exists within the United Nations according to extensive investigations by media and civil society groups including The RINJ Foundation.

Purna Sen was appointed UN spokeswoman on harassment, assault and discrimination within the United Nations organization in 2018. In a recent documentary by the BBC called “The Whistleblowers Inside the UN“,  Ms. Sen said there were women at the UN who had been “approached, accosted and raped”. The more men were allowed to get away with it, she said, “the more they will keep doing it”.

“It suggests that sometimes the protection of the senior folk within each organization matters more than the absence of harm to those who aren’t powerful.

“It means there is a real tension within an organization which not only upholds and advocates for human rights, but is actually the birthplace of most of these human rights – yet it hasn’t learned to bring them home to the people who work for that organization.”

The United Nations has taken the side of Ukraine and has little to do with the needs of the Russian people or the ethnic Russians in Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics.

The UN is led by a Secretary General appointed by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council but in effect by the United States.

The BBC investigation revealed the sackings of a number of UN staff who tried to expose alleged wrongdoing, and that cover-up came from the top.

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations has been given another term of office this year despite his overseeing a growing problem of pervasive sexual assaults against women working for the United Nations organization and failing to prevent this egregious series of crimes.

“The United Nations’ boys club seems ‘OK’ with its elements raping women or ignoring others who rape. In that they are just like most of the global patriarch’s shameful conduct, something we must deal with on a daily basis,” wrote RINNJ Director Katie Alsop in 2018.

“Some U.N. leaders and most peacekeeping commanders and officers seem to have an attitude that “boys will be boys” when it comes to satisfying their sexual desires with any woman or girl available.

“But every year there are hundreds of allegations of U.N. peacekeepers committing sexual exploitation, rape, and abuse of women and children.” (Thomas W. Jacobson President, International Diplomacy & Public Policy Center, LLC, March 2012)

Seized Vessel, Zhibek Zholy

The picture and its story: Current location of seized Donetsk-grain-carrying cargo vessel, Zhibek Zholy.  General Cargo Ship IMO: 9598880, MMSI: 273216220. Map credit: Google Maps. Zhibek Zholy photo by JPG Marine. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa YamamotoFPMag.

“There was no UN neutrality in the American invasion of Iraq which killed a million people there over the period of 2003 through 2011 when Barrack Obama pulled the American troops out, a first time. But they went back or technically, they never really left and the fighting continues in the form of ‘assassinations’, continued Ms. Carter, who believes the UN is a disingenuous partner with humanity because of its alleged exploitation of people in dire straights.

“The UN showed no neutrality in Afghanistan and backed the American take over of the country and its previous control by and of NATO. Now it is an unmitigated humanitarian catastrophe beyond the comprehension of most of the world which faces the same, now.

“The reasons for invading Iraq and Afghanistan and an invasion of Syria which is still underway have the same kind of rationale as does Russia’s explanation for the outright invasion of Ukraine beginning in 2014. Questionable to say the least,” said Dale Carter.

“Hence the outrageous claims of wrong doing of both sides don’t amount to a hill of beans in they minds of people too hungry to worry about the whining of appointed António Guterres and appointed Jens Stoltenberg plus elected Joseph Biden, Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Olaf Scholz,” said Ms. Carter.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Military Helicopters are destroying wheat fields by firing flares into the dry crops setting them on fire.