What is the nature of men who continually attack women’s rights?

No woman in sight as Trump signs “Attack on Reproductive Rights”

Psychopaths are the Lepers of Global Leadership

What is the nature of men who continually attack women’s rights?

Retaliating against Hillary Clinton and the US Democratic Party’s Women’s March on Washington, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order that specifically prohibits American international charities from promoting abortion as a method of family planning even if that ‘promotion’ simply entails a physician engaging in a conversation about the option of abortion with a patient. (Read RINJ Global Policy on Family Reproductive Rights)

Another key member has been added to the global patriarchy of misogynistis: Donald Trump.

How can the decent leaders of the world work with these blatantly misogynistic violent men?

How will Donald Trump get along with the most powerful misogynists on the planet? Is this a woman-hating trend? Yikes!

Each one of these violent men appears to have similar conduct to persons afflicted with psychopathic personalities and narcissistic traits. Does that worry you?

Put these charismatic psychopaths in a room together and they will get along initially but the prelude to disharmony will be chaotic and the break-ups will be vividly ugly.

Why is the World’s Power Owned by Misogynists?

  1. The flaws of world leaders perfectly mirror the emotional underdevelopment of the society that elevates them to power.
  2. As nations begin to discover their government is comprised of lying kleptocrats robbing them blind without a single care for human rights or the sanctity of human lives, they vote for the first outsider who comes along with a promise to make a radical change.

Like these world leaders,

  • Vladimir Putin of Russia,
  • Recep Erdogen, President of Turkey,
  • Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, and
  • Kim Jong-un of North Korea,

Donald Trump is filled with a rage and insatiable need for attention (either love or hate is fine) that powers a significant personality disorder and ugly character traits.

These men, although shallowly charismatic do not instinctively know how to behave in society. They are inhumanly cold, ruthless and dangerous.

Lacking Empathy is a Common Patriarchal Trait

These patriarch members were not able to bond to the human species past the umbilical cord and tend to be misogynistic, violent, ambitious and untruthful. Their election promises of change are legitimate. No life theirs touches will ever be the same. But the changes will be disruptive, fearful, confounding and even violent. Men like Trump feed off your fear.

Trump’s dad for example was a heartless money-grabbing workaholic. The only human Trump bonded to was his mother while in the womb but that woman was blamed in Trump’s mind for the bitter unhappiness, the missing love of the father. He hates women (if you hadn’t noticed).

Trump has zero empathy and no interest in the human race except those members he can exploit. The people in his life are usable or disposable. The same is true for the other men we have mentioned.

Can you honestly argue in favour of these men making laws about women’s wombs?

Might Trump Be a Great Leader? Maybe.

PatriarchyNot a woman in sight as TRUMP Signs the “Attack Reproductive Rights Executive Order”. Reince Priebus, Peter Navarro, Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon watch as Donald Trump signs the executive orders in the Oval Office, 23 January 2017. Photograph: Evan Vucci/AP

Everything in the media about Trump spells potential trouble but the flip side is that such a person could conceivably keep the peace and serve the global community in a positive way. Let’s hope Mr. Trump doesn’t think our watching like hawks is “fake news”.

Many psychopaths who have identified this incurable APD disorder in themselves have leveraged their own saving graces (skills) and learn to manage interpersonal relationships and become high achievers, especially when they have achieved an ability to build support teams and rely on those people to lead where their niche skills are best suited.

Trump’s Cabinet although writing religiously motivated policy just like despotic leaders around the world, might prove to be effective keeping Trump under control and thus avoid WWIII which is the end game of an inhumanly vindictive US President if he has a bad enough day or has been antagonized sufficiently.

Thanks for another fanatic on the world stage, America.

Trump says he wants an America-first government. He says all policies will follow that path. Maybe along with that policy will come some American navel-gazing sufficient that an introverted America will stop meddling. The last two Presidents killed over a million innocent civilians in the quest for regime changes. The psychopaths they removed were just like Trump.

Maybe Trump will like the others of his kind around the world and stop the US from invading other countries.

What is more likely is that every department Trump‘s mouth has alienated will lie to the President and the Executive Orders will start to look like the fanatic’s tweets.

RINJ Red Lines 2017 - Rodrigo Duterte

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has murdered over ten thousand, weak, poor and ill Filipinos.

People around the world are comparing Donald Trump to Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines without any specific reason. What they don’t see is that the two are, in very strong measure, psychopaths with malignant narcissistic traits.

Today Duterte is tearing up his nation’s Constitution and reintroducing the death penalty.

Trump won an election fight by a very close margin.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Vladimir Putin of Russia has without a doubt ordered the tampering of several elections in Europe but his Piece de Resistance was the last American Presidential Election fight between two superstar candidates in which he at least controverted the result and with the help of the losing candidate created chaos in the streets of America.

Red Lines 2017

Should this man be deciding the sensitive topic of families deciding if and when to have children?

Trump and the Media: Epic Disconnect

We are talking about a person who compares easily to patients who show traits of psychopathy. Trumps cold-heartedness and conning ways may be attributed to a complete lack of empathy owing to a two-dimensional anti-social personality (APD). People like that don’t know how to behave in social settings. They need to mimic.

Patients who also show signs of narcissism compound the predictability of their behaviour and make them inconsistent and random in decision making and problem solving.

That is why Trump is mimicking social mores seen during his social media experiences because if true, that’s the only way a psychopath can do social mores; mimicry. This drives the media crazy. Every day there is another lie.

Since taking power, Trump has vindictively attacked women’s reproductive rights around the world following the disingenuous Women’s March on Washington which did not highlight legitimate Women’s issues but afforded a platform for revolting American Superstars like Madonna to extol the virtues of losing candidate Hillary Clinton, a female misogynist who was most noted when she went to great lengths to vilify her husband’s rape victims.

What Lies Ahead?

These men will assure that The RINJ Foundation’s fight for the safety of women and children will be increasingly difficult as the so-called developed nations led by these violent sociopaths begin to behave more like warring banana republics.

Mr. Trump has not consented to analysis or interview but we have taken a consensus of some very good minds in the mental health field. Nevertheless this is not to be construed as a diagnosis.

“Denying the reproductive rights of family partners is a violation of human rights,” says RINJ.

Abortion (Read in-depth article)

  • The RINJ Foundation strongly urges women not to use abortion as a form of birth control. Concomitantly governments are urged to provide families with their inalienable reproductive rights and accessible contraceptives needed for family planning.
  • At no time in their lives is killing children acceptable. Sometimes medical practitioners face serious life and death decisions related to pregnancies. Sometimes the decisions are not much different than triage. Who can we save? If you are a medical practitioner reading this you know how painfully hard these decisions can be and in many cases how absolutely clear the decision can become under some circumstances. When baby’s life and mother’s life are in peril, decisions are taken. We must leave that decision to medical practitioners and their patients. Interference causes  disastrous domino effects. Far too many at-risk women die as do their baby, because of a decision to avoid aborting, leaving the living children motherless, without care, to all die eventually as well. (Yes. That is absolutely true. We have been in many communities where that happened. Those tears never go away.)
  • In providing health care to patients, abortion is a medical procedure that may at times need consideration. Please remember that every life is precious. Save those patients you can.
  • Abortion is not just a moral persuasion but a medical issue. Safe abortion is not available in most of the world’s communities. Providing dilation and curettage for women who need this care must be given a greater priority in most countries.
  • Notwithstanding the aforesaid, religion and medical science don’t seem to mix. At no time in the history of mankind have religions’ medical edicts been helpful in the advancement of medical science or the improvement of the human condition. Both Jesus and Mohammed were beacons of misogyny while their science did little except assure followers Earth was flat. With all due respect, their medical science opinions lack relevance and credence today.

The decision of a rape survivor regarding a dilation and curettage is the right of the patient and her medical team and none of anyone else’s business. 

Reproductive Rights

  • Despite obvious conflicts with spiritual leaders, reproductive rights belong to families who must have the unfettered ability to choose freely and responsibly if and when to have children.
  • Close examination of mass deaths in the world suggests government’s are doing an awful job of protecting children and their families. It is completely disingenuous for violent men to be arguing that abortion is violence toward children. Notwithstanding that observation the RINJ Foundation suggests that an abuse of this or any medical procedure bringing harm to a person could constitute a crime. All life is precious. ‘Don’t use abortion as a method of birth control’, is our warning, worth repeating.
  • Families must have easy access to valid and safe contraceptives as well as safe and validated health care for them and their children.
  • The global maternal death rate at childbirth is horrifying. The same is true of infant mortality. Children born into severe poverty are not surviving. The alleviation of this problem lies partly in the global goals of human development. Family planning is one of the tools for poverty’s mitigation and elimination.
  • Maintaining a Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 2.1 is a valid goal for family planning educators. Earth has limits on what number of human occupants it can support. Approaching 9 billion world population the TFR must maintain somewhere around 2.1 barring any catastrophic events.
  • Family planning and reproductive rights belong to each and every family. Governments must be asked to provide free of charge, safe, modern contraceptives.

Caring for children and their families is something the people of Earth need to relearn. 


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