#MeToo Saluting women who “Speak Out Immediately”.

A Caution for Hollywood Weinstein “Dears”.
Your delay in speaking out has caused many women and children to be raped.

It can take years for a rape survivor to tell their story. Years. And no matter the reason, and there are good reasons, that is nevertheless a sin against the offender’s next victim and a perpetuation of rape culture.

 That is because something like a quarter of all females on the planet, as an average, are rape survivors. Concomitantly it is not true that a quarter of all men are rapists. Few men rape but that same few rape many children and women. Each rapist (like alleged rapist Harvey Weinstein) that law enforcement catches will prevent dozens of heinous gender-based crimes.

The elite group of extremely wealthy actresses and models like Angelina Jolie, Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltro, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, Asia Argento et. al. who recently complained about alleged scumbag Harvey Weinstein’s sexually deviant misconduct make their living from public trust.

Harvey Weinstein - alleged rapist

Their decades of silence (in some instances) about alleged rapist Harvey Weinstein is a breach of public trust and an offence against every women who has since been subjected to sexual violence by a slippery offender who should be locked away in prison all his life in the general criminal population. (Ninety-eight percent of all rape allegations are true.)

There is little sympathy among law enforcement for Hollywood’s dears complaining decades later that a man once committed heinous crimes. Most often their hands are tied by time-limiting statutes. How frustrating.

“You are a contributor to the continuation of these crimes.”

These women should not have waited so long to burn what they unwittingly describe as a truly dangerous sex offender. Their silence may have caused countless other crimes. In that case they would be guilty of negligence–maybe more. There is a real imperative to report gender-based crime.

The women alleging rapist (98% Of all rape allegations are true.) Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults  say they feared losing high-paying Hollywood jobs if they didn’t “play along”. That’s a  quasi-descriptor of sex-for-sale. Surely it’s not what you meant to say, because it is not true.

These are not poverty stricken women in the northern provinces of India where many communities would slaughter them for admitting a rape. In most of the world the hundreds of millions of rape survivors would be killed by their family or tribe for reporting the events of the crime against them. That is not true for these pampered women of Hollywood.

Many male producers, directors and agents say that women throw themselves at them and tempt them into uncompromising circumstances. Yeah. There is a lot of immoral consenting sex between producers and so-called “starlets” but it is no less true that more than 98% of all rape allegations on planet Earth are true. It is equally no less true that these women accusing Weinstein are absolutely telling the truth. Their case should have been heard within days of occurrence and Weinstein should still be in prison, or dead.

As persons in the public trust the complainants have a higher than normal standard of conduct to follow than each of us members of the great-unwashed fan base. They let us down. On appearance their latest attention “getture” is being a “Weinstein-Survivor”.  One raises the flag and the others follow, not to be outdone by the first.

Prima Facia that may seem real but it is not true. Convincing a jury may be tough. It’s best to be honest and report crimes immediately.

Let it be said often: These women are extremely wealthy social climbers in the public trust and hence have a higher responsibility for good conduct. Letting a rapist go free to do his crime is NOT GOOD CONDUCT.

The women complainants against alleged sicko Harvey Weinstein are corporate entities who make their money from the public in the public trust. That can’t be repeated enough. They must start to live up to the ensuant responsibilities.

You cannot let men  do this to you with impunity.

If you see a crime, report the crime. If you are a victim of a crime, report the crime. Why did you let this bastard continue to do his crime for decades?

“It would have cost me a lot of money.”

So what! (You got paid to let the next girl get raped?) You make your money from the public in an implied trust relationship. The public gives you your career and your return must be integrity to good public values. Report criminal conduct. That is the common law.

These women may have selfishly hurt their sisters and that was as great a crime as was done to them.

We the women of The RINJ Foundation hold our sisters to the same values we espouse to each other. Don’t allow a rapist go free. Our experiences with gender based violence tells us that the way to turn this global epidemic around is to put criminals in prison or end their lives by lawful means. Do not again forgive a sexual predator just because he can advance your career. Report the crime immediately.

We don’t talk much about what we have done but it can certainly be said our prejudice against gender-based violence and sexual exploitation of women and kids is extreme. Moreover, enablers of rapists are an equal target of concern. That’s you.

End Rapists ‘lives’ by lawful means.

Let’s go back to 2015 in Mosul Iraq, then part of the Islamic State Caliphate. The eight year old Yezidi child, Adnya, speaking drowsily through sedation doesn’t know what happened but what she describes is a brutal rape, first anally and then vaginally.

The surgical team knew what had happened as they “collected a rape kit” and stitched up our baby girl patient.

Little Yezidi girls are not like North American kids who titter and tell tales about what they think sex might be–they don’t know about sex.

‘What happened to Adnya happens to most girls around ISIS’.

The assaults had gone on for some time. This was the first time her anus was penetrated and the pain from the tearing and subsequent friction from sticky blood staining through her pants added to the ordeal. The telltale signs of the crime finally ended the repeated rapes because a determined watcher was alert.

From the rooftop in an old part of Mosul a member of an all-female private protection force known as the Mosul Underground Resistance (MUR) ReaperTeam had been scanning the street through a high-tech computerized sniper scope looking for men dressed in Sharia Hijab posing as women. They were agents who came into Mosul to the Warinth Hotel to meet rogue Daesh members. They would buy girls to sell on the global child sex trade auction block. The agents came from around the world. Most of the sold girls were taken into Syria where human trafficking is a panacea to terrorists looking for wads of cash. Those we missed often ended with a hellfire missile on their asses, thanks to a Coalition sharing process. France, Jordan and the US were particularly quick in the daisy-chain of sharing and vetting. We don’t know that they cared about rapists but some of these pigs were lower to middle ranking Daesh. This was a good way to fight a war without hurting civilians. (To the unseen warriors: “Nicely done. And thanks.”)

ISIS Patriarch is mostly about male Sexual Deviancy, Power-and-Control, and not Islam.

ISIS breaks all the rules of Islam. We worked in the hospitals and in clinics and put up with their brutal punishments for non-compliance: an ankle showing in the O/R; a discarded head gear in favour of sterility; a refusal of sex; and anything they didn’t like brought lashes and even death. At the same time guards smoked, drank and did drugs like Captigon (Amphetamine). That’s not Islam.

ISIS has repeatedly promoted and attempted to legitimize a theology of rape that has attracted thousands of sexually deviant men who suddenly convert to Islam and report for duty with the Islamic State. Their sociopathic tendencies make them good killers but the Islamic State’s demand for extreme Jihad discipline is awkward for these rapists. The worst sex offenders end up being “canon fodder” but they are repeat offenders of the most unimaginably horrible crimes against women and children. ISIS has an endless pool of this errant-human scum to draw from.

The woman sniper had spotted the girl in an alley dragging her abdomen with her hands and arms clawing at stones and dirt to propel herself along the side of a building. It’s worth mentioning she thought she was headed home but we later discovered she was so disoriented she headed the wrong way. That saved her life and gave us a fleeting glimpse of something spiritual in this pool of human evil: there is a God.

Two team mates got the signal on their peer-to-peer Blackberry and like serpent-monkeys they came from a roof across the top of a water tank and down the side of the building to reach the child. They knew the symptoms. This happens to every female child in Mosul who is found on the streets or playgrounds at any time of day since the Islamic State took over Iraq’s second largest city early June 2014. Before that it was the Iraqi soldiers raping young girls, but not as often as the ISIS.

The two paramilitary operators could not move the terrorized child and they did not know how to stop the bleeding. Fingers flew and a BBM message went out on their secure communications device.

A clopped-out over-flogged Hilux came to a jolting stop and two fully covered women rolled out of the doors. They quickly put the child in their own developed unconventional recovery positioning and slid her on a stretcher into the vehicle’s modified truck bed. They latched the stretcher bars just as the first AK-47 rounds slapped into the open truck door, fired from the Daesh man’s gun as he emerged from a door up the alley.

The man who raped Adnya in this close combat war zone is dead, most of his head vaporized by between 3  and 4 kilojoules of energy behind a 50 caliber missile fired by a woman sniper from about 200 meters. There will be no more rapes of this girl nor this monster’s other victims.

Kids Who Are raped don’t talk. But we find out with the first symptoms of STDs.

In most of the world, no woman or child would speak out about being raped. The shame, the fear, the hate and the danger impede prosecuting rapists. Our prejudice opposes that phenomena.

In the Philippines, every second female has been sexually assaulted. Nobody dare talk about it without validly fearing assassination attempts. Hundreds of thousands of women are sold into domestic servitude while their children are raped at home. The world tolerates this just as much as it tolerates President Duterte and his kind who every time we write an article that pisses him off, he tells another rape joke. Rape is no joke and this rapist is going down.

In Myanmar the Burmese rape Rohingya Muslim children as if it is their birthright. The penniless United Nations struggles to raise funds to help these people with little sympathy.

United Nation’s peacekeeping missions are rife with rape. Peacekeepers rape the civilian women and children in Africa and elsewhere

According to a recent investigation by the Associated Press (AP), between 2004 and 2016, the United Nations received almost 2,000 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse against its peacekeepers.

The UN says it has a zero-tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse, but survivors, activists, lawyers and human rights organisations say such crimes have been allowed to continue with impunity.

RSAC nurses Sharon Santiago in the Philippines and Jesse Williams in Turkey both say that “women are led to believe that they must STFU about being raped”. They are expected to take it.

There is a solid conspiracy of men around the world to block women and children who speak out about rape. That patriarch edict has brainwashed women for centuries. Centuries!

Hollywood’s famous live gifted lives. They live in a ‘sphere’ that is unique to Earth. They don’t know what is going on… but as global idols and trend setters they need to start taking responsibility for their actions and the impact their crimes have on others.

Leading women to believe “silence is golden” is a wrongdoing.

If you have been raped, visit RapeIsNoJoke. 

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