18,000 Cops protect man most dangerous to Asians. Biden arrives in Tokyo to urge conflict with China

Evoking strong responses from political science scholars in East Asia and Southeast Asia, Joe Biden is in Tokyo today behind a wall of 18,000 Japanese police to drum up support for Biden’s hybrid war against China.

“We agreed with the One China policy, we signed on to it… but the idea that it can be taken by force is just not appropriate, it would dislocate the entire region and would be another action similar to Ukraine,” Biden said today in Tokyo when asked if America would fight China if China invaded Taiwan. Biden said “Yes,” and  “That’s the commitment we made,” he added.

“Biden’s America would be even more disliked if it were not for CNN and the New York Times (NYT)  pumping with opinion and emotionalism the Biden Administration propaganda at an alarming rate of intellectual dishonesty. People in Asia don’t understand the failure of American media which functions only as arms of political-Party-parochialism.  Gone is NYT journalism my parents thought they saw, and even they agree journalism never existed for CNN the political voice of the US Democrat Party which lately has been accused of fascism,” suggests Kathy Poon, a medical intern working in Singapore but home-based in Taiwan.

By Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

“CNN calls Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to save the self-governed regions an unprovoked attack but ignores the fact that the people of Donetsk and Luhansk republics have been under American attack since 2014 because of their commitment to self-determination and self rule independent of Ukraine, just like Taiwan which also wants self-determination and self rule, independent of China. This two faced American politician cannot be trusted,”  she added.

“Russia and China have been provoked endlessly by America over Russia’s and China’s interest in break-away statehoods they claim they need to embrace, even if by force,” said Dr. Poon. “But in the case of the breakaway states from Ukraine, they begged Russia to come to their aid. In the case of Taiwan, there is no hope in hell America will help us but America continues to taunt and provoke China.”

America is not trusted by Taiwanese and their allies because of America killing freedom fighters in the self governed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics,” explains Taiwanese.

“America is supplying Ukraine with tons of weapons to kill the people in the self-ruled—like Taiwan—people of Donetsk and Luhansk,” says Dr. Poon.

“We Taiwanese are becoming increasingly aware that while hypocritical America provokes Beijing to invade Taiwan, if self-governed Donetsk and Luhansk republics belong to Ukraine as America insists, then Taiwan belongs to China by the American logic. It’s despicable hypocrisy of a despised hegemon that toys with the safety of millions of ordinary people,” said Dr. Poon who “favours the principal of self determination for the people and by the people and not the self-serving demands of bullying autocrats like the USA Presidency.”

One more thing. America is a nation of racist White Supremacists supporting Nazis in Ukraine who detest Asians. They have beaten and abused Chinese, Filipinos, Taiwanese, Africans, and Japanese in Ukraine. We must not trust America, which every day has more racial violence than anywhere on the planet and continues to throttle women’s rights just like it has done in Afghanistan, via its Taliban proxies there [translation],” she said angrily, perhaps misnaming the Taliban [or bad translation] which were arguably the victors against America in the Afghanistan war and not proxies although the Taliban were allowed by America to return to controlling Afghanistan and did continue to this day their past extreme misogynistic human rights violations. 

“The strange American Indo-Pacific Strategy is more like trying to recruit soldier-nations for an American fight against China than it is a trade deal,” says Israeli security analyst. “It will fail as a feeble counter to the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)”

Biden’s “so-called ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy’ is, in essence, a strategy of creating division, inciting confrontation and undermining peace”, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday, reported Xinhua.

The White House today issued a political “Fact-Sheet” statement saying, “The [Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity] IPEF will strengthen our ties in this critical region to define the coming decades for technological innovation and the global economy Framework will create a stronger, fairer, more resilient economy for families, workers, and businesses in the United States and in the Indo-Pacific region.

“Today in Tokyo, Japan, President Biden launched the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) with a dozen initial partners: Australia, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Together, we represent 40% of world GDP,” reads the White House statement.

In another statement released today, the White House claims that ‘Japan and the United States affirm a partnership that is stronger and deeper than at any time in its history.’

Prime Minister of Japan Kishida Fumio welcomed Joseph R. Biden Jr. to Japan in Biden’s first official visit as President of the United States.

“As global partners, Japan and the United States affirm that the rules- based international order is indivisible; threats to international law and the free and fair economic order anywhere constitute a challenge to our values and interests everywhere. Prime Minister Kishida and President Biden shared the view that the greatest immediate challenge to this order is Russia’s brutal, unprovoked, and unjustified aggression against Ukraine. The two leaders condemned Russia’s actions, and called for Russia to be held accountable for its atrocities,” claimed the White House political statement allegedly on behalf of the Japanese officials.

“Picking a fight with China, which is acting like a terrified, intimidated cat, sharpening its claws these days, is the wrong thing to do in the current environment, with one American proxy war already in full steam against another nuclear nation. Biden is in Asia to round up allies against China including Japan, Australia and India which nations are suckers for a China-bitching fest,” notes Simon Baldock, security analyst based in Tel Aviv.

“This trip is more like an attempt to recruit soldier-nations for an American fight against China than it is a trade partnership. There is no new access to the American market, only the total subservience of Asian hosts of American military bases,” added Mr. Baldock.

China has responded strongly against what Mr. Baldock called “a weak attack against the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative.”

“America sewing conflict and division in Asia is nothing new. The current plan includes expanding American military presence in Asia and increasing trade to America’s benefit without opening the American market to Asia,” suggested Dale Carter, security director for The RINJ Foundation, a global NGO strongly focused on the harm American conflicts have brought to women and children around the world, especially Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe.

 AGM-183A Air-launched Hypersonic Nuclear Rapid Response Weapon Master Sgt. John Malloy and Staff Sgt. Jacob Puente, both from 912th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, secure the AGM-183A Air-launched Hypersonic Nuclear Rapid Response Weapon Instrumented Measurement Vehicle 2 as it is loaded under the wing of a B-52H Stratofortress at Edwards Air Force Base, California, Aug. 6. The ARRW IMV-2 successfully completed a captive carry test off the Southern California coast, in 2020. Air Force photo by Giancarlo Casem. Photo is cropped and brightened. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Biden visits Nuclear-Free-Zone intruded on by American nukes

At the same time Biden is visiting Asia, including stops in South Korea and Japan, Americans are bickering over a program for putting low yield nuclear warheads on its cruise missiles in Asia. Under discussion and promoted by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, a new nuclear-tipped sea-launched cruise missile (SLCM-N) and the W76-2 nuclear warhead, a low-yield nuclear explosive launched from ballistic missile submarines that first deployed in 2019.

“On 15 December 1995, ASEAN Member States signed the Treaty of Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone (SEANWFZ Treaty) as a commitment to preserve the Southeast Asian region as a region free of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. The Treaty is also known as the Bangkok Treaty”


Opening Video: Nuclear Warhead Cruise Missiles according to the Pentagon:

The Missile Sustainment Division at Tinker AFB, Okla., serves as the Air Force System Program Manager (SPM) for the long Range Stand-off Cruise Missiles, May 17, 2017. The Missile Sustainment Division provides cradle-to-grave management for all assigned cruise missile systems and unique bomber weapons integration equipment and acts as the single face to the user for the assigned weapons systems, providing expertise and guidance for future nuclear weapon system development.(U.S. Air Force Video by Ryan Law)

“The AGM-86B air-launched cruise missile or ALCM for short is the nation’s only nuclear cruise missile. The ALCM is the key air component of the nuclear triad and provides the nation with the strategic capability to assure our allies and deter potential adversaries. Since 1982, the ALCM has provided a clear, visible, and tailorable nuclear deterrent that also denies geographic sanctuaries to potential adversaries.

“The ALCM is designed to deliver a nuclear payload on target, destroying it on impact. With a nuclear yield significantly larger than the size of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. As a stand-off weapon, the ALCM can be launched from outside the combat area, allowing air crews to strike distant targets with a high degree of accuracy without exposing themselves to potentially deadly enemy fire and keeping clear of the nuclear blast. What the ALCM does serves as a very important piece of the air-delivered nuclear capability.

“Everything we do to sustain the weapons system right now ensures that nuclear deterrence. The ALCM was initially designed with a 10-year lifespan, but has been in use for about 35 years. Largely due to a successful sustainment program, managed by the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, Missile Sustainment Division, at Tinker Air Force Base.

“Our mission here in the Cruise Missile Division ^is to make sure that our weapons systems are safe and reliable for nuclear and conventional. We do this with a highly committed and dedicated workforce with a sense of ownership, a sense of urgency, and 100% quality. That, combined with our stakeholders to assure that our cruise missiles are highly effective. To make sure that they are never doubted and always feared. – [Announcer] Welcome to Tinker Air Force Base, home to the Nuclear Weapons Center Missile Sustainment Division, where the ALCM and its conventional variant, the CALCM, are managed.

“The avionics integration support facility ^allows us to develop, implement, and test software changes ^as well as troubleshoot field hardware and software problems. We directly support the war fighter in missile and launcher maintenance as well as flight-test analysis. Our lab and expertise provides us the ability to perform real-time fault analysis and problem resolution with field and hardware issues. The CALCM became operational in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm, and also saw significant use in operations Desert Strike, Desert Fox, Allied Force, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom.

“The ALCM program office relies on the talents and skills of a significant number of people from across functional areas to keep the ALCM relevant. Functions include program management, equipment specialists, engineering, logistics, finance, contracting, security, and others.

“We’re very hard-working, dedicated people. ^Dedicated to ensuring the tax-payers’ dollars are spent in a manner in which we are getting the best value. ^- To be able to make a 20 or 30 year-old missile fly with the precision that it needs to have, with the reliability that it needs to fly with, it’s incredible.

“Keep the bad guys away, that’s exactly right. ^Keep everything safe for my family, friends, country, community.

“The importance of nuclear deterrence is a major strategy for our national security. It takes the program office here at the Missile Sustainment Division, full of talented and dedicated people of all skill sets and functions to ensure that the ALCM is never doubted, always feared.”