Trudeau is playing deadly abortion card. He is cavalier about killing women and babies.

Exercise control over your body and Don’t become Pregnant.

In 2019 the world does not need more children. Each woman should have no more than 2.1 children to maintain the current population. Mom-to-be must be stable, healthy and be able to care for the child for its entire childhood. If not, don’t get pregnant. If the population slides for a while, that’s OK but not likely. The poorest countries are having a baby boom.

It is quite possible that Earth and humankind are on a collision course. Humans may have already overpopulated the planet which is now struggling to support the existing life.

Commentary by Melissa Hemingway Feminine-Perspective Magazine Senior Staff writer

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

But neither abortion nor any form of killing will solve the overpopulation problem. Family planning is the answer.

In 2019 medical science has explained the beginning of life. Once an embryo has implanted in the womb, life has begun. Hopefully it continues. There are challenges.


If a woman had irresponsible coitus, and then in the seven days following did not use a late-contraceptive, she has already decided what she will do with her body and there is no second thought.  It’s therefore not about her body it’s about another person’s body: an unborn child. And society will decide what a person may do to another person’s body. Murder is not an option.

It’s a woman’s choice what she does with her body but she does not get to make that choice about someone else’s body.

This cavalier attitude of Canada’s Justin Trudeau is dangerous. It looks like an attempt at rabble-rousing to create a polarized debate among women who Trudeau is telling that “old men” are denying their rights. This is a 6-decade old set of falsehoods.

It’s a lie.

Trudeau wants to use my hoo-haw and womb as a launching pad for his re-election. There are no problems with the status quo in Canada. The Canadian opposition leader has said that he will not touch the status quo if elected to office. There is no issue.

Go ask the practitioners in the hospitals across Canada. Peer pressure is growing. Look at the numbers. Doctors don’t want to kill babies. If a pharmacological intervention can be used to prevent implantation then that’s fine. Go to a drug store. There’s plenty of time for that.  That’s the control a woman has over her body. Contraception. Don’t get pregnant if you don’t want to have a baby. If you take that risk and you do get pregnant, you are likely going to have a baby. Abortion for the purpose of birth control is murder. Peer pressure is indeed growing and doctors will not be making money doing abortions for birth control. Think about it. Killing babies because Earth is becoming overpopulated? It’s a sensitive issue.

Think contraception instead. That is what governments must start providing.

Trudeau is talking about late-term dismemberment abortions used as a form of birth control. That is a crime of murder. Any doctor who frivolously kills an unborn is at grave risk of prosecution.

Trudeau’s argument indicates a very low value to human life and explains many things like the missing or murdered indigenous women and girls who for the last four years have been ignored by his government.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Donald Trump has Changed Nothing Except to starve Practitioners who must provide the services that are needed by patients. He cut the funding to any NGO that does abortions. So I don’t get paid. So be it.

If a woman needs an abortion and that is decided between her and her physician, it’s going to happen no matter the part of the world.

Some people argue disingenuously that women are forced to attend with non-professional persons doing abortions but frankly, most people in the  world do not have a family doctor or personal physician. That’s how the quacks emerge. They are no different than human slave traders. Just greedy immoral people making money the wrong way.  Governments must provide free contraception especially in poor countries.

Too few doctors. That’s the problem, not the abortion statutes of which there should be none. There are plenty of witch doctors and other quacks around the world. There are plenty of murderers too. Don’t associate with those types of people. And don’t kill your little baby.

Trump Says ‘No’ To Abortion. Hah Hah

I probably should not tell you this but doctors don’t take that crap from anyone. They save the lives they can save and do their best not to put any life at risk. There are many pregnancies that must be aborted and quickly in order to protect a patient’s life. “You save the life you can save. You do what you must do.”

When the doctor and patient meet and the patient is assessed over a series of consultations and examinations, it may in fact be determined that the woman is not suited to carry a child to term.

Some decisions must be made.

  • The doctor will not risk either life.
  • The doctor will save the lives she can save.

Terminating the pregnancy as early as possible may be what is needed because of physiological or mental health issues. That is between the physician and the patient and nobody’s business, especially not narcissistic politicians from any country in North America.

Using Abortion as a form of birth control is a sick Western concept born from selfishness and willfulness in an environment that is rife with killing.

Justin Trudeau and his wife are using arcane slogans and catch phrases to stir up a debate they think will help win an election. But Canada has no problem with abortion laws. There are none. It couldn’t be better. Why rock the boat.

Whatever decisions are made between patient and practitioner are carried out without a problem in Canada. Usually they are done in clinics, not hospitals. So why the political hype? Canada had it right. Trudeau is messing that up.

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“The time for older males deciding what women should do with their bodies is over.” This refers, one can presume, to the Trump Administration’s “global gag order” which as Katie Alsop of The RINJ Foundation explains, because her group provides abortion services for women and children who have been raped. Usually this is a pharmacological intervention shortly after the time of the rape. Patients who wait longer to seek medical attention complicate matters significantly.

If you don’t want a baby, do not have non-contraceptive coitus. If you were forced, don’t waste any time seeing a doctor.

But this nonsense about women having the right to do what they want with their bodies in the context of using abortion as a form of birth control is a reprehensible rabble-rousing lie. Most doctors will reject a patient with a cavalier attitude to abortion for the purpose of birth control.

Women and men have the right to choose when and with whom they will have coitus. But once they have created a baby, an embryo implanted in the womb, the woman  and the man have a responsibility for caring for another human being.

The Baby’s Body is not Her Body


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