Centers for Disease Control sidelined by Trump Administration. Americans are told lies of omission by Trump sycophants

How can share this without causing any drama? Drama is not needed; repair is needed. The answer is, hide the whistleblower and describe the content as opinion.

Here is our opinion.

In the article,  COVID-19 A treatment analysis, sources set out that, “The American handling of its citizens aboard the Diamond Princess was peculiar at best. At least American citizens were given the chance to say “No” which is more than what can be said for the Chinese even in their own homes in China.”

Editorial by Sharon Santiago and  Micheal John has subsequently learned that the passengers were not in fact given that choice and were believing they would not be crammed into a plane with infected patients which would be a worse situation than what they were leaving aboard the Diamond Princess. You can watch the video report by citizen reporter Cheryl Molesky at the bottom of this article. She and many persons reached the point of no return before they realized the true circumstance of their evacuation. Once they had relinquished their cabins aboard the Diamond Princess, they were on their way to America one way or the other, embedded with infected patients in the crudely configured cabin of a cargo Boeing 747. has observed a dangerous trend in the United States after elements of US government were throwing a hissy fit in front of FPMag observers in Japan who have now come forward during a break in their duties tending to the COVID-19 transient passenger crisis.

The outcome of the hissy-fit was the extraction of the doctors who are specialized in disease control and prevention and the insertion of Donald Trump sycophants.

  • Flying 14 infected patients amidst healthy American citizens was criminally negligent.

  • This was Donald Trump’s call.  This is an affront to the medical specialists who said, “don’t do it.”  It is also a gob smacker to most  medical professionals around the world.

Behind the plastic are 14 COVID-19 infected patients

Behind the plastic are 14 COVID-19 infected patients Photo Credit: Cheryl Molesky—Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

These are some of the non-infected people who sat beside the plastic in the image above.

  • CDC was sidelined by the Trump administration. That is also criminal negligence of a political nature but no matter its rationale it is no less a serious flaw.
  • If this continues, a COVID-19 epidemic in America, should there ever be one,  could be managed by a person who on substantial evidence totally lacks human empathy.
  • China believes the CDC is an instrument of US intelligence gathering because it has been infiltrated. Whether true or not, it doesn’t matter because perception is everything. That’s only important because it suggests to many important players in the management of global disease control that the US effort is corrupted for political reasons and cannot for any measure of integrity be relied upon.

Americans were misled to believe they would be safer if they left the ship Photo Credit: Cheryl Molesky—Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Americans were misled to believe they would be safer if they left the ship

Photo Credit: Cheryl Molesky—Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Politicizing COVID-19 data was a big mistake of the Trump White House.

The United States failed to take the lesson learned from the Diamond Princess, a floating infectious disease incubator; plus dozens of events in the history of humankind that suggest mixing non-infected civilians with infected persons in a bus whether its on wheels, wings or bobbing on the surface of the ocean, is madness.

Here is what readers should know.

  1. COVID-19 has infected close to or more than a million people and most infections have a trivial impact on the subject. This is data obtained by modeling with the numbers of infected persons and the number of close contacts they each have in their lives plus the persons who have presented with evidence of upper and or lower respiratory ails and coincidental exposure to the virus. Currently, China’s central government health department has over 600,000 persons under observation officially, and at lower tiers of government, an estimated million or more. (The People’s Republic of China) The amount of data that China has collected is colossal.

    Professor Neil Ferguson explains this well.

  2. The scary part of that information is that while having only a trivial impact on the host, the virus is eager and able to infect others. The trivial outcome patients who sneezed a few times  are likely to infect others because still, despite lessons learned, most people have insufficiently been influenced by good hygiene concepts in their daily lives. Hence, all persons on the planet need to reorient their habits to avoid pathogens and parasites.
  3. The number of serious, reported cases of COVID-19 is far fewer than what the mass media is touting. That’s probably nothing deliberate, just a lack of understanding or maybe a lack of explaining by the medical data reporters who live in a world where the language is anything but understandable to the average lay person.
  4. While numbers of infected patients go up a little,  patient recovery numbers with very good outcomes go up more, of late. Overall, this is good. For example, as of  Friday 21 February at 09:44a.m. local time Toronto, in China there were 54,591 reported active cases;  2,236 deaths; 18,640 full recoveries out of a history of 75,467 total cases including all of the foregoing.  Some of that 75,467 had recovered a weeks ago. The important number for China and the world is the 54,591 reported active cases. Those are people who presented at medical institutions, and does not include the many thousands of mild cases where the patient didn’t even know they were ill but were likely spreading the virus. In this latter fact, besides its current character, lies the enormous danger of this virus.
  5. The mortality rate of the COVID-19 is probably far less than what publicized numbers suggest it might be. The calculation of fatalities as a percentage of severe cases that present to medical facilities might be completely irrelevant to the universe of all COVID-19 cases because as yet there is no clarity on the death rate or any other data among the self-care patients who did not present to medical facilities. Nobody knows, and nobody ever knows until long after the outbreak has run its course. Worry more about developing good hygienic habits and avoiding the influenza virus which still is far more dangerous than COVID-19.
  6. Currently there are over 100 significant cases of Americans infected with COVID-19.
  7. There are estimates of mild or even asymptomatic but infectious cases.
  8. CDC has been told to stifle itself hence no reliable data is available from official sources.

“What is a very good outcome? Patients are free from infection and freedom feels wonderful. Patients say they have lost a little weight and learned a lesson about preventing infectious disease. Those are extremely big wins. We can come back to those,” instructs Wuhan nurse, Sara Qin who uses an anglicized name since she attended university in England earlier in her career.

Return of the Zombies? This could be a Quentin Tarantino flick. Americans shipped like cattle back to the United States from the Diamond Princess COVID-19 Incubator. They are now locked up in quarantine centers on US military bases in Texas and in California after two weeks locked up on the cruise liner.File Photo Credit; Kalitta Air. Not the actual aircraft but a similar plane of the same cargo carrier. It was a rainy night when the floating incubator escapees left Japan. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

See your doctor for your medical advice.

It will not matter who is in the White House if you die from influenza, or COVID-19.

Having a person in charge whom thousands of America’s most notable psychiatrists and psychologists suggest is a “child without a conscience” is not in the people’s best interest. and its medical partners have been tracking the Wuhan novel Coronavirus since the fall of 2019. It is now named COVID-19. The team, being Canadian and thus familiar with SARS, first thought this was SARs.

Hundreds of sources are relied on and obviously there are dozens of queries unanswered. The trend toward politicizing the data on the COVID-19 outbreak has been all-consuming. No nation is off the hook although some are far more transparent than others. Part of the culture is a worry about causing panic.


If panic caused populations to exhibit better habits for personal hygiene and disease prevention, how bad could that be?

Conclusion: the truth is better than a concocted story. Washington should be guided by that and not some bizarre Trumponian political concept.

“What are we going to ‘allow for publication’ is not a standard of truth.”

In the United States at the beginning of this week there was a power struggle in which one could easily say ‘the doctors lost to the politicians’. That’s what this article’s sources want to warn readers about. Why?

Because removing the authority and the connection between the public and some of the very best minds in the clinical and research specialties dealing with viruses, outbreaks, and disease control, is one of those subplots screen writers put into bizarre, but entertaining Hollywood horror films. It’s not something one wants happening in their country in real life. It’s even seen as despicable conduct in movies and hence is used as a method of delineating between god and evil, good-guys and bad-guys.

Something happened when the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was faced with a dilemma. Japanese authorities reported to CDC that fourteen passengers tested positive for the colloquially dubbed SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) among those persons the US had already removed from the Diamond Princess cruise liner in Yokohama, Japan and boarded onto buses or were in the process of boarding on buses.

“That’s when the quarrel began,” say women volunteer members of The RINJ Foundation who were in attendance in their professional capacities at the time of the events.

American evacuees from Diamond Princess bused to cargo planes.Photo Credit: Cheryl Molesky—Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

US military quarantined quarters are as good as they get. The trip getting there was right out of a Quentin Tarantino horror film.

Sources for this statistical data.

The following sources are available to readers. and The Nurses Without Borders make direct contact and interview colleagues and sources close to the information around the world to track events and statistics.

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