Caged Children Stolen by Trump from their Moms

Trump Alleges “Illegal Migrants” Then Takes their Kids

Outrage has begun to spread around the world at the ghoulish chaos done by  dregs of bad TV and trash tabloids now running the United States. America elected as its leadership a cult maestro of trailer park tweeters worshiping a murky array of rich thieves and pedofiles like Donald Trump and  Jeffrey Epstein (in that order) screaming for the murder of  migrants; caging of migrant children; nuclear war against Asians; and their own White Trash TV network.

As a mom of two kids I want to see Trump and his henchmen impeached and sent to prison. I might have a few million sisters who feel the same way.

by Melissa Hemingway, @MelisaHemingway Feminine-Perspective Staff

Children in CagesChildren in Cages – Screen Capture from Reflect

Children in American Cages but not Convicted of any Wrongdoing

How f**ked-up is my America that it takes pictures of hundreds of children in cages–yes in *cages*, many being raped and abused says the ACLU–to realize the country has taken a very bad path to hell. — Excerpt from a letter sent to the US President by Denise Deslauriers of Bangor, Maine

Trump has the  USA scrambling to vacate the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) shortly after UN Secretary-General António Guterres said he believes that, “refugees and migrants should always be treated with respect and dignity, and in accordance with existing international law.  Children must not be traumatized by being separated from their parents.  Family unity must be preserved.”

Donald Trump may now be trying to dodge not just impeachment but a prison sentence. What Trump is doing is lying to the world and committing one after another crimes. The man who cheats on his taxes; goes to America’s enemies to manipulate elections; and lies like a rug, is in big trouble and he knows it. He is a child without a conscience and will hurt anyone and everyone whom he thinks is against him. It’s probably only a matter of time before he keelhauls Jeff Sessions and feeds him bit by bit to the sharks. Real sharks.

Trump has been lying a lot and it is hurting the country says USA Today.

Cages and Lies

Children not Convicted of any crime are put in cages by US President Donald Trump who every day tells lies bigger than his fat lies of yesterday. Trump now claims that this is not his policy but Mr. Sessions’ then he says it’s the Democrats; then he says it harkens back to 1997.

The policy was first announced on April 30 by Trump’s appointee Jeff Sessions with Trump’s tweets backing him up all the way. On May 7, Sessions gave a speech to law enforcement explaining the policy in great detail. 

Among the Trump team’s lies there is a humdinger from Attorney general Jeff Sessions who says the Nazis under Germany did not deport Jews.

If you have some spare rage after looking at Donald Trump, take a close look at this unusual man. Jeffrey Sessions. This is the man who says that separating children from their families and tossing them in cages is the work of God that he and Mr. Trump are getting done with help from the Holy Bible, the gospel of the Romans and Apostle Paul. 

Children in CagesUS Customs and Border Patrol Photo
Trump Alleges

Trump Alleges

US Customs and Border Patrol Photo

Trump Alleges

Feminine Perspective and US Customs and Border Patrol Photos

Trump Quits UNHRC, Tacitly Admits Human Rights Crimes

Trump claims that the UNHRC has been picking on Israel, favouring the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world ever since the Israeli’s shot and injured over three thousand Palestinian civilians demonstrating against the Trump administration moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

A day doesn’t go by when the anti-social cult leader elected to the White House doesn’t create some kind of outlandish chaotic crisis.

It’s not just Trump

The guy attracts people whom he says are the most loathsome lunatics on the planet. Once he has finished berating his latest target, often someone he appointed himself,  he demeans, belittles and hurts as deeply as he can another member of his Cabinet, White House staff and even family.

At least one publication, The Telegraph is claiming that one of Trump’s henchmen has been ridiculing the children whom the US Customs and Border Patrol have seized.

Trump Cronies like Corey Lewandowski are ridiculing children confiscated from migrant parents.

Corey Lewandowski, former campaign manager for Donald Trump dismissed a story about a girl with Down’s syndrome reportedly separated from her mother at the US border with a sarcastic “Womp womp.” He appeared on the Fox News Channel to discuss the family separation policy of Trump  which has led to the practice of taking migrant children from parents allegedly entering the country illegally before they have even been to court.

There are many cases today of parents whose trials have come and gone and cannot find their children.

The account of the 10 year old child with Down’s syndrome comes from Minister Luis Videgaray, the Mexican top diplomat who told reporters about this “particularly painful” case.

He said the girl and her brother went to a facility in McAllen, Texas, while her mother was sent to a different centre, an hour away.

The story was repeated by another Fox panellist, Zac Petkanas. “I read today about a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome who was taken from her mother and put in a cage…” he began, before being interrupted by Mr Lewandowski’s remarks: “Womp womp etc.”

Trump Calls Migrants, “Animals”

He better check his own heritage because everyone in America who is not indigenous is a fairly recent descendant of someone who came from somewhere else if they did not in their own lifetime migrate to the US.

The migrants Americans are seeing at their borders are not streaming across the border in the numbers like the Turks saw when America began to bomb Kobane to smithereens in northern Syria. Since then Turkey has seen migrants in the millions and treated them well.

Shame on you, America.

Civilians Flee Kobane in Rojava, northern part of Syria. Photo: RINJ Foundation Civilians Flee Kobane in Rojava, northern part of Syria.  Photo: RINJ Foundation

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