Cathy Williams

The many facets of healing.

Cathy Williams is a family oriented parent living in Durham region of Ontario, Canada.

Cathy knows that the healing process embraces a wide range of human physical and spiritual aspects that are very private.

She has enjoyed being a volunteer musician at a nursing home for five years where she sang and played guitar for the elderly.

Cathy enjoys creating and writing her own music plus lyrics, poems, and short stories. She has a keen interest in creative art and photography.

She has attended the Divine Light Spiritual Foundation, Spiritual Development Classes and  received her first year diploma along with a certificate as a Spiritual Healer.

She is also a certified Usui Reiki III since 2006 and has a very strong connection with spirit. She has given a vast number of healing sessions to family, friends, people everywhere, animals, plants and the earth. She explains a good theory to practice, “Life will always test your strength. Rise up at all times and let your positive light shine from within!”