Journalist Julian Assange is no Criminal but he is in big trouble.

Reuters photo journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen was no insurgent either. But he was murdered at 22 by an American helicopter gunship.

America may be entitled to its secrets but the American people are also entitled to the truth. Like him or not, Julian Assange revealed plenty of staggering truths. That is not a crime. And it is not a reason to kill Mr. Assange as many now fear will happen.

Editorial by Micheal John | Editor 

Recent media coverage of Julian Assange ridiculing his poor mental health is somewhat too cynical and too inhumane to have the color of right. These reports are using the allegation of the Ecuadorian President who is protesting Assange’s conduct of smearing feces on walls at the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

The same accuser is the person who had taken steps about a year a go to confine Assange and introduced severe restrictions on his contact with the world. He wasn’t allowed newspapers, internet or phone privileges. He had been held indoors at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for seven years. This was not a good recipe for sound mental health.


USA-inspired Cruelty Plague infects UN & points to War.

American hatred and cruelty for and toward  Julian Paul Assange is also controverted by Mr. Trump. Mr. Assange is an Australian journalist, computer programmer and the founder and director of Mr. Assange threatened to expose a lot of American war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. While it is the US policy to prosecute those types of crimes in-country and not in the International Criminal Court, it does not have the right to muzzle journalists. has repeatedly adduced information to suggest that the United States President was complicit in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and is now saying that the US is attacking journalist Assange because of his due diligence in reporting information shared with him by a source. (Source Chelsea Manning is an American activist and whistleblower. She is also a trans-gender person subject to persecution by the current Trump administration which is boisterously and self-admitted bigoted and intolerant. She is a former United States Army soldier who was convicted by court-martial in July 2013 of violations of the Espionage Act and other offences, after disclosing to WikiLeaks nearly 750,000 classified, or unclassified but sensitive, military and diplomatic documents. She was imprisoned between 2010 and 2017, and has been jailed again since March 8, 2019 for her continued refusal to testify before a grand jury against Julian Assange).

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File photo: London (United Kingdom), August 18, 2014, Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño and Julian Assange offered a press conference with the presence of international media. Photo Credit: David G Silvers. Chancellery of Ecuador. File photo: London (United Kingdom), August 18, 2014, Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño and Julian Assange offered a press conference with the presence of international media. Photo Credit: David G Silvers. Chancellery of Ecuador.

Once again, Americans are targeting a journalist who “told on them”.

Juliane Assange has been charged by the US although America last July said it wishes to keep that secret. Read if you wish ->  keep-confidential-Assange-has-been-charged-18919235200.  Britain in the meantime is gleefully trying to extradite the mentally unwell Australian journalist to the United States.

Mr. Assange’s reporting, with supporting facts of unequivocal authenticity, has told the people of America and a couple of other countries some things their governments lie about in order that their constituents never learn the truth.

That’s the role of a journalist.

America doesn’t like journalists, however, because its President Trump continues to attack journos with a passionate hatred that has even led to the murder of numerous scribes.

USA President Trump is on the record inspiring violence toward Journalists (among other people, like Muslims in general).

Trump told the world repeatedly that Journalists are the “Enemy of the People”. Consequently, many are now dead.

The perception among authoritarians is that Donald Trump will not admonish or penalize state actors for abducting or killing journalists. This was checked by Feminine Perspective Magazine, asking sources close to authorities in Israel, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and the United States. But deeds, speak.

The Capital Gazette Massacre on 28 June 2018 got barely a reaction from Trump while colleagues across the country cried their hearts out.

Gone but not forgottenMaryland: Capital Gazette Massacre on 28 June 2018 — The victims were identified as Rob Hiaasen, 59, a former feature writer for The Baltimore Sun who joined the Capital Gazette in 2010 as an assistant editor and columnist; Wendi Winters, 65, a community correspondent who headed special publications; Gerald Fischman, 61, the editorial page editor; John McNamara, 56, a staff writer who had covered high school, college and professional sports for decades; and Rebecca Smith, 34, a sales assistant hired in November. Photos: Sun Media and the Baltimore Sun

The White House decision to not interfere with bin Salman’s mission was advanced by security advisor John Bolton.  Talking point focus would be “He is not an American Citizen”.

“He is not an American Citizen,” is not valid excuse to not warn Mr. Jamal Khashoggi. He’s dead now too.

Salah Muhammad al-Tubaiqi, head of the forensic medicine department at the Saudi interior ministry Salah Muhammad al-Tubaiqi, (the clean-up guy) head of the forensic medicine department at the Saudi interior ministry.  ([email protected]) ([email protected])

Since September 2017, Mr. Kashoggi was in the midst of applying for American Citizenship but was admitted to the USA in a limited fashion. His plan with fiancee Hatice Cengiz was to live between Turkey and the United states.

Between 28 September and 2 October MbS sought to vent his anger at Mr. Khashoggi.

A subset of the House of Saud now running that country under MbS in a brutal manner, put together two teams including this man (Salah Muhammad al-Tubaiqi) who has the unique skill of chopping up bodies into small pieces for disposal. He is a clean up man in this mission.

They murdered Jamal Khashoggi with the apparent complicity of Donald Trump’s White House.

Julian Assange is in big Trouble. His Rights have been violated by Britain and he may not survive his current ordeal.

Mr. Assange’s family and friends should be fearing for his life.

Looking closely at Assange’s conduct over the past year, it doesn’t take a PhD in Public Health or a Masters of Science (Psychology) to suspect from the available data that the subject suffers poor mental health. His current situation in a “terrorist’s” prison is not going to help. Britain seems to have lost its collective conscience.

In a 1995 study of sensory perception deprivation, the subjects displayed similar behaviour to that of Mr. Assange as has been described by the two-dimensional miscreant now running Ecuador. The study focused on groups of prison inmates in various levels of isolation. Even the minimal amount of sensory deprivation resulted in abnormal behaviour after very short periods of time.

Assange is the Quintessential Journalist, always looking for the great revelation.

Julian Assange, according to Wikipedia and, is an Australian journalist, computer programmer, and the founder and director of WikiLeaks.

He is the person who published video as evidence of the US murder of Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen and employee Saeed Chmagh plus others whom we are told were local bodyguards/escorts who were protecting the journo-team as locally hired support persons. That was and still is very common practice in war zones.

The crime took place in Eastern Baghdad, a major metropolitan city that belongs to Iraq, not America. This alleged war crime was likely one of the worst examples of Americans slaughtering civilians to be widely discussed in public forums but it was not the worst example of American war crimes in Iraq where civilians were involved. The USA is reportedly accused of slaughtering as many as one million Iraqi civilians from 2003 to 2011. Since that time those numbers have grown.

The world has seen plenty of video footage from a U.S. Apache helicopter in 2007 which was leaked by U.S. Army intelligence analyst and later convicted spy, Chelsea Manning to Julian Assanges’ Wikileaks.

The video shows Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen, his driver Saeed Chmagh (Reuters employee), and several others killed in a public square in Eastern Baghdad. Included in the list of casualties are children. The men were carrying cameras. Allegedly one or more of the security guards for the news crew carried a weapon.

Transcript: CollateralMurder
Download Collateral Murder – Wikileaks Video

This is not something of which Americans can be proud . The alleged AK-47s are cameras. The alleged RPG is a long-lense Canon camera.

The American invasion of Iraq is not something for which anyone can or should be proud. But putting this on Julian Assange and manipulating foolish officials in Ecuador, Sweden and Britain to violate Assange’s life, freedom and well being doesn’t help anyone. It is of itself a crime. The actors in the United States who are abusing process should be held accountable. Better that than the loathing they are generating around the world for all Americans which is totally unfair to the American people, a group that has completely lost relevance to the actions and function of their country.

America’s conduct is more of an encouragement to dig deeper into its misconduct and try to upstage Assange who has in many ways embarrassed not only the United States but every person who calls themselves a journalist across the entire planet.