Singapore Summit: Trump / Kim, Most Dangerous Men

When it comes to honouring treaties and letters of agreement the failures of the two most dangerous actors on Earth are legion. They are meeting in Singapore to decide if they will have a nuclear war.

Both Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have threatened nuclear war Moms-Protect-yourself-&-family-in-Nuclear-War

The United States (US) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) have each issued the same threat: nuclear war.

Monday, June 11, 2018 (GMT+8)  by Melissa Hemingway Feminine-Perspective Staff Writer & M OBrien

North Korea will not be bullied again.

Donald Trump figuratively tore up the documents he signed at the Charlevoix G7 in an irrational fit aboard Air Force One when Justin Trudeau vowed in a press conference to stay the course on retaliatory import trade tariffs equal to the financial damage done to Canada by Trump ‘s bizarre spree of antagonizing trade tarrifs.

Meanwhile Trump’s tweeting, airborne swag ship was winging its way to Trump’s Nobel-Prize-winning ending of the Korean War, something the US shirked until now for fear of facing the contents of a Pandora’s box of horrors it created in the 1950s.

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Not exactly a history buff, (nor a fact buff or a fan of the truth), Trump doesn’t realize that his predecessors feared being reminded of  US atrocities of murdering as many as one third of the North Korean civilian population with massive carpet bombing from 1950 to 1953. University of Chicago historian Bruce Cumings writes in his book The Korean War: A History, “we [America]  carpet-bombed the north for three years with next to no concern for civilian casualties.”

The corrupt and immoral American military-industrial complex wanted to keep its financial panacea alive after WWII suddenly ended. Dumping a million tons of bombs on North Korea was a fruitful stay-rich scheme that war-industry State Senators could easily sell after the hate for Asians boiled over after Pearl Harbour.

The US never made war reparations nor was it held accountable. That could be one of the next questions now that the proverbial Pandora’s box is opened in Singapore on June 12.

The US should be held accountable. It’s conduct was despicable dropping 635,000 tons of bombs and 32,557 tons of napalm on mostly civilian targets.

The indiscriminate bombing of civilian housing shown here was just one of many travesties discovered later.The indiscriminate Korean War bombing of civilian housing shown here was just one of many travesties discovered later. Another, the No Gun Ri massacre took place in July 1950. Hundreds of Koreans were killed by the 7th U.S. Cavalry regiment as they huddled under a bridge. Details of that massacre emerged in 1999, when the Associated Press interviewed dozens of retired U.S. military personnel one of whom expressed the racism that exists today. “The hell with all those people,” one American veteran recalled his captain as saying. “Let’s get rid of all of them.” Art: Feminine Perspective; Photo: University of Toronto Archives

Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas visited Korea in the summer of 1952 and was stunned by the “misery, disease, pain and suffering, starvation” that had been “compounded” by air strikes.

America’s bombing farms, dams, factories, and hospitals alarmed Justice Douglas.

I had seen the war-battered cities of Europe,” the Supreme Court justice confessed, “but I had not seen devastation until I had seen North Korea.”

North Korea (DPRK) always justifiably felt it needed nuclear weapons to defend against another attack like the previous massacre by the USA.


The Kim dynasty has made numerous agreements for the DPRK wherein it promised not to build nuclear weapons. Those promises are belied by the thunderous H-bomb explosions ripping mountains apart in the North of the Korean Peninsula.

Does Trump Have What it Takes, Is He Man Enough, to Apologise for the US Atrocities that have continued since 1950?

The Racist, Trump & the Determined Young Asian, Mr. Kim

  • Their balance relies on nuclear weapons capable of reaching each other. Both have strength of weapons and no strength of character.
  • The poor human rights record of the two men, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have been documented lately by UN Special Rapporteurs and human rights experts.
  • A tragically high number of starving children in their countries is a silent fact while their only true gasconades are about the destructive power of their nuclear weapons.
  • Starving their nation’s children to allow the money to build bombs the North Korean leader has nearly one million desperate children suffering from malnutrition and the US leader has  13 million according to fresh UN statistical analysis.

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Narcissistic Donald Trump  wants to Receive a Nobel Peace Prize and Kim Jong-un wants to save his country from starvation and massive deaths that have begun already.

Note: Not all Americans are disingenuous liars & misogynistic psychotics.

Fight for the safety of women and children around the world.

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