NATO explains how it provoked the Ukraine War

NATO has now admitted that in 2021 it was negotiating with Russia over who would control Ukraine, NATO or Russia.

“It was already apparent that several million ethnic Russians in the 2014-breakaway oblasts were dead meat if the status quo was maintained. From June 2014 to January 2022 ethnic Russians were being slaughtered in a deliberate genocide according to every human rights defender in Donbass. Kiev with NATO backing was threatening to kill everyone in those regions, and it was getting close to that with as many graves as people standing.  We know; we heard their threats; and to our faces,” explained Alona Adamovich, a Ukrainian humanitarian worker and human rights defender in Donbass.

By Melissa Hemingway in Ukraine and Micheal John in Toronto, Canada

“It should be no surprise that NATO and the United States have lied to the world about an “unprovoked invasion of Ukraine” by Russia. Jens Stoltenberg indicates it’s all lies in what is probably a reconciliation with a guilty conscience before retiring, or in the alternative an admission he was put up to his lies. Expanding NATO with its nuclear missiles and other military trappings eastward to Russian borders had threatened Russia and NATO was called out repeatedly on its provocation,” noted Simon Baldock, a security analyst based in Tel Aviv.

Civil Society seeks the disbandment of NATO. “It has only ever brought the world more war and more grief; never protected anyone or made anyone safer; and has only served as an anonymity-tool of the USA creating millions of civilian war dead,” says the security director of the CSO ‘RINJ Women’ which had on 24 March 2022, proposed to the UN and the parties to the war an April 2022 ceasefire in Ukraine, Donetsk, Luhansk, Russia

NATO must be disbandedConfessions of Jens Stoltenberg indicate NATO lied to the world, provoking a war in Europe NATO claimed was “unprovoked”, killing 600,000 persons thus far. NATO must be disbanded say several global civil society groups. NATO is harmful to the human race at a time when the species’ existence is challenged already. Photo, Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

The Kremlin and all Russians feared for Russia’s security as NATO weapons including nuclear missiles approached its borders

Russia said in December 2021 it may be forced to deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe in response to what it sees as NATO already doing this.

Russia had been vigorously seeking a moratorium on intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF) in Europe but was being ignored.

Russia in a far-reaching security proposal sought a NATO commitment including a reference to Ukraine, that NATO would not offer membership to Ukraine specifically. But NATO officials emphasized that NATO countries will not rule out future membership of others.

A nonelected bureaucrat, U.S. appointed NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg with Joe Biden, leads the bloody war against Russia in Ukraine.

Renowned liar, Joe Biden, is Stoltenberg’s master. He is a U.S. president who also has been caught in the most lies; as the worst liar in all  American history. It is possible that Stoltenberg who is in his last few months as appointed NATO manager soon to be replaced by a more shrill warmonger, Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen according to current rumours. Stoltenberg may have been put up to a series of lies by Biden and is now trying to clear the air.

Either purposely or accidentally Stoltenberg has told us that NATO intentionally started this war in eastern Europe. And NATO has its reasons because by prolonging this war, Russia can be depleted without risking any NATO troops, only Ukrainian lives.

According to Stoltenberg (video below) who is often read as an avid warmonger with zero empathy for the human race, says President Vladimir Putin had sent NATO a written agreement based on past NATO promises, for NATO to sign in 2021, indicating that NATO would stop its eastward expansion to the Russian Federation borders in Ukraine.

Furthermore, Putin wanted the nuclear weapons out of the NATO countries near Russia as has always been the Kremlin’s complaint in pursuit of a peace in Europe.

In the alternative, Putin implied Ukraine would be invaded and Russia would finally prevent NATO expansion to the borders of Donetsk an ethnic Russian Republic, the Luhansk Republic on the Russian border, Crimea and the borders of the rest of Russia.

Lies, Lies and more lies with Blinken in Kiev meeting Rustem Umerov to plan the Crimea Massacre with Elon Musk’s Starlink help, which Mr. Musk denied.

With Blinken present in Kiev, NATO-led Kiev lied about a pair of missiles it fired causing many deaths and injuries among over 40 civilians in the Tricky Market of Konstantinovka at around 14:04 local time, 6 September. As reported by RINJ Foundation  humanitarian workers in the city at the time, and published here, appearing in the then current story of Feminine-Perspective Magazine within four hours. Of course the women were harassed endlessly on social media and elsewhere because Ukraine said the Russians did this as usual. But as usual it was just one more disgusting NATO lie.

“Civilians in the market, raised their heads to the sound of a [missile] flying from Druzhkivka. Then another missile hit not seen in the video below.”

Another Ukrainian attack with missiles on civilians with 40 local casualties with number dead now unknown in Konstantinovka. Each side blames the other. But the missile was a Ukrainian air defence weapon fired into the civilian center of the city.

Women proposed 29 April 2022 Ceasefire in Ukraine, Donetsk, Luhansk, Russia on 25  March 2022

NATO -backed Kiev and its Azov Nazi Brigades were willing to kill all the people in Mariupol to drive out the Russian-speaking population. We were there those days,” says Alona Adamovich.

On 25 March 2022, RINJ Women proposed a 29 April 2022 Ceasefire in Ukraine, Donetsk, Luhansk, Russia on 25  March 2022


“The human race must be rid of this lying, killing monstrosity called NATO created by a military industrial complex that only cares about lavish life, better bunkers and its greed for money and power,” said Ms. Carter speaking on behalf of a growing number of civil society organizations.