'March For Our Lives' Backlash

by Melissa Hemingway (Feminine Perspective Staff writer)

Emerging in the aftermath from the March 24  global student protest March For Our Lives  is a series of attacks from two sides of a so-called gun-control debate and also a huge response from the racist-misogynistic-homophobes who call Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez a skinhead-lesbian-bitch.

Don’t Kill Me, Will I be Next? and other very reasonable placards were carried by resourceful children in the United States and around the world in solidarity.

What must it be like to experience a mass shooting were a dozen kids are killed and dozens injured by a single-person multiple-weapon kill team who runs amok at your school and randomly slaughters every student in sight?

We have already talked about the experience from the perspective of a mother after interviewing a couple. Give that a read.

USA Kids Conclude: Greedy Men Killing Us
Published: Sun, 25 Mar 2018 17:51:22 by Melissa Hemingway (Feminine Perspective Staff writer) March 25, 2018 – Paris, France — You pack your kids up for school, see them onto the bus, and then you start your day. Mary has a cough and she sounds a little …

Emma Gonzalez #MarchForOurLives
Emma Gonzalez #MarchForOurLives WikiCommons
One of the blowbacks of the Kids’ “March for our Lives” is the repeated criticism of Donald Trump for spending the day at the golf course instead of doing something to support the valiant efforts of children who are fearful of another mass killing at their school.

CNN writers raised this point several times since March 24. Fox News, the ultimate in State-Run obfuscation probably claimed Trump led the march. But who cares? Trump doesn’t. Trump is one of the racist-misogynistic-homophobes who call Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez a skinhead-lesbian-bitch. He is also an accused rapist who hung around with Jeffrey Epstein.

I, Melissa, am a conservative Republican and I have a firearm. It is a Mitchell Arms Olympic rim-fire Bullseye 10-inch barrel competition firearm that has a trigger lock, lies in a locked carry bag inside a locked safe. (It actually has an olympic gold-plated trigger and hammer.) It only comes out to go in a locked automobile trunk with its trigger lock and locked carry bag to drive to and from the shooting range. I must fire 400 rounds of center-fire ammo out of a total of 1600 rounds and for that I use a Smith and Wesson rental revolver at the range. I have never fired my firearm outside the range. These are the rules for competition bullseye shooters.

Rules work to keep guns safe. More rules are needed because the wrong people have guns. If giving up my sport would save a child from even being scared, that would be fine with me. I think of doing that after the  recent increases in child-murders at schools.

Emma Gonzalez #MarchForOurLives WikiCommonsYoung hero. Emma Gonzalez. She among thousands of student leaders are making their voices heard around the world to fight for the safety of of women and children. Wikipedia Commons Photo