Fear Spreads in Philippines as Women on Drug List Raped, Kids Killed

Manila, September 7, 8:30 p.m. China Standard Time
See  January 8, 2017 Document Duterte Must Resign

Young women are being detained & raped by police while little girls are being murdered in the streets of the Philippines.

The-RINJ-Foundation-Little Girl-Killed-In-Attempt-to-murder-her-grandfatherThe 4-year-old little girl pictured here with her dad was murdered by police who were trying to shoot her grandpa, a man who Denila Katalbas, police chief in Guihulngan City, says was put on a “drug list”.

Witnesses say police pick up girls among the thousands listed on an “accused of using” list and are allegedly raping and torturing them.

MARTIAL LAW or something else?
Our Press Release of September 3 acknowledges that President Duterte names his recent emergency enactment something other than martial law. However, The RINJ Foundation is warning women a form of martial law is in place as that appears to be a de facto reality.

The-RINJ Foundation-Dancia-May-Garcia 5-Yr.-Old Danica May Garcia was shot to death in her family’s store by two men on motorcycles, said police in Dagupan in Pangasinan province. Her Grandpa was on a list of drug users.

Anarchy in the remote provinces puts women and girls at risk?

In the provinces our workers are seeing ordinary law overruled by ‘extraordinary law’ wherein a state of national emergency has been declared and paramilitary operators as well as vigilantes are murdering civilians in the streets under the express instructions of the nation’s commander-in-chief. This conduct began in July long before President Duterte on September 3, ordered a state of “lawless violence” wherein the military and the police will run the country in accordance with my specifications,” said Duterte last Saturday morning.

Pres. Duterte admits that he is ordering crimes be committed, in the context of his war on drugs. He says, and rages despotically as he speaks, he will guarantee the immunity of the murderers acting on his behalf. Over 2400 civilians have been shot and killed including men women & children as young as 4 years old.

Fear is spreading as women are raped or murdered.

Lawyers and politicians in the Philippines are too terrified to challenge Duterte for fear of being added to a hit list.  Most public persons are afraid to speak out against the popular President Duterte who has emphasized and even invented enemies of the state to vigorously go after to increase his popularity. On September 1st, Duterte won much sympathy when he claimed a plot to assassinate him was thwarted.

Duterte has threatened those who have criticized him including the U.S. President and the Secretary General of the United Nations causing his “clean-up crew” to run frantically to the stage and announce that ‘No, The Republic of the Philippines would not likely leave the United nations’, and ‘No’, the official policy of the Philippines is not that President Obama is the “son of a whore” as Duterte declared early this week. Diplomatic relations will remain in place between the two countries.

The RINJ Foundation Repeats It’s Warning

Women listed as drug users–in some cases put on the list by people who just don’t like them, according to sex-worker friends seeking help–are instead of being murdered picked up and kept as sex slaves or repeatedly raped in local Barangay or police stations.

Women warned to stay clear of the criminal justice system.

In the past we know that women are especially at risk when police are given extra-legal powers in the Philippines. “Cops” may declare you a risk, bring you to the police station and rape you, torture you and imprison you under trumped up charges or worse.

  • Be wary,
  • don’t travel alone at any time,
  • and keep your behaviour above reproach.
  • Stay away from alcohol, bad driving, drugs & bad people.

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