Petition To Impeach Stanford Alumnus Misogynst Judge

The RINJ Foundation on its Facebook page asks the rhetorical question:

Don’t Stanford’s Misogynist Scumbags make you furious?

A predator looking for prey who also happens to be a Stanford athlete has pretty much gotten away with rape in front of a Stanford-Old-boy Judge.


In a graphic published by the women of @RapeIsNoJoke on Twitter the Judge and Rapist are pictured together in chambers with the judge in a supportive position, coaching the Stanford athletic student and convicted rapist. The graphic sets out the RINJ women’s complaints:

* US Judge and Stanford alumnus Aaron Persky gives Stanford rapist Brock Turner wrist-slap in local jail for rape that should be 5-14 years prison.
* PTSD’d Stanford female rape survivor’s insomnia locks her in bathroom for nightly anxiety-cry.
* After rape she lost her mental health & 16 months of her career while ‘Sandford-Boys’ Persky-Turner dragged case.

The Executive director of The RINJ Foundation, when asked for a quote on the matter said, “USA College women should be allowed  a reasonable expectation of personal safety when going to student parties or any function in the United States. This is not The Islamic State it’s California. Judge Persky  wants to send a message that college females attending parties can expect to be pinned down and have things forced into their vagina. That’s a serious crime of rape according to The RINJ Foundation[1], The World Health Organization and the United States Criminal Code.

Why is Persky on the bench?”, the CEO added.

RINJ members are urged to sign this petition:

*1  [Rape is: “penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim”]