RINJ Foundation Learns USA Bombing Philippines

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USA: “We will bomb them for you.”

It’s not enough that Philippines Authoritarian President Rodrigo Duterte and his Soldiers have caused the rape, murder and displacement of thousands of Filipino women and children, now America will officially bomb them too.

The greatest threat to tghe safety of women and children around the world.


August 8, 2017 – Following a meeting yesterday between US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Philippines despot (accused of over ten thousand extra judicial killings of journalists, political opponents and alleged drug users)  Rodrigo Duterte, RINJ has learned that The United States will escalate its support to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and its counter terrorism operations , moving from intelligence and advisory roles to (official) direct aerial bombing. Unofficially the USA has been doing airstrikes in Mindanao’s Lanao del Sur province.
1. According to the 2015 census, Marawi has a population of 201,785 most of whom have been either killed or displaced from the region.

2. The United States is in a military-support suitor-competition with Russia and China, seeking favour with the strategically located Philippine islands nation. The spoils include the strategic military control of the resource-wealthy South China Seas.
3. At the same of this meeting, Trump from Washington is tweeting at North Korea threatening nuclear war.)

The USA currently operates five large military bases in the Philippines now undergoing a $2 billion modernization program which seems to be greasing many palms in the AFP, so much so that Duterte seldom knows what the military with the USA is cooking  up. For example, Duterte says he did not know that there were over 100 US Special Forces in Mindanao helping the AFP and donating surveillance aircraft and Drone Bombings.

  • Antonio Bautista Air Base, close to the contested Spratly Islands in the South China Sea
  • Basa Air Base in Pampanga
  • Fort Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija
  • Lumbia Air Base in Cagayan de Oro
  • Mactan-Benito Ebuen Air Base in Cebu.


Duterte Smoke & Mirrors

You can’t win with a psychopath because they keep changing the rules. – Dr. Ben Sobol in “Analyze That”

Rodrigo Duterte has used his US-backed attack on the Maute Brothers in Marawi as a global diversion from his extra judicial killings of over 10,000 Filipinos in the poverty class and countless murders of his political enemies including journalists.

It worked. Isnilon Hapilon is still at large in the Philippines but no one remembers that fateful May 23 day when 50 men died in a failed attempt to capture him.

RINJ Foundation Has Learned America will start Bombing Filipinos Abdullah Maute Omar (below) and Abdullah Maute above are Moro militants who are the founders of the Dawlah Islamiyah (Islamic state) group in Mindanao, the Philippines, commonly known as the Maute group after their surname.

RINJ Foundation Has Learned America will start Bombing Filipinos

The violence in Marawi began May 23 when America pushed the AFP into attacking a building where Isnilon Hapilon was located near the Islamic City of Marawi.

This attack triggered a rampage by Maute militants flying black ISIS flags and seizing parts of the mainly Muslim city, Marawi, something they had threatened Duterte they would do if attacked. He attacked and they responded successfully as promised.

ISIS is the enemy of all women.
Rape, torture, murder, marginalization by other means, is how ISIS treats women. Trump and Duterte’s escalation of their attacks on Muslims in Mindanao is “drawing Daesh-2.0 fighters to Mindanao like Flies to the Cattle’s Hinds.”

Isnilon Totoni Hapilon

This FBI-Wanted man Hapilon (pron. ‘Happy-Lawn’) is an exalted Emir of South East Asia on behalf of the former Islamic State which was birthed in Mosul, Iraq in 2014. He was hosted by the Maute brothers when the attack took place on May 23.
Since Hapilon became a so-called Emir, ISIS has been disbanded, its leadership destroyed, and it has been driven like unwanted rabid dogs from its so-called Caliphate.

RINJ Foundation Has Learned America will start Bombing Filipinos

Is ISIS Interested in The Philippines
From reliable sources
we are told that the remnants of ISIS including its splinter groups have as much interest in the Philippines as they do having their wives wear miniskirts or running topless on nude beaches. Neither is likely. The various Muslim human rights groups in the Philippines have skillfully held the government in Manila to account for decades of oppression and marginalization of the indigenous Muslim peoples in the southern Philippines. They don’t need any help from ISIS or al Quaeda but in Myanmar, several rising militant groups have sought help for the persecuted Muslims in Rohingya who are often called the most persecuted people on earth. Ethnic cleansing is the risk Muslims face in Myanmar.

If ISIS was anywhere near being real, it would be focusing on ending the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. ISIS is a joke. It’s various splintered groups can’t properly run a bank account let alone invade the Philippines.

Duterte’s Martial Law Distraction

In the American-backed attack on Hapilon, AFP troops were  slaughtered just as the Philippines National Police were killed on Sunday, January 25, 2015, at Tukanalipao, Mamasapano, Maguindanao in the same type of event now part of Philippines folklore: “The Fallen Forty-Four”, and a very sad day of mourning.
To cover up the idiotic repeat of the Fallen Forty-Four (aka Mamasapano clash), Duterte carried out a threat he had previously made almost daily for the best part of a year. Just like dictator Ferdinand Marcos, Duterte declared Martial Law.

The diversion worked. Isnilon Hapilon is still at large in the Philippines but no one remembers that fateful day when 50 men died in a failed attempt to capture him. Nobody talks about the thug Hapilon.

RINJ Foundation Has Learned America will start Bombing Filipinos The Peaceful City of Marawi on May 26, 2017

Muslims in the Philippines Don’t Want ISIS Remnants in the Country – Shariah Forbids Attacking Fellow Muslims

There already is a very strong Muslim Independence group (s) that has existed for decades and have concluded negotiations for independent governance of the Bangasmoro region of the Philippines. The MORO are peaceful people who loathe the violence of the so called  Islamic State.

Meanwhile the people of Marawi will tell you that the only damage that has been done is by the bombing and shelling of their city by Americans and Filipinos. The real problem for Muslims in Southeast Asia is in Indonesia and in Myanmar.

President Duterte’s plan to make a peace with the various Muslim groups in the Philippines has been ambushed by America for now, but Duterte’s resolve is significant.


Neither Violent Groups (USA & ISIS) Are Wanted In Mindanao

Duterte is from Mindanao and he understands that the cause of the Mindanao Muslims is legitimate. No matter what you think of Duterte on other issues, he must be commended for his eagerness to right the past wrongs of prior governments. His support for a rail-transport infrastructure in Mindanao is very commendable. Mindanao has been starved of infrastructure. The 800-year-old Muslim communities of Mindanao have been mistreated for centuries.

American Interference in The Philippines is Unwanted

A straw poll of Filipinos asking “how would you feel if America started bombing in Mindanao?”  yielded mostly:

“Duterte will stop them.”

“Is Trump crazy?”
“Why are the Americans even in the Philippines?”
“Get out of our country.”

America must be stopped from bombing the Philippines. Duterte is more than capable of slaughtering innocent Filipinos without America’s help.

How the recently Duterte-courted Russians and Chinese will react to American military action against a group of Filipinos is not hard to predict in sentiment but impossible to gauge in weight. America has no idea how this will play out but has nothing to lose? That may not be the case.

Duterte was previously reluctant to accept U.S. military backing in Mindanao, only grudgingly tolerating the presence of Joint Special Operations Task Force Trident (107 members) to assist with the battle against the Maute brothers.

The move to allow American bombing indicates not only a current softening in Duterte’s position, something that will shock his supporters already pumped up into an anti-America frenzy, but also the fact that the United States can provide support with remotely controlled no-risk robotic aerial mass-killers is presently beyond the capabilities of the other suitors to the Philippines.

What will Russia and China offer to counter the Americans?

We suggest Russia, China and the Americans forget about killing any Filipino and instead help build railroads, highways, cold-storage/cold-shipping farming facilities and cooperatives to help the people of Mindanao ship their excellent agricultural products to market. Thus far over the past 800 years, the region has been completely starved of good infrastructure.

Women have seen these patriarchal machinations before and know they only lead to more war and more deaths for women and children.  Trump will start World War III in Asia if this American slaughter of Muslims doesn’t stop.

RINJ Foundation Has Learned America will start Bombing FilipinosSigns of an ill wind blowing.


America must stop the bombing of Filipinos and stop supporting Human Rights Violations
The RINJ Foundation Women protest United States President Trump’s support for Philippines President Duterte’s human rights violations as well as protesting USA bombing Filipino civilians in Mindanao where suffering is already intense.

Russia and China must step up to the plate at the United Nations Security Council and work toward putting an end to US violence.
American impunity for war crimes must come to an end. Bombing the life out of hundreds of thousands of Middle East civilians and destroying their cities was bad enough but attacking the impoverished of the third world with American bombs must be stoppedd. America first? America stay home.
The United States is only killing Filipinos and corrupting the ill-reputed Philippines military brass as it has done for years.