Researchers note Omicron deadly threat to unvaccinated during a conference ending Thursday.

“The Omicron variant kills the greatest number of unvaccinated humans ever. That is a group of declining members by attrition and due to vaccination drives, but Omicron will infect most of that universe. Omicron infection rate is over 600% increased over other variants and has only dropped 33.5% in CFR.” says a confidential draft study report that was evaluated during a global Civil Society CSPaC. conference ending on Thursday.

“During a break, I listened on the satellite TV to a man from Quebec, Canada who is leader of a  far right federal political party, interviewed by the Russian Federation Television Network the other day in regards to the Canada Freedom Convoy 2022. This man was talking about the Omicron variant saying that it is a milder variant, no worse than influenza.  That is a lie. I was angry. Seasonal flu usually kills less than 0.1% of people who contract it and Omicron is killing 15 times that percentage but infects thousands of times more persons. The U.S. saw about 700 deaths from influenza during the 2020–2021 season, for example,” said Dr. Kathy Poon, who is interning with the Civil Society Partners against COVID-19 disease tracking team in Singapore.

“I was alarmed to hear this misinformation, from these far-right agitators,” she added. “It may be the same propaganda around the world. This man’s advice will kill people,” she warned.

“Deaths caused by Omicron are statistically worse than any other variant thus far, according to the global data, in the context of vaccination levels being highest now, and the massive rate of unreported infections and despite a 33.5% lower case fatality rate,” says Dr. Fred Harris of the Civil Society Partners against COVID-19 tracking team in Singapore.

“According to the nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic virus, there is a good possibility that the next major surge in cases will come at the end of the first quarter of 2022,” said Dr. Harris, when asked.

“Attenuation has begun,” he added, “but the vast infection rate has provided too many possibilities for mutations that extend the pandemic. It should have ended already,” he said.

Based on current data for Canada, hospitalizations are too high in Canada so add hospital beds permanently before ending Vax-Mandates.

There are three ways to look at the current outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 variant which has not ended, according to biostatisticians and infectious disease researchers.

  • Omicron’s infection numbers are colossal.
  • Omicron’s morbidity is the lowest of any previous variant.
  • Applying a lower case fatality rate reduced by about 33.5% to an infection rate of an estimated 600% bump in infections, mostly unreported, produces a greater number of deaths.

Be Kind Always

Let’s face it. We’re all tired of this pandemic. For many of us it has been the most confusing, anxiety-provoking time of our lives. It sometimes leaves us short tempered and frustrated. Public health staff, however, should not be on the receiving end of your anger.

Evaluating events in Canada where vaccinations are among the highest in the world.

Canada is currently in a steep upward climb in deaths because of the indicator lag between infection and death.

Canada is enduring a slow decline in hospitalizations.

Below: COVID-19 deaths in Canada from 26 January 2020 through 10 February 2022. Note the extreme short rise which continues through February into March.

Deaths in Canada COVID-19 deaths in Canada. Note the extreme short rise which researchers predict will continue through February into March. Source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19


In this study of Canada, hospitalizations and deaths in Canada are currently at an extremely high level and a large percentage of those persons hospitalized will not survive the course of their illness.

Chart below: Recent cumulative deaths from COVID-19

Below graph: Actual number of Canadians Hospitalized due to COVID-19 on 10 February 2022. Be prepared for a significant percentage of these persons failing to survive, say biostatisticians

Canadians Hospitalized due to COVID-19 Actual number of Canadians Hospitalized due to COVID-19 on 10 February 2022. Be prepared for a significant percentage of these persons failing to survive, say biostatisticians  Source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19


Above: COVID-19 deaths in Asia, Europe, Africa, America CoVID19. Click image to enlarge. Source: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Below Global Deaths Per Million Attributed  to COVID-19. Note the rapid climb in deaths during the past 15 days. That’s Omicron.

Source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19

Global COVID-19 Data for 19 Jul 2024

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