Trump is right. Google 'Trump News' &

Donald Trump complains Google skews Google search results to disfavour The Donald.

You can Google this article by Melissa Hemingway  – Feminine-Perspective Staff

To Debunk or Confirm the ‘Trump News’ Google

Mission: Confirm or debunk US President Trump’s research findings as follows:

Warning: You may find some data here disturbing as they relate to a complaint of abuse by an elderly President’s Google search results for ‘Trump News’.

Hemingway Google research methodology: 

  • while facing keyboard and desktop computer screen, type first “” in Google Chrome browser using,
  • four digits  plus thumb (for space bar)  on right hand,
  • four fingers left hand (note for technical skew disclosure, two of researchers’ fingers on left paw have unsightly chips in crimson nail gloss causing typing imbalance and possible left leaning or maybe right leaning which would be heavier fingers having more nail polish),
  • next type “Trump News” in the little search box thingie and press ‘Enter’, and
  • don welding googles and crash helmet, brace hard against unmovable objects and observe Google search results and any other phenomena.


Our squawky little boy President is right. I tried to Google “Trump News” and I got stupidity, misogyny, hypocrisy, intellectual mediocrity, immaturity, falsity, depravity, sexism, and a sociopath who cheats on his wives, but nothing about a real president.

Holy algorithm tilt, Google.

I tried to Google "Trump News" and I got...Art of D. Trump by Feminine Perspective’s Rosa Yamamoto, editorial copy by Melissa Hemingway

Good riddance, August 2018.

On a more sober note, I truly hope there is no more bad news in Google or anywhere  the remaining days and hours of this August and we can tell you something truly happy, first of September.

Please have a very nice and safe long week end. In many parts of the world children will go back to school next week so keep a sharp eye and when driving a vehicle slow down near school zones.

Humanity lost a beacon of goodness a few days ago and I wonder if he beamed that amazing smile of his thanks to that misogynistic buffoon in the White House with his Google-phobia.

RIP John McCain, 81, American politician and Navy officer, member of the U.S. Senate (since 1987) and House of Representatives (1983–1987). You will be missed, Sir John.

– Melissa