Trump attack on World Health Organization is part of American malignancy. America dies under Trump leadership.

Donald “Trump is a racist representing a selfish, greedy, bullying, *thieving nation. Doctors now sever from USA many relationships after Trump refused to pay #WHO COVID-19 fees which deprives weaker health systems & jeopardizes all humans,” is how a group of doctors reacted to Trump’s threat to cancel all American fees and support of the World Health Organization.

*(“Thieving may perhaps refer to allegations the White House has blocked paid-for shipments of COVID-19-fighting medical equipment to Canada and to Latin America.)

China scientists work hard to deliver good vaccines to the world. China scientists work hard to deliver good vaccines to the world.
Photo Credit: Xinhua/Ju Peng. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“Every dollar removed from the cash-strapped World Health Organization diminishes the ability of weaker health systems to fight the novel coronavirus and threatens the entire human race,” explains Dr. Anderson of The RINJ Foundation.

by Melissa Hemingway

Gavin Yamey, the director of Duke University’s center for policy impact in global health, told The Guardian: “If the United States had followed the WHO’s very clear advice on identifying cases, isolating cases and conducting contact tracing, then it wouldn’t be in the appalling situation that it is in today.”

“We are saddened by the personal attacks against a man who truly cares. Dr. Tedros doesn’t ration his caring. He pours,” say nurses association.

Fact checking Trump’s allegations against the World Health Organization’s conduct in fighting the COVID-19 series of epidemics is maybe exposing one of Trump’s bloodiest lies.  Fearing recriminations at a very bad time because Trump has cut off ventilators and personal protection equipment to hospitals where he says he has not been appreciated, a few doctors do not want to be named but many have been outspoken.

In one instance, a Twitter Tweet that compares Trump’s scrunched-up face in a raging moment to a bat’s face and says pictorially:

“Comparison of mammals.
“Sociopaths offer nothing to health care and are contraindicated for human solidarity.

“Bats are health allies. They know how to suppress overreaction to virus’ DNA attacks. They also tell us how climate change hurts habitats & distresses all mammals thus seeding virus propagations.” — Cite: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter. Doctors angered by threats against World Health Organization Doctors are infuriated by American attacks on WHO they say will handicap weak health care nations’ ability to fight COVID-19 disease.  Source: Twitter.

WHO meets Xi Jinping then calls emergency meet for today on new global info.


What has alarmed, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, he said two weeks after the first case on 7 January 2020, was identified, “is that infected persons in some of the other 15 countries have themselves infected locals who have never been in China, which means the virus is spreading freely from human to human well beyond the initially infected population”.

 Chinese President Xi Jinping said Tuesday that China has full confidence and capability to win the battle against the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Xi made the remarks when meeting with visiting World Health Organization (<abbr title=

Photo Credit: Xinhua/Ju Peng. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The photo and its story: China’s President Xi Jinping met with World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, 28 January 2020 as teams of WHO doctors visited Wuhan. Chinese President Xi Jinping said that China has full confidence and capability to win the battle against the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (then called 2019-nCoV and now officially named COVID-19 as the disease and SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes that disease.).

China did an incredibly good job of fighting SARS-CoV-2 say experts and professional witnesses.

“XI Jinping cried for his people, I am told, and I believe it because I saw the strain and sadness in his eyes and and I also saw the love in his face when he inspected a group of nurses at our hospital,” says nurse Sara Qun who has been commended many times for leading her section to a very good outcome, repeatedly. A good outcome means few safety breaches for health workers and best possible results for all patients.

But many nurses were seen crying in videos posted by Americans on Twitter, so we asked via Shenzhen RINJ office translators what nurse Qin thought of that observation.

“Training,” said Qin. “It’s about training. People become overstressed when they  don’t know what to do; and don’t know what the things they are seeing will come to mean to them,” the stalwart young nurse responded.

“I cried too when I learned my sister had taken ill,” begins Qin.

“Anything and everything made me tear up in my eyes for two days until a doctor leaned down and talked to me to say my sister would be ‘OK’. He was right. My point is that people were stressed like me because of the whole crisis so much so that any little problem leads me and others to think that everything was collapsing.”

“I forced myself to help my colleagues,” she continued. “I taught them to focus on their jobs and not their worries. I made everyone show up early for shifts and I drilled them over and over. They learned every plan of action for every kind of problem. When I saw a nurse break a rule I sent them to completely rescrub and follow our ten points of rules. It was like in a training movie my sister showed me. She is in the military. None of my team cried anymore because they always knew what to do. They set an example of confidence for patients and for other staff coming through our section from pharmacy and food services.”

Chinese medical professionals has interviewed are well-briefed, well-trained and very committed.

The Chinese people have handled the COVID-19 crisis like true heroes. Many have complaints and that is true everywhere.

“China focussed exclusively on the most serious cases,”  and ignored the others until they presented again in serious condition notes says Professor Neil Fergusson of the Imperial College of London.

The World Health Organization worked alongside the Chinese senior officials on the line. Dozens of well trained from countries all over the world attended the COVID-19 epidemic scene in China.

Scientists and student researchers maintaining the live updates have worked with Chinese officials to assemble the daily reports since December 2019. The facts themselves speak loudly. Transparent and as accurate as any in the world, China has consistently told the truth about the facts that were capable of proof. Every single day, China has told researchers about what it did not know but suspected. No other country has done this so extensively. asked Chinese researchers to give an example and the answer came back quickly: “A total of 716,889 close contacts were tracked over the past 24 hours, and 12,510 close contacts were still under medical observation.”

2019-nCoV: China builds one-week hospital. Help for Wuhan arrives at astonishing rate.

Whenever China has discovered a change in the nature of the epidemic that began in Hubei province, they have reported their learnings in great detail.

Immediately after discovering  the novel coronavirus, Chinese health authorities quickly posted the full genome of the 2019-nCoV in GenBank, the NIH genetic sequence database, and in the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data (GISAID) portal. This has allowed global medical authorities to set a test criteria for each nations’ citizens.

Americans must rely on their State in this COVID-19 crisis. Don’t chase myths, not even those of your President.