Biden backtalks Gaza Genocide but USA bombs pour into Israel. IDF lines up women. Executes them.

Editorial. Warped Global Values.
The sick games between Washington and Tel Aviv are about Biden trying to dodge genocide complicity or whatever you want to call the murder of over five thousand women and children a month, a rate of 60,000 a year in Gaza. It’s a flimsy fraud.

Biden has repeatedly lied in his career about anything but his worst lies kill innocent civilians. We were there on 7 October and along with all the medical workers in Israel saw nothing of the unmitigated bullsh-t propaganda spewed by Netanyahu and Biden and repeated by earnest blowhards on the TV shows of sh-t-for-brains hosts on Fox News.

From the other side of the world in Gaza and in Israel, you Americans sound like morons. You make up outrageous justifications for murdering women and children without realizing that those justifications apply to America’s normal conduct every day for the past 78 years.

For example, the North Koreans are still vowing to get even for slaughtering three million civilians in the start of the 1950s. They could actually pull that off right now.

I read some utter claptrap online published by CNN saying that Hamas was raping women in Israel. That is not true. There is no evidence Hamas fighters raped anybody. 2014 Photos of IDF soldiers raping Palestinians don’t work.

IQB uniformed soldiers were driving motorcycles and parasail airships and keeping very busy fighting with the IDF which while having huge IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) issues was blowing heads off Israelis in Kibbutzes with its tanks and leaving bodies strewn in concrete and brick debris according to the forensic data. IQB had no tanks. The collateral damage in the fights between IQB and the IDF was monstrous.  The IDF demonstrated panic; loss off control; poor cohesion morale; and lack of purpose. This wasn’t like going into West Bank’s Jenin camp and killing civilians and journalists like Shireen Abu Akleh. The IQB are Iranian trained fighters with structure and high morale. They made the IDF look like fools on 7 October.

There were rapes done by hooligans from Gaza. These men were local fall downs who acted out at the SuperNova Rave Festival on 7 October. There were no rape kits done anywhere in Israel in the 72-hour period following 7 October. None. In the real world of Gender Based Violence (GBV), that means there were no rapes. Learn that and fix the problem.

False rape claims destroy the chances of women ever getting justice. It is usually men like Biden and Netanyahu who lack empathy and make up stories that hurt a class of people— women, in this case who will never get justice for GBV.

Netanyahu is projecting for propaganda purposes. That doesn’t justify the history of thousands of women being slaughtered in Gaza and the West Bank where rape of Palestinian girls by Israeli soldiers and other members of the Israeli officialdom is a crime regularly repeated.

Netanyahu is projecting on a planned propaganda effort designed to allow ridding Gaza of Palestinians. We have seen the memos and the planning documents and believe now that Biden is a party to the ethnic cleansing scheme.

There is no justification for genocide. Homicide is sometimes justified. Genocide has never been justified. Killing the people who do Genocide is certainly justified homicide.

There was no justification for the IQB attacking Israel the way it happened on 7 October. Hamas invited Gaza criminals to join in the raid and completely lost control. It was the most disgusting terrorist attack imaginable because it lost all resemblance to a military-focused operation and fell far outside the fight against apartheid. It was nothing more than hooliganism by angry men demonstrating their mental madness that followed Hamas into Israel.

It will happen again and again because the bitterness and anger of desperate people who know they are going to die has an untold ending of unspeakable violence.

Hamas is a global Salafist movement for the resistance against oppression of Arabs. It is not some kind of motorcycle gang that can be defeated, it is a belief. Bombs are not killing beliefs; they only make believers angrier.

Using killing to solve all problemsGlobal Values that are badly warped. Photo Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine


Hamas is killing Israelis because part of their belief structure is identical to Israel’s—they want the other side dead. But in the case of Hamas, the people have nothing to live for, nothing to lose. They fight like they have nothing to lose because their lives are nothing but oppression and suffering under Israel’s apartheid.

Hamas is a movement that most people in the world support to some extent. This movement is all about resisting the horribly oppressive apartheid against the Palestinian people and the gradual reduction of their lives on Earth.  The only way to end Hamas is to end the apartheid and to get rid of scumbags like Trump, Biden, Netanyahu and the list goes on of evil men who use lies, oppression and killing as a solution to problems.

Americans believe killing is OK for problem solving. They do it every day in their schools, malls, streets.

Average Americans are among the worst educated people in the world. They are vulnerable mushrooms constantly fooled by liars like Biden and Trump.

America has plummeted in global esteem and the only thing it can do that it does well is kill people. Life expectancy in the USA has also plummeted.

But America never wins wars and it will lose in Gaza and lose in Ukraine like it lost in Afghanistan, leaving a big mess behind after causing a human catastrophe. America will not win in a world war and that lies ahead at a few seconds before midnight.

We don’t need America as it has become.

In this mad world of anything goes, do Biden and Netanyahu realize that they and their co-accused could also be bombed or gunned down in cold blood too if it is OK to just randomly kill Palestinians or people the state doesn’t like? The chatter about attacks on America is right now worse than it was before Y2K and 9/11.

Supporting the Execution of Women and Children is complicity in Genocide. The end game of killing the women and children is species extermination.

Eyewitness testimony reported Wednesday by Al Jazeera accused Israeli troops of massacring forcibly displaced women and children sheltering at Shadia Abu Ghazala School in the al-Faluja area west of the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

“The Israeli soldiers came in and opened fire on them,” one unidentified witness said. “They took out all men, then entered classrooms and opened fire on women and the children with her, including newborn infants. The Israeli soldiers executed those innocent families point-blank,” the witness added.

It was a school scene out of America’s daily news.

The warped example of warped global values Washington and Tel Aviv sets for the world is that killing is OK if it is racially motivated or done in anger. One needs to realize that includes America as a target too.