Yezidis + Nurses Without Borders Start Fundraising for ISIS Victims

RSAC Nurses Without Borders have launched  a GoFundMe  fundraiser setting out their goals and milestones in taking care of ISIS Victims in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Yezidis from Shingal Press Release. – Yezidi Post. Aug. 7, 201
Joint Funding Page (Sept 23, 20016)

Roughly 2 million Iraqis are displaced persons suffering from ISIS brutality, relentless Coalition aerial bombing  and so-called liberation(s) that left them homeless.

The NURSES are Raising Money teamed with the YSDS To Treat Patients /  ISIS Victims

The Nurses Without Borders

Read on as the Nurses Without Borders set out their goals and milestones in taking care of ISIS Victims.

Roughly 2 million ISIS victims in Nineveh, Duhok, Anbar and Erbil governorates in the Kurdish region of Iraq are displaced persons suffering from ISIS brutality, relentless Coalition aerial bombing and so-called liberation(s) that left them homeless. A million more Islamic State Victims will soon flee from Mosul.

The NURSES Without Borders are Raising Money To Treat Patients / ISIS Victims

The medical practitioners & workers become more skilled dealing with trauma, infectious diseases, normal health care, and all in horrifically hostile environments. When they return to your community they are better doctors and nurses.

Just like the Ebola crisis strengthened your health care, this crisis will also yield a new generation of thousands of health care practitioners.

For your $5 donation, you will get a lot back in your lifetime.


Kurdish Christians & Yazidis have faced genocide.

A million victims will soon be freed from Mosul.

The survivors are in bad shape.

We will  take care of  survivors with your help.

Please donate what you can.

Women & children suffer most. 


W  E      C A R E 

New Technology: I ask you to fund these new long-term-use Digital Technology TRF-Regional Surgical Clinics and Health-Care Units  because they will Enhance General Health Care and ensure the future of these people’s well being.

The starting number is 30 units and they cost $60,000 fully equipped.

Simply put they are miniturized patient-care medical equipments installed in rugged steel shipping containers recycled from units like this:

We designed a new mobile clinic system to provide high quality health care at low cost.We want to perfect these economical solutions in the field, helping the victims of ISIS and at the same time building a forward looking system for human disaster relief.


I won’t lie to you. We are not supplying elaborate health care, we are trying to keep these people alive.

Our goal is to get them back on their feet.


Kids and their families already displaced suffer in poor conditions in makeshift camps–no meds and no care. Not good. They get sick and the sickness spreads everywhere. We need to stop this and return these people to health and to a healthy home and stop the spread of infectious disease.



TRF-RSC provides an efficient way to treat more patients and deal with a wider range of health problems. Efficiency of patient diagnostic imaging and lab analysis coupled with comparative visit data management helps maintain public health standards and patient support and treatment levels better than pre-conflict care.


We have brick and mortar facilities but need to put transportable unite into camps. We need medicines. We take donations in all forms. This is the kind of equipment we must buy:
Mental health is also significant problem with ISIS survivors including Christians and Yazidis threatened with extinction.

We have a set of trauma care protocols  to deal with pervasive shock and PTSD as well as other chronic disorders. The job at hand is to return people to active, meaningful lives.

W E   C A R E



W  E     C A R E

 The RINJ Foundation has adopted an elaborated  Canadian model of the remote community health care Nurse-Practitioner-Led tele-health clinic. It works.

1) Patient Privacy Assured 

2) Sustainable Sterility in Hostile Environments 

3) Sustainable Life Support 

4) Protection against natural and human antagonists 

5) Minified diagnostics and surgical equipment 

 6) Wireless integrated encrypted digital systems 

 7) Real time video surveillance and reporting to central hub.

W E   C A R E

 The design  is Canadian .

Risks and challenges
Humanitarian workers, especially doctors and nurses, are at enormous risk in areas of armed combat and refugee camps because they are identified as having no protective or retaliatory affiliations. The clinic design must be self sufficient and the choice of heavy-duty commercial grade 40ft. shipping containers makes the occupants safer from small arms fire. Other safety measures must be adopted.
The RINJ Foundation
is a Canadian Incorporated Non-Government Organization (NGO) Flag_of_Canada640.320.svg


Meeting Substantive United Nations Concerns 
1. Child Rights, Children and Youth – Medical Health Care, Mental Health Care, Education and training.
2. Economic, Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Assistance – Medical and Mental
Health Care

3. Education – Extensive training in lifestyle practices to minimize risk of sexual violence and gender-based violence, manage fear and teaching what to do in the vent of trauma.

4. Girl Child – Education, health care, training.

5. Health, Food and Nutrition – Training, education and lifestyle management, behaviour modification and cognitive therapy.

6. Status of Women, Women’s Rights, Human Rights – Prosecuting Sexual Violence criminals in war zones and assisting the prosecution of sex offenders in peace time. Teaching equal rights and fighting misogyny.

7. International Law and International Systems – Prosecuting Sexual Violence criminals in war zones & assisting the prosecution of sex offenders in peace time. Teaching equal rights and fighting misogyny with information and education.


(Escaping Daesh [ISIS] must be hunted down and prosecuted in war tribunals. Some patients will be witnesses and will help make the world safer.)
8. Mental Health – Providing ongoing mental health treatment for all patients especially persons displaced from their homes by any event and those impacted by gender-based violence.

9. Environmental Refugees, Economic Refugees, War Refugees, Refugees and Displaced Persons — Medical/Health Care, Education and training. Providing ongoing mental health treatment for all patients especially persons displaced from their homes by any event and those impacted by gender-based violence.
10. Safety – Teaching the world that rape is no joke. Providing awareness, training and assistance to all persons and groups willing to join the opposition to rape and sexual assault.

NGO CEO Talks About Worsening Iraq Humanitarian Crisis

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The RINJ Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Micheal J. O’Brien has issued a plea to the people in the countries currently bombing & fighting in Iraq as part of the United States-led Intervention in Iraq. Those countries include Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Read more…

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