IDF are lawless scumbag kid-killers in Netanyahu Strip

In the matter of the RINJ Clinic bombing in north Gaza, RINJ lawyers, field workers, and security contractors met in Tel Aviv at the offices of security analyst. The remaining killers of Dr. B and 30 persons in a clinic within north Gaza are now named and must be apprehended.

This was an act of war criminals and “the humanitarian workers under attack are entitled to a response in order to prevent thousands of deaths in similar future crimes against the women and children,” said the lawyers.

“Additionally, we prefer arrests be made and violence be prevented. The suspects will then become prisoners of war and all of the Geneva Convention rules will apply,” a RINJ lawyer said to the lawyer for the security contractor who then responded saying that arrangements had been made for delivery of prisoners of war to a third nation-state party.

By Melissa Hemingway in Gaza.

The lawyers agreed that the RINJ security contractors have uncovered a ring of American and IDF spies within Hamas and the IQB, ‘American and IDF specialist operators’ of various specialties.

The U.S. and Israeli Air Forces, share in the targets spotted in Gaza. The spotters follow the movement of the masses of Palestinians there, find food storages for bombing and locate schools and out-of-hospital health facilities now growing in number because hospitals are dead. The spotters help the precision missiles and bombs land on the most Palestinian heads possible. These Americans and Israelis are approved to mass-murder women and children and have been doing this since 7 October 2023. And that includes the Americans who are on the ground in Gaza and all-around Palestine including the West Bank.

Over 28,000 women and children were killed by Israel, but Defense Secretary Austin says the IDF uses American weapons in a responsible way, an endorsement of genocide.

“The 28,000 dead women and kids, a number offered by Hamas workers at hospitals does not include people who died nowhere near hospitals which is a larger number says Geraldine Frisque of The RINJ Foundation and is understated data because Hamas is largely responsible for starting the crisis and seeks to understate their outcome of Netanyahu’s genocide allegedly being their fault. The whole Gaza Genocide is a myriad of lies like those of the nauseating American President and his ironclad support for criminal Netanyahu and his ethnic cleansing of Arabs,” suggests Geraldine Frisque, spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation.

Israel’s most effective method for killing women and children is the dropping of 2,000 pound American bombs into dense family apartment buildings during the day to kill small children and their mothers. Watch the video.

This atrocious slaughter completed in seven months was accomplished by using over 21,000 American precision guided munitions and hundreds of 2,000-pound bombs (see video above) as well as many thousands of artillery shells and thousands of augmented 500-pound bombs. The numbers of other weapons and munitions are staggering. Now a deal has been signed for America to send Israel another 25 F-35 weapons systems from Lockheed-Martin.

Biostatisticians say that there are at least 350,000 casualties, the vast majority being infants, children, women, the elderly and infirmed, medical workers, humanitarians, rescuers, and UN workers. Dr. Fred Harris of the Civil Society Partners Against Disease (, a biostatistical analysis group, says that half that number (350,000) are deceased persons due to a range of causes of deaths including starvation and disease. He added that disease caused by failed sanitation systems and the buried cadavers and carcasses of pets and other animals will lead to the spread of cholera and other diseases which will kill more people than the violent part of the war has killed. So far,‘s morbidity forecasts have been accurate.

Speaking softly as she walked, a senior member of the security team accompanying this author from the site of the bombing of our clinic, which was still a bloody mess even after two months, “You can also tell those pricks that we are bringing into Gaza a range of shoulder-launched MANPADS and pod-launched low evel air defence missiles and will start killing F-35s. They killed so many thousands of women and children until they killed the wrong ones. Now they suffer anxiety since they started to see the names of the people who are not feeding them targets any longer. There will be more and some of these senior people need to be the most anxious about killing any more women and children. Payback will come from a bitch and that bitch is a nightmare. You know who I mean. What’s the difference between Raisi and Netanyahu? Netanyahu and Biden have killed more girls than Raisi. Raisi is dead because his helicopter blew up.”

Stopping the bombs and missiles.

Photo credit: Manufacturer’s photograph. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

The Picture and its story: “Women in Gaza need to arm themselves, and stop the bombers, drones and missiles,” says a security consultant who believes that in this deliberate genocide, women and children are the primary targets for eliminating the race. “They certainly are the majority of deceased.”

“Probably over 100,000 women and children are dead, mostly buried under their homes including tens of thousands buried by hundreds of American 2,000-pound building-buster bombs,” Dr. Harris of CSPAD said.

Author’s note:

This author has been given the whole story of the USA/Israeli spy network in Gaza, scumbags setting up women and children targets in schools and classrooms in refugee camps and hospitals. I am so angry; I will have this anger for all my life, and I will likely never stop crying every time I see even the hint of a sad or hurt child. Can anyone ever understand that?

When they bombed our clinic there were 12 infants and 16 women inside and some waiting at the tables and chairs outside. The infants were present because it was a ‘vaccination day’. Their small bodies were blown to pieces and the horrific mess was so troubling the people who did the clean-up had to be rushed out of the region through Jordan back to Syria, because they were also a mess, both mentally and physically. Women can’t handle the scenes of men slaughtering children. It’s a clash with nature at womanhood’s core.

This writer heard a lot of anger since coming back from Ukraine to deal with this crisis. In that anger in my head are the faces of those arrogant murdering scumbags Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu plus Antony Blinken, Llopyd Austin and condom-head Gallant. They are heathen baby killers and cannot say they did not know this genocide of the worst kind was happening. We told them on 14 October 2023. I also feel there is a special place in hell for the Hamas leaders, but I think their day in court will fill in the blanks on what was in their minds and what has happened to drive them so crazy-angry. Actually, what I have seen is that the massacres happening now have been going on in the shadows for decades. 7 October 2023 DID NOT happen in a vacuum. The courageous little Portuguese politician man was dead right about that.


“Excellencies, It is important to recognize the attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum. The Palestinian people have been subjected to 56 years of suffocating occupation.  They have seen their land steadily devoured by settlements and plagued by violence; their economy stifled; their people displaced and their homes demolished.  Their hopes for a political solution to their plight have been vanishing.”

The framework for releasing data from the security team will encompass all information once the need for strict confidentiality has passed.

This article has been held up two days for re-writes and will be cleared before publishing and that will likely take two more days. We are told the Israelis have put a price on our heads. Well, Daesh did that too as did Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and other terrorist creeps in Iraq and Syria back ten years ago. Those men are no better and no worse than the scumbag Israelis.  My best BFF who has been running the security team in Afghanistan is now a shadow nearby. She was Dr. Buni’s bodyguard in Idlib, Syria years ago and is one of the best, a former IDF officer and now ten years as a mercenary soldier and a leader of others.—Melissa

“It’s amazing what the security contractor has learned in Gaza since our people were slaughtered by Israel, likely with America’s help we believe,” noted Dale Carter, the RINJ Foundation‘s security director. She then hugged everyone and headed out with Behar Abbasi to brief other workers in Gaza. has reported the story of Israeli-American cooperation on the bombing of Gaza from within Gaza.

A person of interest in the early March murder of our team was first identified by a senior member of the security team in late March said the security briefer on Thursday. The crime had occurred in the first week of March. This suspect-individual who worked with IDF personnel while collecting information against medical workers in facilities out-of-hospital and “reporting numbers of people and locations to American and Israeli targeting officials,” was placed under surveillance according to contractor operators investigating the war crime against 30 women and children including 12 infants who were attending at the women’s clinic in north Gaza to have their vaccinations. The late Doctor Buni has been in and out of Gaza for about a decade and “already had dibs from old friends on the location that was needed” she said when she proposed going back into Gaza. She was actually asked not to go because she had become too high-ranking for this work. But she was needed and helped hundreds of women.

The CEO of the RINJ Foundation who like Dr. Buni is a founding member of the organization going back some twenty years took a leading and direct role in running the investigation and calming members of the executive committee who were very upset at the loss of five of our senior health care workers and over two dozen persons attending outside and inside the clinic which was hit by a 500 pound bomb said one of the security workers back in March.

Our CEO, Micheal, said too many angry workers were “out for blood” and needed to calm down.

“This is work for seasoned security professionals we hire for a specific purpose. Now that we know how these people are targeting the migrants, we must do something. I think we should be as transparent as we safely can be.  We are in a war zone, however, where the enemy of the people to whom we provide specialized health care know we are here and they are trying to kill us, just as they are killing hundreds of health care and medical workers,” calmly said our one and only male in the organization, our RINJ CEO.

During an 11-week investigation spanning all of the region from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea some of the spying infrastructure which was spotting for the IDF and some of them being members of the Hamas administrative group, and some being immersed into the IQB were identified by sources and by surveillance of the growing number of suspects who were surveilled or cultivated as sources by the all-women investitive team. As a consequence of all the findings, this past week was set out as a time for decisions following 11 weeks of hard information gathering.

The enemies’ aggressive action resulted in dozens of Palestinians killed including many children. They were scouting out targets and lighting them up with infrared and laser lights. Among these ghouls were three Israelis, two Palestinians (who were spying for the IDF) and one American who all became deceased as a result of their actions once they were told to surrender their weapons by the security contractor. They didn’t get them all. The resulting outcome of their conduct including their shining a laser on buildings in a refugee camp from a distance caused a brief firefight. It was particularly brief because the enemies were outflanked. The security operators did not know these IDF men and their minions were planning to assist in the targeting of school rooms in an IDP camp. It came to light as a result of the continued surveillance. The RINJ security contractor admitted that they wandered into the holocaust last Sunday, tailing the targeting perpetrators.

Netanyahu continues the slaughter

Live video screen capture. Cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

There were additional IDF persons involved in the targeting and killing of some four dozen persons at this camp including more than a dozen children which caused the security contractor to immediately attend on the wounded with their personal medical kits, to compress or suture bleeding wounds and take pre-transport care using their combat medical skills to help the injured people fleeing the area, explains a women named ‘Angel’ who said to this author that she had permission to speak to She also explained that Angel is her real name. She is a person from Thailand who has trained with the security team for six years.

As workers attended on injured persons escaping from the bombings, an IDF crew came out of nowhere and removed the three deceased Israelis, two dead Palestinians (who were spying for the IDF) and one American plus two alive males the security team had seen separated from their group on roof tops using laser devices of some kind to illuminate the targets for missiles or bombers.

Ms. Angel explained there has not been a full briefing of those without a need to know the details and there will not be until the full list of perpetrators has been brought to justice.

Dale Carter, security director of the RINJ Foundation said, “go ahead, Melissa, and write your article now without naming names which you can list later, and because we have hit a flat spot in our investigation it may help us if the people under surveillance in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem plus our snitches within the IDF all became a little more anxious and activated,” she said. “Netanyahu, for example should consider turning himself in to the ICC at the Hague immediately. He is a marked man, is my guess. It’s a miracle that the Arab world hasn’t got him already. That might have saved thousands of Arab lives,” she added.

Netanyahu drew this fool into a genocide and helped this man destroy his already meager legacy.  White House photo.