Meng Wanzhou Kidnap is Political. Trump in Control. Canada in danger.

Despite politicians’ zeal to control borders and maintain their power, ordinary people often marry across borders, shop across borders, live & work across borders & communicate across borders. They will embrace 5G.

That is a Canadian constituent’s imperative. Unfettered access to the world and a keen commitment to human development is available to Canadians under the current leadership of Justin Trudeau, not Donald Trump.

Analysis/Editorial Comment by Micheal John | Editor – Contact  [email protected]

“I summarized my philosophy as ‘more, more, more.’ We want more trade, we want more investments, we want more tourists, more students and more co-operation in areas like the environment and climate change.” The Honourable Professor John McCallum – Canada’s Ambassador to China “I summarized my philosophy [on China] as ‘more, more, more.’ We want more trade, we want more investments, we want more tourists, more students and more co-operation in areas like the environment and climate change.” Photo Credit: Government of Canada (File Photo)


Originally the Trudeau government looked like a little kid touching its toes to the water to see how comfortable the Global Village might be but today appears to be wading ankle deep in a comfortable zone. But it stopped there amidst security paranoia bred by the Donald Trump trade-tariff-warfare and recent lawfare against China.

The war-like stance and pervasive bullying of countries doing business with China has escalated ever since Mr. Trump was inaugurated as the US President. The issue with China, the world’s new innovator, has been the next generation of consumer communication technology. It’s all about money, power and control. At risk are the ordinary people of the world if America gets control. China proposes globalization.

The Harper government before this time had policies that were similar but used some draconian business-only thinking that excluded ordinary Canadians and certainly, betrayed all women.

The United States is at the same time a pariah to human development and globalization. Ordinary people to the Trump government are what rattlesnakes and prairie dogs are to horse ranchers in Montana: a pain in the ass.

The USA is on a me-first, me-only kick and may not fall off that horse for years to come.

In fact American protectionism has turned to American fascism. Ask Washington Post, New York Times or CNN reporters (“enemies of the people“) or in fact anyone who is not on the Fox News Trump cheering team.



Canadians need to worry about the Khashoggi & Meng cases.

The race to dominate the next generation of technology is not a suitable excuse for the detention of Sabrina Meng, the CFO of China-based Huawei.

Teaching critical journalists a lesson is not a suitable excuse for helping facilitate the murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi with impunity.

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The value of the individual’s rights to security of the person has gone to hell in a handbasket, the Meng and Khashoghi cases proving that point. Of course so also the 40 to 50 people held at the Guantánamo Bay detention camp would say the same things: human rights is not an American strength.The same applies to the migrants who had their children confiscated by the USA or the babies tear-gassed at the border recently.

In America if you you don’t like somebody, just trump up a criminal charge against them, sign on the dotted line and they are done like dinner. Or in the alternative get your buddy in a dictatorship like Saudi Arabia to torture or kill them.

America represents about 4.4 percent of global population,  but America houses around 22 percent of the world’s prisoners. It is a country that incarcerates more of its population than any nation on Earth.

Jails and prisons are private sector business run by American judges’ and politicians’ companies.  It is a big business, but apparently it is not working because in prison serving lengthy sentences are kids who got caught peeing behind the bushes of City Hall in their town while some lunatic armed like a soldier shot up the kids at a local school and then vanished. Mass shootings happens every week or more in the United States. America’s  idea of justice is an epic fail.

A road to war is the Kidnapping of one’s enemies’ women

America convinced the RCMP to arrest Sabrina Meng. The RCMP made the scurrilous arrest on 1 December without a reasonable expectation that a crime had been committed, without any charges being laid and without any evidence, thus acting only on the basis of the untrustworthy United States wanting to get this done. (When you talk to the CIA or the FBI, are you talking to a Trump person or a rational thinking professional?)

Justin Trudeau betrayed Canadians by letting Trump’s America push Canada into a diplomatic war with China.

Kidnapping a Chinese Princess is as catastrophic to China as it was to Newfoundlanders when the world stole its Cod, except China carries a bigger stick.

The Real Details of the Meng Case

The United States is strenuously reaching beyond credibility. It disingenuously claims that Ms. Meng deceived HSBC in a 2013 Powerpoint presentation she made to HSBC to explain that Huawei which at one time owned a small company named Skycom, had divested in 2009. Ms. Meng in her Court statement of facts says that she was at one time on the board of directors of Skycom but had resigned about ten years ago at the time of the Huawei divestiture. Public records also indicate this as truth.

The USA has said that it found  stationary with both Huawei and Skycom’s logos.

Vancouver lawyer, David J. Martin, lawyer for Ms. Meng said that this Powerpoint presentation  could not have induced the bank to provide improper financial services.  He also noted that the U.S. assertion that Huawei had secret control over Skycom did not include any reference to timing which is important because the company has often declared that it was at one time the owner of Skycom and that the integration of its staff with center line functions was not completed overnight but spanned the period 2007 to 2009. It is also no less true that Ms. Meng does not run Huawei and would not be responsible for those decisions that are above her pay grade.

Canada’s Prime Minister claims the Meng kidnap “is not political”. There are enough “talkers” among the Five Eyes “to make a choir” says a secretary working at a British Intelligence Unit. They say that they believe in Sabrina Meng’s guilt at trying to defend Skycom when HSBC at US urging challenged the companies, but fact checking sinks their allegations as being primarily based on mistrust of China and Huawei. There is  no real evidence, only conjecture. (Sources in Iran say that Huawei is quite strict on selling only consumer phones into the country. )

  • China behaves badly in the area of espionage but not as badly as most countries of the
    FVEY group although sometimes it is hard to apportion blame because the USA often uses ‘stooge nations’ to act where plausible deniability is desired.
  • China has been mistreated by most of the world. The Chinese like Russians trust nobody but their own citizens. Eighty million Chinese died in WWII so that Canada and other nations would not fly a red meatball flag. Nobody said “Thanks.”.
  • China has climbed out of poverty, overpopulation and serious environmental problems to become the world’s foremost innovator, as it once was thousands of years ago.
  • On 17 July near Truro, Nova Scotia, a group of high-level intelligence officials from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada met to continue discussions that began in Ottawa, Ontario. On the agenda was Australia’s strong concerns about Huawei excelling in the 5G and integrated AI infrastructure for communications. The activities of Huawei Technologies as reported by Reuters in 2013 were also discussed.
  • The Five Eyes group of countries has been organized for over 70 years and is a quasi-racist group originating in the immediate post WWII period to monitor soviet activities and aimed at protecting the anglosphere from non anglophones. Particularly focussed on Russia, the Ukraine, the DPRK, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and more, the group has paranoid feelings today about consumer technology  they would prefer to control by wresting it from the hands of the Chinese innovators.
  • Signals intelligence (sigint), national assessment, and defence intelligence are the key focus areas of FVEY. But they did not stop the punishing hack of many large American companies like Facebook, MySpace and even Canada’s National Research Council. These spooks are threat scenario dreamers and are not going to be much good at controlling 5G infrastructure as these five countries appear to be attempting. Globalization of this technology is how it works. Inherent double validation techniques have been invented and need to be universally applied. Access to the global infrastructure in an ideal working system could be from the weakest point. Assuming a racist stance for identifying threats by 5% of the world population against the other 95% is counter to innovation and in two words, malignant paranoia.
  • Key members are fully cooperating professional men from groups like ASD (Australia); CIA (United States); CSE (Canada); CSIS (Canada); FBI (United States); GCHQ (United Kingdom); GCSB (New Zealand); MI5 (United Kingdom); MI6 (United Kingdom); and NSA (United States). The group has in 2018 embraced informally and at arms length the intelligence gatherers of France, Germany and Japan.
  • At least twice each year, the Canadian Chief of Defence Intelligence meets with the other Five Eyes heads of defence intelligence to address strategic issues of mutual concern. A network of intelligence liaison officers deployed among all partners facilitates consultation. Canadian Forces Intelligence Liaison Officers (CFILOs) are located in Washington, London and Canberra (cross-accredited to New Zealand). All Five Eyes defence intelligence partners are connected by a dedicated and secure top secret communications link once nicknamed Stoneghost. Some of these infrastructure elements have been overhauled in recent years including ‘Spartan,’ the top secret computer network linking Canadian military intelligence offices; as well as ‘Mandrake,’ the classified Canadian intra-government network. Source: Canada-and-the-Five-Eyes-Intelligence-Community.
  • On 17 July 2018 in Nova Scotia the Five Eyes group discussed the arrest of Sabrina Meng and mapped out an aggressive anti-China campaign, fearing China’s civilian industry growth in communications innovations.
  • On 22 August a New York court issued a warrant for Sabrina Meng’s detention.
  • On 29 November the CIA learned that Sabrina Meng would travel to Canada and pass through Vancouver en-route to Mexico.
  • On 30 November, a Canadian judge approved the RCMP’s request that it be allowed to carry out the US request for Ms. Meng’s arrest.
  • On 1 December Sabrina Meng was arrested by the RCMP at Vancouver Airport.
  • On 11 December, Sabrina Meng was released by the British Columbia Supreme Court to Vancouver an extreme form of house arrest on bail.
  • On 6 February 2019 Ms Meng is due back in court.

Before the RCMP kidnapped Sabrina Meng, Canada’s leader Justin Trudeau had the opportunity to say “No”. He said that it would be political interference to say “No”.

What did the Prime Minister think the risk for Trump would be to kidnap an Asian Woman, and have Canada do the dirty work and take the blowback from China? Trump’s great-unwashed white-trash supporters cheer the move in social media and on the streets.

Choose between the Global View or the American view. That is Sustainable Human development versus Violence. Choose between the Global View or the American view. That is Sustainable Human development versus Violence.  Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway

Trudeau said the kidnap was not political. It is nothing but political . The Five Eyes group that decided on this course of action in Ottawa, Nova Scotia and Australia meetings in the summer of 2018 believe they can get information from Sabrina Meng but they know she is a pawn. This is more of a Jamal Khashoggi deal than anything else. Because of a Reuters article published in 2013 that insulted the intelligence group, they are angry at Sabrina Meng. The USA is looking for a lever against China and managed to control the agenda. It is purely political, racist and misogynistic.

As B.C. Supreme Court Justice William Ehrcke ruled  that Ms. Meng met all the tests and would be released on bail under extraordinarily strict conditions, Donald Trump was telling   Jeff Mason and Steve Holland of Reuters that he would lawfully cancel the lawfare against Ms. Meng if that would be a needed act to ensure “the largest trade deal ever made”.

For Canadians, Canada is the problem, not Sabrina Meng. Participating in Trump’s kidnap of Ms. Meng brings the wrath of China. That was intended by the USA, to annoy China and threaten Beijing without taking a hit.

The United States is not happy having Canada next door selling out its communications infrastructure to the Chinese.

China is not an Evil Empire

But a country that has a 1.4 billion population will yield persons willing to do crime at the global average of up to 15% which will give the world a lot of criminals from China. That doesn’t make China bad; it makes China normal.

China is looking for innovation. That is likely why Chinese company, Hytera (radio-frequency-systems manufacturer) bought in 2017 Canadian telecommunications giant Norsat International. It may also be why China Investment Corp., which made a $1.7 billion (Cdn)  investment in Vancouver mining company Teck Resources.

Here is what we know but maybe not prove yet.

The frustration in the Meng affair is that Sabrina Meng is innocent. If anything she is a pawn of her father who is the Huawei founder, and some of his friends but her expertise is not very helpful to China’s national cyberforce. Ms. Meng is a good person and our sources suggest she is resistant to any wrongdoing. She is the female face of Huawei. A pleasant female face to a solid consumer oriented company, she is a girl scout. She sometimes talks badass to win favour with her father against her siblings but she seems to take the high road.

It is safe to say that Chinese people in Canada and in China have a racist view of whites. It’s actually an Asian thing. Common. How many times does America acknowledge that 80 million Chinese were killed in WWII and that if China had not held its own, the history of the world would be significantly altered. Japan and China were at war two years before the Nazis invaded Poland. The folklore in China plays down all of this but remembers that nobody helped.

The dissonance between Asians and Anglophones  can run from curiosity to outright hatred. In America that is closer to hate, more so than in any part of the world. Canadians are seen as likeable, but still whites, and Americans are seen as despicable.

The Chinese Presence in Canada is no accident. And it is abundantly rich in cash.

The Chinese people have learned that while very expensive, Canada also has an onerous immigration policy and set of procedures, but Canada is a welcoming, tolerant, and wonderful place to live.

Canada’s arrest of Meng is absolutely brain-dead stupidity. For at least two decades Canada has molly coddled China’s wealth which has been used to buy up Canadian assets at the rate of up to $100 billion per year. (Our estimate based on qualified regional data.)

There’s a subculture in some of the urban areas of Toronto north of the 401 highway where many women live with their children in fancy condominiums and houses that are immaculately kept by gardeners and landscapers, Mercedes and Audis sparkling inside the occasionally open garages. Their husbands are at work in China.

Feminine Perspective Magazine is published at RINJ.Pressin Toronto by The RINJ Foundation, a civil society women’s group. RINJ says it is dedicated to fighting for the safety of women and children around the world in broad strokes but focused on sexual violence and its health and medical implications including physiological disease, the spread of HIV and other infectious biogens, psychological oppression, community subversion, and misogyny. The group has a substantial  global membership that is closely guarded.

As such, and because many of these Chinese women were alone without their partners in a strange country, RINJ attracted large numbers of many groups from China: Mandarins, Cantonese, and Falun Gong/Falun Dafa women who had fled China. They do not all get along with each other and are not all of one mind about human right. Tolerance and education helped but they remain mostly in ethnic communities.

In 2012 the original RINJ board of directors and some of the membership in an August meeting complained to the Executive Director that an enormous group of Chinese women in Canada lived apart from their husbands, spending hundreds of millions of Canadian dollars, buying urban real estate, businesses, hotels, apartment buildings, medical clinics, parks, resorts, restaurants, law firms and very large corporations, on their China-based husband’s orders. They communicate with QQ, WeChat and by phone.

Some of these Chinese-Canadian wives of Chinese businessmen acted too hoity toity rich in the eyes of some women who complained that day, in 2012.

Times were good in China and innovators made good money, but until Xi Jinping came along, there was political instability and those who earned wealth feared, as has happened before, it would be taken away from them.

Albeit, some of the funds some women were investing might be labelled “black tax dollars” but Canada welcomed inbound cash.

Canada should not fear nor choose to alienate China but do the opposite. Warring with China is only at American urgence and not in Canada’s interest. This is an outrageously foolish predicament for Canada to fall into.

This mistake of Trudeau’s is extremely serious for Canada. Why? Because Canada has no other choice for Prime Minister but Justin Trudeau who needs to take off his Boy Scout socks and get some boots on to kick ass the next time the US abuses Canada’s friendship.

Or just say, “No”.