She Said: Movie is rape survivor awareness Americans need

If the women standing up to Iran’s Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John
Note on bias: Feminine-Perspective is published by The RINJ Foundation which is a civil society women’s NGO adamantly fighting sexual exploitation & violence against women & girls.

Watch She Said Trailer:

The country that banned abortions like most theological patriarchal regimes, couldn’t spend a few bucks at the box office on a true-story rape crime spree because nobody cares?

“‘She Said’, is the widely released movie about women with guts who tracked rapist Harvey Weinstein. The story about two New York Times‘women, Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor, who broke the story about Weinstein’s atrocious sexual behaviour make this an extremely good film by Universal Pictures,” said Geraldine Frisque, the spokesperson for the world’s leading NGO in the fight against sexual violence, and the quest for women’s rights. “I mean, that this is one of the best films I have ever seen in all my life,” she exclaimed.

Why did the flick bomb in America?

“For one thing, the story is all about women. That would hardly fly in America. Secondly, the excellent movie, by the way, is about sexual violence in a country where death from violence is an everyday occurrence. Rape cannot compete with murder in the courts, on the street and in the box office,” said Katie Alsop, executive director of the global women’s rights NGO, The RINJ Foundation.

“This is too real for most women. The Weinstein crimes are commonplace. Almost every woman has her own version and doesn’t need to remember her nightmare in technicolor,” said the feminist leader.

“In the case of American men, Weinstein’s conduct is too often acceptable among men. Who really in America wants to watch a non-pornographic movie about women getting dorked by men who abuse their power over women? Why then not have a movie about babies dying in the obstetric ward? Or a movie about crying why the night is dark? Gender equality needs to be an achievement for Hollywood to make a buck on rape survivors, then rape would be a big deal,” Ms. Aslop added.

“‘She Said’ will bomb for familiar reasons. We should turn that around.”

“‘She Said‘, is an expensive bomb—$2.2m opening box office revenue versus $30m to make— for the same reason that NGOs helping women who suffer sexual violence in wars can’t raise a dime to buy women’s sanitary napkins for women’s shelters and why hundreds of thousands of raped women fleeing to Bangladesh from Myanmar get little to no help from anyone, nor do their 80,000 babies sired in rape by Myanmar soldiers get any help. When equality between genders, races, cultures—when equality among all humans becomes a reality, sexual violence toward women and girls will become more noticeable. Today it is not noticed. No one really cares,” Ms. Alsop added.

I lost my voice and I want it back.

“I lost my voice and I want it back.” Feminine-Perspective Magazine and its publisher, the RINJ Foundation, strongly endorse SHE SAID because if she said it, then it is true 98 percent of the time. Photo credit: Universal Pictures. Screencap/Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“Do you recommend, ‘She Said’?”

“I strongly recommend people see this movie. It is a very good movie. So should you see this movie as a journo. It proves how important journalists are to the process of justice and human rights. Moreover, ‘She Said’ sets a real standard for the treatment of people who abuse their power by exploiting women as sex objects instead of acknowledging women’s potential for bringing another human—a precious tiny baby who carries humankind’s hope for the future—into this world and the burdens that creates.”

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