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May 20, 2024 I, the undersigned, support ending the Ukraine war, I support demanding from the parties in the current Ukraine War a commitment not to use nuclear weapons of any type, Global Nuclear Disarmament & Demilitarization of Space.

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Video: NATO and its weapons and wars do not make citizens safer

Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons (TPNW).

At the United Nations on 23 September 2022, five more countries signed, and two more countries ratified the landmark 2017 treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons (TPNW).

The first Meeting of States Parties was held in Vienna, Austria, from 21 to 23 June 2022. The Meeting adopted a Declaration entitled “Our commitment to a world free of nuclear weapons” as well as the Vienna Action Plan for further implementation of the Treaty. The Meeting also took a number of additional decisions, including notably the establishment of deadlines for the removal from operational status and destruction of nuclear weapons and other nuclear explosive devices, and their removal from national territories, as required by article 4 of the Treaty. The report of the first Meeting (TPNW/MSP/2022/6) contains a record of all decisions taken at the Meeting.

The second Meeting of States Parties will take place at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 27 November to 1 December 2023. Further information can be found on Meetings Place.



Each megaton of munitions poured into Ukraine explodes in Ukraine & kills more women & kids
#HateSpeech NOT #PeaceAndLove comes from #USA & #EuropeanUnion

Video: Each megaton of explosives shipped to Ukraine is exploded in Ukraine and destroying Ukraine.

Why denuclearization is urgently needed.

The 2022 War in Eastern Europe

Ending this world war requires nations to end their own part of the warfare and start negotiations. America’s weaponizing Europe for its own hegemony has started another war. It is time to demilitarize the human race and start fighting the real demons; pathogenic microbes and climate change. If the $2 Trillion per year spent on weapons was diverted to cleaning up pollution and finding sustainable clean energy, the human race would benefit.


According to ICAN, $157,000 per minute, almost twice the annual U.S. median family income. That’s how much the nine nuclear-armed states spent on their nuclear weapons in 2021 in a continuing global pandemic and only months before Russia began assembling troops on the border with Ukraine. In total, the nine nuclear armed states spent $82.4 billion on nuclear weapons in 2021, which represents an inflation-adjusted increase of $6.5 billion from last year.

Companies, lobbyists and think tanks were all part of a vicious cycle of spending, lobbying, and more spending on nuclear weapons in 2021.

Video: Russians in St. Petersburg, Russia Federation protest against “Russian Military Operation in Ukraine”


Why you should join by signing the petition.

The time has come to take action. The first step is a global ‘No First Use’ agreement, followed by an agreed methodology for the safe, clean, and staged dismantling of nuclear weaponry on Earth and in space.

During October 2021, American allies including Britain, France and Germany in Europe and Japan and Australia in the Asian Seas region urged  US President Joe Biden not to alter existing US nuclear policy to include a “no first use” declaration. America maintains its “First Strike” policy and is a threat to the world population as it interferes in the lives of most human beings.

The number of nuclear weapons in the US military’s stockpile stood at 3,750 as of September 30, 2020, according to the data released in mid 2021. At that time, mid-2021, “Increasing the transparency of states’ nuclear stockpiles is important to nonproliferation and disarmament efforts,” is what the USA State Department said in a statement.

Around China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Europe,  DPRK, and much of the world, the United States and some of its allies have placed intermediate-range nuclear warhead missiles in hundreds of locations, declaring a policy of “First Strike” if America perceives a country is doing something it does not like.

Responding to this challenge of the White Anglo-Saxon alliance (Five Eyes (FVEY)):

  • China and Russia have massively increased their nuclear arsenals including hypersonic missiles for nuclear weapons delivery, and formed a significant military pact. In 2021, those two nations have held extensive Naval and Air Force joint exercises, every month.
  • Both China and Russia see this first-ever military alliance as powerful leverage in their defence against American hegemony and USA military intrusions into the lives of the people of those two countries.
  • Additionally, China has usurped American military influence in the Asian Seas region by building island military bases in the West Philippines portion of the Asian Seas region and also closer to the Chinese and Vietnam mainland.
  • Responding to this, the US Seventh Fleet practically resides in the Asian Seas region and America has massively increased the nuclear weapons storage, delivery and guidance systems in Guam, the Chagos Islands, Japan, South Korea and in the Philippines. Most of these governments do not know this but the US Defense Secretary Esper made this abundantly clear during the Trump Administration.
  • North Korea has become a nuclear weapons nation possessing an estimated 37 nuclear devices according to women sources in the  DPRK close to the men who run these military services.
  • Iran has significantly advanced its plan for acquisition of nuclear weapons. ( Read “Voices” Peace Proposal for the Middle East.)

Governments considered to be enemies of the White-supremacist group of nations led by the USA, are leading a nuclear arms race which has reached pure madness proportions. Nothing is slowing this down.

NPT party states, in particular the nuclear-weapon-states, must begin to fulfil their obligation under the non-proliferation treaty to undertake negotiations on effective measures leading to nuclear disarmament.

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This issue must be raised in every election. Politicians ignoring the issue must not be supported. Join Voices for the future of our children and our grandchildren.

May 20, 2024 I, the undersigned, support No First Use, Global Nuclear Disarmament & Demilitarization of Space

Our goal is to promote and achieve global nuclear disarmament and demilitarization of space.

Our method initially, but not exclusively, is to support the UN Secretary General’s  5-Point Plan for nuclear disarmament plus further initiatives we (you and other members)  may decide by vote. We shall challenge commitments of political candidates and government representatives on our aims for a more peaceful Earth through a viable and sustainable nuclear disarmament process and the same for the demilitarization of space.

Additionally we have organized demonstrations against militarizing of the Asian Seas region.

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Click image to enlarge. Graph and artwork courtesy Feminine-Perspective Magazine. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

The picture and its story: Disputes in the Asian Seas involve both island and maritime claims within the region of the Asian Seas by several sovereign states, namely Japan, Brunei, the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Entering into the fight are warships mainly from the United States, supported by warships from India, Australia, Canada, Britain, France, Germany; and the Philippines in a much smaller capacity.

Supporting the fight against China are an estimated 300 thousand troops from mostly from America and supported by Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.
Additional nuclear warhead ballistic missiles were introduced into the region in 2019 by America according to then Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

The AUKUS is an Asian Seas initiative, a nuclear submarine project to give to Australia, American and British nuclear technology. It will also facilitate sharing of information in a number of artificial intelligence, underwater warfare systems, and quantum, cyber-, and long-range strike capabilities. Australia’s Scott Morrison said Australia will also enhance its long-range strike capabilities through the purchase of Tomahawk cruise missiles and extended range Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles.

(Read the 5pt Plan for Nuclear Disarmament) 29 November 2021, UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe
Secretary-General António Guterres addresses the Conference on the Establishment of a Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear Weapons and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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“Voices” is led initially by the CEO and Board of Directors of The RINJ Foundation, a Civil Society global women’s group.  RINJ is a Canadian Incorporated, non-proft, Non-Government Organization.  The RINJ Foundation is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council since 2017.

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