It is not OK to Kill Non-Believers – a lesson from Marawi.

Women and children in Lanao del Sur, Philippines have a lot to learn about the modern world and the ability of Civil Society volunteers to bring about change.

Working together and appreciating the reasonable opinions of others is a door-opener to learning.

What we can learn from Marawi is that violence must be eliminated to live happy lives.

It is not OK to kill non believersThese people are Christian and Muslim Civil Society volunteers loading trucks with food & medicines to go to displaced persons from Marawi, in desperate need.It is not OK to kill non believersChristians and Devout Muslims have learned it is not OK to kill non-believers. Working together and living together in harmony makes for happier lives.

It is not OK to kill non believersThis disaster brought to your home of Marawi, is done by people who are believers in the criminal idea it is OK to kill non-believers. Many of those evildoers are dead now–others are in prison; yet others are hiding in the hills like cockroaches that you did not want in your house but as you know, they will come back in time to spread disease. Law enforcement must have our help in finding and arresting these evildoers so that we the people as juries can deal with their crimes.It is not OK to kill non believers

So-called “believers” have destroyed your home; smashed your belongings and ripped away your livelihood. They are phony. They are not believers…


We know that the Q’ran and the Bible were written a long time ago and are filled with violent ideas. These ideas were shared and written only by men who lived in an uncivilized time when mankind believed the Earth was flat.

They came with that idea to Mindanao that it is OK to kill non-believers.

They must be expelled. They were looking for power and wealth they would steal from Marawi. Many of these vermin are dead now. Why they came and who is to blame makes no difference because we need to face the reality at hand. This really did happen and your life is changed forever. How now will you make your life better than ever?

The goodwill of every person on planet Earth will help rebuild.

Yes, it may be the responsibility of the government in Manila to find and pay the $billion needed to rebuild Marawi but Rodrigo Duterte and his henchmen run a corrupt government that does not function for the interests of any of us Filipinos and therefore we the people must raise our voices and ask for help. At the same time we must learn that we only really benefit from our own achievements. Nothing delivers the good feeling of accomplishment like the pride in a job well done we did ourselves. Getting help means we do the job ourselves with the unequivocal support of others.

We need clean water; heavy equipment; demolishing and disposal equipment; heavy construction  supplies; communication systems;  health care systems; infrastructure rebuilding; and much more.

Those who will help need to hear that we Muslims do not believe it is OK to kill non-believers. We are not like the evil ISIL people who stole our children to do war-fighting. It is not OK to kill anyone.

It is not OK to kill non believers

Approving of violence is not the only lie many prophets told us. The Earth is not flat as you can see from this picture of the Philippines taken from outer space where there are an unimaginable number of inhabitable spherical  planets just like Earth.

It is not OK to kill non believers

Maybe some day the Q’ran and the Bible will be re-written to accept and embrace the many thousands of things that civilized mankind has learned to be different than once thought back in the dark ages . 

We women who are Muslim, Christian, Hindi or whatever we may believe, we must encourage love.

We must condemn violence.

  • We must end rape.
  • We must stop plunder and thievery.
  • We must encourage caring and sharing.
  • We must not rely on lying men who are politicians and form corrupt governments but instead rely on our own ability to form a community and benefit from our own achievements of building, nurturing and nourishing goodwill and happiness.

As we rebuild our communities we may choose to seek our own autonomy or bring about a change in the governments that we have by communicating and sharing our ideas. Violence accomplishes nothing but death, sadness and a bad feeling that lasts forever.

Thieves, radicals who murder, rapists, and plunderers, all belong in prison.

Always do the right right thing by reporting crime and encouraging community-building love.

It is not OK to Kill Non-Believers because it is not OK to kill any sentient beings.

Do as you will as long is it harms no one. Masha’Allah. This is surely the will of God.



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