The New Global Lust For Death: Reflections From Mosul Iraq

RINJ: Nurses Without Borders, Mosul Iraq

Medical practitioners in Mosul have noticed little difference in the unlawful conduct of any of the sectarian or “Coalition” units fighting in Northern Iraq.

  • Both the Kurds and Daesh (Islamic State or ISIS) rape Yezidi women.
  • Americans with Iraqis have been observed torturing Moslawi teens and men claiming they are Daesh and then murdering them when they offer no information or regardless of their statements they are tortured to death.
  • Iraqis are the worst war criminals  but their so-called “advisors” are not just along for the ride and are bringing great shame to the coalition and exposing their countrymen to disgrace.
  • Summary executions and desecration of the dead are the modus operandi of all sides.

Psychopathy is a huge issue in Iraq and Syria. Empathy is non existent.

The extraordinary reality in Iraq is that Daesh were compelled to get a court order in Mosul before beheading or severing hands or ears of our friends and patients. They had to prove a violation of Sha’riah law. If you broke the extremely over-the-top Islamic Sha’riah law you were in big trouble. It was easy not to break the laws if you did not smoke or drink but it was not easy to avoid false acusation by Daesh who just wanted something and used a false accusation to extort their claim.

Look at the Iranian, Iraqi, American, British, Canadian, Kurdish, PKK, Assyrian and other gunmen: they bully and murder most of the Mosul male civilians.

Almost none but the very young or very old male civilians ever make it to refugee camps. They are murdered by Iraqis and their “advisors” and hung from telephone poles or street signs. Many are students we know who fought in the underground resistance against Daesh. But they are Sunni and the Iraqi Shia slaughter them without guilt but with apparent impunity because their commanders approve.

Reprisals by Daesh are deep inside Mosul and in Daesh-held territory from TalAfar to al Qaim and further southwest of Anbar province. Innocent civilians are being slaughtered without Sha’riah Court approval now.

One murder begets another.

Human rights do not exist in Iraq.

Killing is normal. 

remote control murder

Rules of war were thrown out the window by war criminal George W. Bush in 2003.

Nothing changed since then except the global lust for death grew.

Americans, Canadians, British, Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish and other war criminals have been murdering the nurses and doctors of Mosul hospitals in the hundreds. They claim we treated their enemies. We provided medical care for everyone.

Medically and biologically speaking there is no difference from one bleeding, unconcious killer to the next– no matter their religion or religious sect. No matter who they just killed.

Medical practitioners who have provided care for the invading soldiers have heard horrific deathbed confessions.

Many Mosul practitioners have been since murdered by their so-called “liberators”.

Everyone is a Mental Health Patient

What is wrong with Iraq’s overall mental health is owed to the persistent crimes against the Iraqi people since the late 1800s resulting in a cavalier attitude for the value of human life.

The millions killed or displaced by America has dropped even further the global value of human life. Why does the American slaughter in Iraq have impunity? Does the world only live for death?

The story untold is the hundreds of thousands of civilians slaughtered here in Iraq (and worse in Syria) in the 21st century and the countless numbers of rotting corpses everywhere.

The millions slaughtered since 2000 are left behind for burial or decay by foreign fighters who now kill Iraqis with remote control drones and bombers dropping hundreds of thousands of munitions without putting more than a few hundred boots on the ground.

Is it about money for munitions to make a small few Americans rich or is it about very sick minds for which killing is not even a thought?

Whatever is the case the slaughters since 2003 have permeated the globe with a willingness to kill that has never been seen before.

Remote Control murder

Daesh are Iraqi throwbacks to the Saddam era–Ba’athists and al-Quaeda diehards. The Saddam government once ruled Iraq brutally but with success and a prosperous Iraq of some pride — a memory of these men.

Daesh are Sunni extremists who have attracted tens of thousands of their own kind or just plain sociopaths or mercenaries looking for a fight and a paycheque. They tried to ressurect their past Sunni control of Iraq.

It almost worked but for 30,000 bombing runs that killed or displaced millons.

Now more than ten Iraqi cities lie in ruins amidst the rotting corpses of Iraqi men women and children.

Around the world billions of people have lost sight of the value of human life.


The acceptance of state-sponsored killing done by America these past two decades has spread like wildfire. – Gila

American slogans are quoted daily by despots like Rodrigo Duterte who has killed 10,000 of his people but publicly says he wants to reach 3 million.

Gila, remembering fallen friends.