Pence, Trump Warrants. Kidnapping children for any purpose is a serious crime.

It takes a certain type of personality-disordered criminal to believe that they can do anything to anyone’s children even defying US Federal Judges and the UN Human Rights Commissioner telling them to STOP.

Perverted? Trump and Pence inspecting Diapers

In June 2018, a US Federal Judge in a San Diego Courtroom told Trump and Pence they could not confiscate migrant children unless they were endangered by the parents.

Since then Trump and Pence have searched into children’s diapers and baby underpants and if the baby garments are soiled, obviously not  changed in the recent past minutes, while the parents are in detention, they arrest the child and ship her to a concentration camp.  They then charge the parents with child endangerment to allow them free impunity from the Judge’s ruling. A three-year old girl was sexually abused this way says a Court filing a month ago.

Update on #WhereAreTheChildren by FPMag Editor, Micheal John

Other Trump/Pence violations of the June 2018 court orders.

“It is shocking that the Trump administration continues to take babies from their parents,” said Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project.

A 218-page ACLU Court filing in San Diego listed various cases:

  • One man was separated from his three young daughters because he has HIV, although the government has not explained why it believes he is dangerous to his children.
  • Another man, detained with his one-year-old infant in a facility, was criticized for not changing his daughter’s diaper and called a bad father. His infant was taken from him.
  • A 3-year-old girl was separated from her father when Customs and Border Protection officials disputed his paternity. A DNA test eventually confirmed the father’s paternity, but not before the child was sexually abused while in the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement.
  • A 4-year-old boy was separated from his father whose speech impediment prevented his from answering CBP officials’ questions. The family was separated even after the father presented a birth certificate showing his paternity.
  • From June 28, 2018, through June 29, 2019, Defendants have now separated more than 900 children using trumped up excuses.
  • Read the full Court Filing Documents

Civil Society had a busy Summer Collecting Witness Statements and Building Pleadings against Trump / Pence

In the 7th year fighting kidnapping and sale of children with a dedicated campaign, The RINJ Foundation, a civil society women’s group that is fighting for the safety of women and children around the world, says it will not tolerate any state-sponsored child abuse or trafficking and has issued a Warrant of Arrest for Donald Trump and Michael Pence, two Americans involved in systematic kidnap and abuse of children and additionally, doing so for the wrongful purpose of extortion.

According to one Doctor, Trump/Pence policies include the confiscation of children’s critical medicine for chronic illness in further violation of children’s human rights. This adds to the list of criminal activities spawned by a child kidnap policy, says a RINJ lawyer in Toronto.

Meanwhile US District Judge Dolly Gee of Los Angeles ruled that a Texas detention center for unaccompanied migrant children and those forcibly separated from their families by the Donald Trump and Michael Pence administration must stop administering psychotropic drugs without parental consent.

The Trump / Pence administration has been allowing its border goons, the angry-looking missing-toothed faces above the big bellies and folded arms backing Trump when he makes his speeches, disable crying children by using heavy narcotics and psychotropic medicines to knock them out.

“A federal court has now confirmed what we already knew: Children are suffering abusive treatment and cruel and inhumane conditions in government detention centers,” responded Jess Morales Rocketto of Families Belong Together, a coalition of groups opposing the administration’s family separation policy. “Children belong with their families, not scared, alone, and subject to abuse in prison-like conditions.” research is made exasperatingly endless when at least a dozen statutes ban this practice and cite it as criminal in nature.

Children must be saved harmless from dangerous incarceration, from any incarceration, is the common thread of American and  numerous international statutes which the Trump / Pence administration since January 2017 has been violating says the ACLU in its pleadings.

Child concentration camps behind a border wall Trump says he has the US military building with its massive nearly trillion dollar defence budget now turned more against children than before are a clear violation of US and international law. There are no mitigating factors. All the children held in these camps have been significantly harmed, say hundreds of reported experts.

Council On Community Pediatrics

“The conditions in which children are detained and the support services that are available to them are of great concern to pediatricians and other advocates for children.

“In accordance with internationally accepted rights of the child, immigrant and refugee children should be treated with dignity and respect and should not be exposed to conditions that may harm or traumatize them.

“The Department of Homeland Security facilities do not meet the basic standards for the care of children in residential settings. ” — Citing Detention of Immigrant Children”  — Julie M. LintonMarsha GriffinAlan J. Shapiro, Council On Community Pediatrics


Common Law

Kidnapping children as an extortionary bid to prevent future refugees, is equal to kidnapping children for a compensation or consideration, a ransom in other words.

Kidnapping children and causing them any harm whatsoever is a crime of child abuse and molestation. All child abusers and those who molest or cause children to be molested must be prosecuted say UN officials close to a current panel examining a plethora of complaints.

“Kidnapping and abusing children for any reason, is a serious crime,” citing Katie Alsop of RINJ.

A US Federal Judge Ordered this practice to stop. Trump and Pence are above such American Courts?

As mentioned earlier, lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union in late July told a US federal judge that the Trump / Pence administration has confiscated almost 1000 migrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border since a US Federal Judge in San Diego ordered the Trump/Pence Administration to “stop”, in a case reported by RINJ (Pleadings Published: Fri, 25 May 2018 “WhereAreTheChildren“), and by the ACLU and the Washington Post

In the United States, despite the UN rapporteur for human rights explaining in detail why not; despite the UN Human Rights Commissioner saying “stop!”; and despite American Judges saying “Don’t!”; co-accused Donald Trump and his vice-president Michael Pence have been separating babies from their families and locking them up in cages.

“Guards were ordered to begin removing the beds some children were using to make room for more children, lying on the floor.”

Amazing journalism by the NYTimes:Hungry, Scared and Sick: Inside the Migrant Detention Center in Clint, Tex.

The RINJ Foundation says it is now warning all families in various literature during its 7th Annual Campaign against child kidnapping not to trust police, border officials or any person not known to them as a trusted individual on their own merit.

“Cases of child molestation are growing at a colossal rate, at actual police stations and in concentration camps around the world, like the ones in America, where as many as 60 million children and their families are detained in deplorable conditions,” says Nurse Michele Francis working in Venezuela where Trump/Pence policies have blocked medicine and health care needs.

“If a cop or a soldier sees a pretty boy or girl that they want, they make up an excuse to take them and they are never seen again,” says the human rights worker.

“Persons who cause or force the confiscation of children from vulnerable migrants and refugee families in The United States of America, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Iraq are the lowest form of vermin on Earth,” says Southeast Asian human rights medical worker, Sharon Santiago, of The RINJ Foundation. 

Santiago, perhaps because of the victims she has encountered, is a profound proponent of the death penalty for perpetrators of sex crime in multiple cases against children. She says those are the bain of human existence because they may destroy hundreds of lives while the recidivist remains alive, even with the young persons they encounter in prison plus the influence they have outside the bars.

The RINJ Foundation, according to Director Alsop is as a whole, opposed to such punishment but doesn’t comment in the personal opinions of its workers, volunteers or members as its policies suggest that each person must “live inside their own skin however they shall feel comfortable doing that”.

“That of itself is a form of tolerant humanitarianism and the recognition of the trauma human rights workers face everyday,” was the human rights leader’s sage advise on that topic.

“Those men who kidnap minor children are criminals who contribute to the most heinous crimes committed against human kind,” says Santiago. She has worked behind the scenes on some very high profile cases.

“We are telling families not to take their eyes off their children and not to trust anyone who attempts to seize their minor children away from their family,” says Santiago who claims that currently there are more than 700,000 children seized into child trafficking regimes in the past four summer months because they became detached from their families by unlawful means.

Happy Families Belong Together - It is the job of every elected leader to fight for the safety of children and their families. Outside of home, do not take your eyes off your young children for one second. That will help end child sex trade. Child Art: D. Rose Grade 3 - Happy Families Belong Together – It is the job of every elected leader to fight for the safety of children and their families says the RINJ Civil Society Group in special consultative status with the United Nations since 2017.

Serious permanent injury to infants, toddlers and children, says US Dept. of Health.

Happy Families Belong Together – It is the job of every elected leader to fight for the safety of children and their families, says the massively growing RINJ Civil Society Group in special consultative status with the United Nations since 2017.

Donald Trump and Michael Pence have kidnapped children in order to discourage refugees from coming to the USA. The two have begun harming the children say us Health Department. Whereas it is the job of every elected leader to fight for the safety of children and their families, Donald Trump and Michael Pence have kidnapped children in order to discourage refugees from coming to the USA. Kidnapping children for any purpose is a serious crime. The two criminals have begun harming the children say US Health Department officials.
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American citizens Donald Trump and Michael Pence, (“the accused”) each claiming to be persons in authority over all matters related to the administration of the United States, and the world, have kidnapped thousands of children including infants and toddlers from their families and hold those children apart from their parents in deplorable confinement conditions as a deterrent to other families that might seek refuge in the United States from personal danger and abuse in their home country.

Biased American Report that minimizes impact of caging children still says “Intense trauma was common among children…”

This report relies primarily on data collected from interviews with: approximately 100 mental health clinicians who had regular interaction with children across the 45 facilities; medical coordinators in each of the 45 facilities; facility leadership in each of the 45 facilities, including the program director and lead mental health clinician; and the 28 ORR federal field specialists assigned to the 45 selected facilities.” — U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

United Nations Human Rights experts were much more critical of the Trump/Pence mistreatment of children than the USA was of itself. The United Nations high commissioner for human rights in June 2018 was aghast calling the practice of child confiscation “abuse” and saying that it must stop immediately.

Watch the Video: ‘How Women have tracked the perpetrators’:

Watch the Video: How Women have tracked the perpetrators.

The RINJ Foundation’s 7th Annual End Child Sex Tradecampaign focuses on its theme of “Family First” and ending child kidnapping. This video is about “Tracking the whereabouts of American Fugitives” for whom RINJ has issued arrest warrants.

“The thought that any state would seek to deter parents by inflicting such abuse on children is unconscionable.” Said UN Commissioner for Human Rights in June of 2018.

A UN Human Rights Council panel has notified The RINJ Foundation, one of the complainants, that it has begun to to start reviewing what complainants have described as an  “inhumane” policy.
COmplaint to Human Rights Commission

The Houston Chronicle in Texas is close to the Matter

It seems like a ‘loophole’ in a US Federal Court decision ordering Trump to stop confiscating children, hence the child separations continue vigorously.

Since the court ordered that the government reunite parents and children immediately after adults served any criminal sentence, the U.S. Attorney’s Office has appeared to prosecute far fewer parents traveling with their children for entering illegally. Instead the government has ramped up separations by alleging the child could be at risk or the parent is a criminal.

According to federal data released to the Houston Chronicle by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, officials listed a parent’s gang membership or criminal history as the reason for separating 65 percent of about 400 children between the June 20 executive order and March 2019. In only 3 percent of cases, according to that data, were children described as separated because of questions about the parent’s relationship to the child or issues of child safety. The remainder were mostly removed after parents were prosecuted for entering illegally or returning after being deported.

“Trump administration still separating hundreds of migrant children at the border through often questionable claims of danger.” Houston Chronicle


The Houston Chronicle reported on 22 June 2019 hundreds of new cases of child confiscation in its region of the US Mexican border, and that the cases had risen in number to another 750 in 2019.

SUMMER of 2019

American Teachers Federation teachers and young teen students gave up their summer and demonstrated against Trump/Pence child separation outside United Nations in Geneva.

SUMMER of 2019 American Teachers and young teen students gave up their summer and demonstrated against child separation outside United Nations in Geneva. SUMMER of 2019
American Teachers and young teen students gave up their summer and demonstrated against child separation outside United Nations in Geneva.
Photo Credit: Twitter
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“A billion women may be angry as the hell these men created,” says a RINJ director, Sharon Santiago.

“Our civil society women’s group accuses these men of heinous crimes,” she adds.

Santiago notes that her position has been explained in dozens of reports, papers and official complaints over the past 2.5 years. Read also:

  1. The Human Rights Case Against Trump for Child Confiscation
  2. Trump Policy Snared 658 Migrant Children May 6-19 2018

THIS IS WHAT SOME CHILD ABUSERS LOOK LIKE Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto

The artwork and its story:
“This Is What Some Child Abusers Look Like”
to a Billion Angry Women

In the SUMMER of 2019 American Teachers and young teen students gave up their summer and demonstrated against these men and their child separation policies. To make their point the students lived in cages outside United Nations facilities in Geneva.

Youths inside a black metal cage wore T-shirts marked #ClassroomsNotCages during a protest in front of the United Nations’ European headquarters. Protesters carried signs saying “Children should not be locked up. Period,” reported Stephanie Nebehay for Reuters.