Healthy Women: You are never alone.

Feeling hollow, singled out, ashamed, like you’re the one to blame, heartbroken, faulty, pushed aside, invisible, used, shattered…. the list could go on. We can view our lives living with these personal views  in mind, but we can also choose to look at things differently no matter what experiences we have or are going through still.

By Cathy Williams – Feminine Perspective Magazine Contributor

Photo Credit: Juin SoleilYou may feel you are alone. You are not. Photo Credit: Juin Soleil

The first part of the simple journey to feeling better.

Breaking free is not simple, however there is one simple thing that you can begin with. ‎Every day when you wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you, I love you, I love you”.

This self worth awareness is an incredibly strong source of personal power. Taking the time to do this will lead you to feel better about yourself. You will feel stronger and more positive throughout your day.


The second part of the journey.

Whenever you need self assurance at any time of day or night, simply think to yourself‎, “I am not alone, I am strong, I am love.”


Third part of the journey.

Anxiety can manipulate us, causing panic attacks. If you have these feelings whatsoever, do this simple meditation: Breathe in slowly while you imagine all positive energy entering you, then breathe out slowly and imagine all negative energy leaving you. You don’t need to get religious, but you can meditate and say one or all of the following multiple times until you feel better: “God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Archangels, My Spirit Guides, My Guardian Angels”

If you ever feel alone no matter what, remember, you’re Not Alone!

Peace be with you.