Is Biden pushing NATO into more war to help build coffers and win an election?

A global women’s rights group says it is alarmed that the ‘doomsday clock is closing in on midnight’ as the number of human wars hits 60.

“Women and children are at the greatest risk in men’s wars as the war on Gaza has proven again,” notes Dale Carter, security director of RINJ Women.

“The United States is now funding four wars, one in the Middle East against the unarmed civilians of Gaza, another against Syria a part of which the United States illegally occupies, a war against Yemen, and one in Europe against Russia while at the same time, re-occupying the Philippines for war with China,” she added.

NATO dangerously surrounds Russia

NATO Image.
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NATO to Surround Russia for massive war-making exercise, the largest military exercise in Europe since the Cold War.

Some 90,000 NATO troops are assembling in Europe for war games apparently in response to Russia’s defeating of NATO in Ukraine and the rapidly building BRICS alliance which is growing at a staggering pace and taking on a quantum of military dimensions unseen in the past.

NATO says its enormous exercise is strategically located in several key European countries surrounding Russia, “including Finland, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden (Turkey’s parliament voted to let Sweden join NATO), and the United Kingdom. Events will take place from the end of January to May 31, 2024, divided into two parts,” says the instigators for global warfare to enhance the fortunes of the United States military industrial complex.

At the same time NATO unveiled a deal last Tuesday to buy artillery shells for Ukraine. Ukraine will continue to use the ammunition to attack the breakaway republic of Donetsk which since 24 February 2022, Russia has been defending.

“Russia’s war in Ukraine has become a battle for ammunition, so it is important that allies refill their own stocks as we continue to support Ukraine,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters last Tuesday.

“This is a significant boost for our trans-Atlantic defense industry, helping us to meet our own security needs while continuing to provide vital support for Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said.

The Whidbey Island-class dock landing ship USS Gunston Hall (LSD 44) departed Naval Station Norfolk, 24 Jan. 2024, commencing operations for NATO Exercise ‘Steadfast Defender 2024’, NATO’s largest exercise in decades. Steadfast Defender will demonstrate NATO’s ability to deploy forces rapidly from across the Alliance to reinforce the defense of Europe. (U.S. Navy video by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Porsha Thompson)

In a tit-for-tat deal, Washington approved the sale of F-16 warplanes to Turkey in exchange for President Erdogan’s approval of Sweden joining the Cold War era military alliance which is now unofficially at war with Russia. The approval for the F-16 deal was held up until Turkey’s instruments of ratification of Sweden’s membership documents actually had arrived physically in Washington DC.

Meanwhile, the NATO Secretary General is in Washington to speak to Congress hoping to help convince USA lawmakers that Ukraine should be allowed immediate NATO membership and that NATO take a more openly official role in the war against Russia being fought by NATO unofficially in Ukraine, Donetsk, Luhansk, other Donbass breakaway republics, Crimea and Russia.

NATO, the Cold War Relic, explained in a statement at the end of the week that “during the initial phase (End of January to mid-March), the focus will be on maritime reinforcement across the Atlantic and in the Arctic. The second phase (mid-February to the end of May) will shift to using deployed reinforcements across all domains, from the Arctic to the Eastern Flank.”

Sources in Belgium say that the exercise will ‘increase the number of deployed nuclear weapons at the ready across the European Union’.

Vice Adm. Doug Perry, commander, U.S. 2nd Fleet, introduces Steadfast Defender 2024. Steadfast Defender 2024, NATO’s largest exercise in decades, will demonstrate NATO’s ability to deploy forces rapidly from across the Alliance to reinforce the defense of Europe. (U.S. Navy video by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Ryan Seelbach)

Human Race is at grave risk of a devastating Global Nuclear War

As more and more of the Biden Administration-blocked media reports get through to American communities, people take to the streets and protest against America’s role in the Gaza Genocide.