Singapore Summit was Trump Win. Don’t destroy.

One of the most extraordinary things of our time is the observance by true existentialists that neither Asians nor Caucasians understand each other even slightly.

Sitting in a Coffee shop in Korea, reading the English language news about Asians, one is dumbfounded by the lack of comprehension on both sides. I have watched American tourists, I suspect they are retirees, bending over yelling into the ear of a Korean person talking as if they are speaking to a mentally handicapped individual because the Korean’s English pronunciation is so thickly Korean. That’s how the American newspaper articles seem to read. It’s a tone deafness. Maybe Coke was right. There is a need to teach the world to sing together. Synchronicity.

by Melissa Hemingway Feminine-Perspective Staff

Two men who really do understand each otherTwo men who really do understand each other. Mr. Kim Jong-un and Mr. Moon Jae-in. AFP Photo

How long has Mr. Kim truly held power or was he a titular head of the country while the Generals loyal to Kim’s father ran the show? How much control does he currently possess? What are the challenges to his leadership? Who ordered the killing of Kim Jong-nam who was murdered in Malaysia early last year?

Who is running the gulags and prison camps? How much work is still being done on missile trajectory planning, re-entry technology for missiles; materials management for heat dissipation on the sabots and shrouds protecting the nuclear payloads on multiple or singular reentry vehicles?

Where was the next nuclear test planned to be conducted? (We suspect it was to be an atmospheric test over the Pacific because testing another H-Bomb underground might cause the region to implode, the damage to the underground structure is already so severe.)

How many nuclear weapons does the DPRK possess? Where are they? Who is helping the DPRK with its nuclear weapons and who has the DPRK been helping?

The pundits don’t have these important answers either. US President Trump has opened some doors that could lead to good answers.

There is so much the world doesn’t know about North Korea’s inner workings.

Importantly, WE KNOW that the people in North Korea are starving. Children are under nourished. Is there some way to get this fixed?

Trump and Kim hit the Ball Out of the Park in Singapore.

Mr. Trump’s speech that day was so full of promise and hope. It sounded like he understood, but maybe only the speech writer understands.

There is no way on Earth that Kim Jong-un is going to take his nuclear program and launch it into a smelter. That would be craziness. Mr. Kim Jong-un is a practical thinker and knows that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea needs to remain armed, commensurate with the threats that it faces.

What do the Americans think? Do they believe that they are to be the only country with nuclear weapons? Any nation that uses a nuclear bomb invites the end of the world, or certainly the end of themselves.

Mr. Trump’s agreement with Mr. Kim on 12 June was an excellent starting point that paves the way for an end to the Korean war and the repair of that badly damaged and isolated country.

It also paves the way for negotiations on global denuclearization of weaponry.

This is something Mr. Kim has repeatedly uttered. He wants a seat at the table for discussion of global reduction and eventual elimination of nuclear weapons. That is the best form of proliferation prevention.

Appeasing the right wing racist old-timers of the Good Old Party, Mr. Trump on Friday did the required renewal for one year of a bill passed under George W. Bush restricting the DPRKs assets held in America. Trump’s signature lasts for one year.

This is not a flip-flop as some media pundits describe the move. This is exactly what Trump said he would be doing when he delivered his speech at the end of the 12th day in June in Singapore.

Meanwhile Mr.Moon Jae-in and Mr. Kim Jong-un have begun to seriously enrich the relationship between the two countries. There have been numerous promises of reunification of families. The logistics will be worked out in meetings to take place within a few weeks.

At the same time the US Pentagon has announced the halt of all military exercises in the region.

Find a way to provide food and health care for the ordinary women and children and their families Find a way to provide food and health care for the ordinary women and children and their families.
Keep TalkingKeep Talking says Civil Society

Donald Trump’s Remarks following the Singapore Summit

Tremendous 24 hours. Tremendous three months actually. This has been going on for quite a while. That was a tape we gave to Chairman Kim and his people and representatives. It captures a lot. That is a great place. Has the potential to be an incredible place between South Korea and China. That has tremendous potential. I think he understands that. He wants to do what’s right. It’s my honor today to address the people of the world following the very historic summit with Chairman Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Spent very intensive hours together.I think most of us have gotten the signed document or you will shortly. It is very comprehensive. It’s going to happen. I stand before you as representative of the united States to deliver a message of hope and vision and message of peace. Let me begin by thanking our incredible host in Singapore. Especially Prime Minister Lee [Hsien Loong]. We send our warm wishes of everyone of Singapore who really made this visit so important and so pleasant. Despite all of the work and long hours.

I also want to thank President Moon [Jae-in] of South Korea. He is working hard. In fact, I’ll speak to him right after we’re finish. Prime Minister [Shinzo] Abe of Japan. Friend of mine. Just left our country. He wants what is right for Japan and for the world. Good man.

And a very special person. President Xi [Jinping] of China. He has really closed up that border. Maybe a little less the last couple of months. That’s okay. He really has. He is a terrific person and friend of mine. Really the great leader of his people. I want to thank them for their efforts to help us get to this very historic day.

Most importantly, I want to thank Chairman Kim for taking the first bold step toward a bright new future for his people. Our unprecedented meeting, the first between an American president and leader of North Korea. Proves that real change is indeed possible. My meeting with Chairman Kim was honest, direct, and productive. We got to know each other well in a very confined period of time.

Under very strong, strong circumstances. We’re prepared to start a new history and we’re ready to write a new chapter between our nations. Nearly 70 years ago, think of that, 70 years ago, an extremely bloody conflict ravaged the Korean Peninsula. Countless people died in the conflict. Including tens of thousands of brave Americans. Yet while the armistice was agreed the war never ended to this day.

Now we can have hope it will soon end and it soon will. The past does not have to define the future. Yesterday’s conflict does not have to be tomorrow’s war. And as history has proven over and over again, adversaries can become friends. We can honor the sacrifice of our forefathers by replacing the horrors of battle with the blessings of peace. That’s what we’re doing and that’s what we have done. There’s no limit to what North Korea can achieve when it gives up its nuclear weapons and embraces commerce and engagement with the rest of the world. It really wants to engage.

Chairman Kim has an opportunity like no other. To be remembered as the leader who ushered in a glorious new era of security and prosperity for his people. Chairman Kim and I just signed a joint statement which he reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

We also agreed to vigorous negotiations to implement the agreement as soon as possible. He wants to do that. This is not the past. This is not another administration that never got it started. And therefore never got it done. Chairman Kim says North Korea is also destroying a major missile engine testing site. That’s not in your signed document. We agreed to that after the agreement was signed. That’s a big thing. The missiles they were testing. The site will be destroyed very soon.

Today is the beginning of the arduous process. Our eyes are wide open. Peace is always worth the effort. Especially in this case. This should have been done years ago. This should have been resolved a long time ago. We’re doing it now. Chairman Kim has the chance to seize an incredible future for his people. Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace. The current state of affairs not endure forever.

The people of North Korea, North and South, are truly wonderful and gifted people. They share the same heritage and language and culture and destiny. To realize their amazing destiny and reunite their national family, the menace of nuclear weapons will now be removed. In the meantime, the sanctions will remain in effect.

We dream of a future where all Koreans can live together in harmony and where families are reunited and hopes are reborn and where the light of peace chases away the darkness of war. This bright future is within and this is what is happening. It is right there. It is within our reach. It’s going to be there. It will happen. People thought this could never take place. It is now taking place. It is a very great day.

It’s a very great moment in the history of the world. Chairman Kim is on his way back to North Korea and I know for a fact that as soon as he arrives he will start a process that will make a lot of people very happy and very safe. So it is an honor to be with everybody today. The media. This is a big gathering of media, I will say. Makes me feel very uncomfortable. It is what it is. People understand that this is something very important to all of us, including yourselves and your families. So thank you for being here.