Ukraine Nazi battalions kill White civilians they believe are Russian sympathizers. A bigotry report

“This is a war of USA/NATO choosing, after pushing NATO weapons eastward to the Russian borders. There was nothing more likely to push the Russian Bear toward war, than to crowd Russia’s borders with NATO war machinery,” says Simon Baldock, an Israeli security analyst.

“In Bucha, Ukrainian civilians were killed by Ukrainian neo-Nazi militia driven by the traitor-allegations of Anton Yuriiovych Herashchenko. These people were killed for allegedly being Russian sympathizers. America trained and armed these neo-Nazis in the Donbass for the past eight years. Will Americans start shooting Russian Sympathizers in the streets? Probably. There are shootings daily in America that are equally madness,” explains Dale Carter, security director of The RINJ Foundation, a women’s rights group operating birthing clinics and women’s shelters in many parts of Ukraine.

“Civilians walking the street in Bucha and in Kiev proper had been told by the Russians to wear white scarfs on their arms for their Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) if they were unarmed civilians, then on 30 March, the Russians left,”  she continued.

Ms. Dale Carter on 2 April was picked up by a medical evacuation bus operated by RINJ Women. It was an interrupted round robin trip heading to Donetsk City to pick up seven seniors waiting to go to Rostov. The next destination was Moscow followed by a trip back to Donetsk City, in the midst of negotiations for the evacuation of special-care seniors from Mariupol, especially those with Russian family in the Rostov region and beyond.

The trip to Russia, arriving in the 4th of April turned out to be successful.

This is the story of how Ms. Carter reached Moscow from Kiev. At  the time it seemed like just another day in a war. But subsequent misconduct and bigotry we report on first, of the warring patriarch made the 2 April experience of humanitarians critical to those who seek truths.

by Melissa Hemingway now in Russia with RINJ Women/Moscow

“In Kiev itself, roving militias have been killing people they claim are Russian sympathizers,” explains Ms. Carter, who is an eyewitness to those crimes, a young woman who as Global Security Director of the RINJ Foundation is learning more about the warring patriarch she ever likely wanted to know.

The UN secretary general, António Guterres—who instead of being replaced by a woman was reinstated for another term by the USA, despite failing to stop his executives from sexually assaulting women—addressing the UN security council in New York, where he said the war in Ukraine is “one of the greatest challenges ever to international order and the global peace architecture” also saying “I will never forget the horrifying images of civilians killed in Bucha“.

He said something more to the core of the matter but seemingly a little too late, “With all the warning signals flashing red, we have a duty to act… We need serious negotiations for peace, based on the principles of the United Nations Charter. I urge the Security Council to do everything in its power to end the war and to mitigate its impact, both on the suffering people of Ukraine, and on vulnerable people and developing countries around the world.”

“The UN and NATO pushes us toward a nuclear war because some Russians invaded their white brothers in Ukraine but it didn’t give a damn about 27,000 of our non-white loved ones murdered by a dictator in the Philippines,” says *dark-skinned, Asian-eyed, nurse Karina Angeles in Manila.

*Her requested description.

RINJ Women have repeatedly asked the UN to consider the plight of tens of thousands of weeping women and children who have lost 30,000+ family members in the Philippines over the past six years.

  1. The-Philippines-has-Fallen-a-requiem-for-precious-souls-lost-to-Duterte-style-Murders from The RINJ Foundation.
  2. António Guterres must go. Acquiescing to USA/Russian invasions of many countries is the charge.

Forward editorial comment by Alona Adamovich, a Ukrainian who operates the RINJ birthing clinics and women’s shelters in Mariupol for The RINJ Foundation: The CEO of FPMag’s publisher organization is Jewish as is the global executive director, a Jew. Ironically, many of the RINJ organizers are Catholic, Jewish or Muslim.  They get along famously, with massive love and respect for each other. How’s that for irony? But when it comes to White Supremacists, supporting the Nazis of Ukraine, killing Jewish neighbourhoods, marginalizing non-Whites and marginalizing all women, women’s tolerance for these selfish snakes of the warring patriarch, is at a zero.

Antonio Guterres, Jens Stoltenberg, whom none of us voted for, stuffed suit Joe Biden and his autocratic Democrats; Boris Johnson who has refused to resign despite his own caucus nearly banishing him; Vladimir Putin whose rage against his detractors has driven him off the rails;  Justin Trudeau who has become a fascist leader in the eyes of some EMPs; are all targets of women’s wrath.

The negative aspects of exaggerated, traditional toxic masculine traits feeding a war with machismo talk and a penchant for weapons and lies; and keeping it going with millions of tons of weapons and absolute lies, are loathsomely morbid to the human race.

They need to stop this war if it means laying down in front of the tanks because if not, women will gather in the millions to spend millions of dollars lobbying the world to get rid of these evil contemptible men of the global military industrial complex who are waging war on women, children and the elderly. These prucks pay no mind to the slaughter of millions of the vulnerable like those massacred by the patriarch in the Philippines, Yemen, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, North Korea. Pay this heed. War is evil and the men who bring war, more so evil.

Video: Russian troops left the town of Bucha on 30 March 2022, confirmed by the town’s mayor the day after with alleged crimes only emerging four days later after the Nazi-Brigade went through. That’s the reality on the ground seen by neutrals. Both sides are war-time propagandists but neither did this. There is an evil third party.

The Ukraine National Police had been through Bucha after the Russians pulled out on 30 March. It is clear, everyone is killing Ukrainians and Russians in Ukraine with NATO-supplied weapons. No sign of what the UN Secretary General of American choice is blaming on Russia, hence the real evil, Nazism has impunity.

Watch the Ukraine National Police Report.

UK/USA Generals run a global Hybrid WWIII as women fight for lives of the vulnerable

Bucha Ukraine The patriarch, pushing hard for more war and more weapons and more killing, has brought hell to women and children of Bucha, Ukraine. Ukrainian-backed Nazi brigades slaughter Russia supporters and then Biden and Zelenskyy lie about the catastrophe and the EU and USA/NATO men spin the horror to dehumanize Russian-Ukrainians whom Anton Yuriiovych Herashchenko claims are traitors. 
Photo Credit: Source supplied. The RINJ Foundation. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Women fight for lives of the vulnerable. Another segment in the story of a Seniors Evacuation Bus and its crew

2 April 2022

“We know that, because while we took our irregular route out of Kiev, on 2 April, a Friday, heading for Donetsk PR to pick up seven seniors for ‘evac.’, we saw troops walking up a street that was not blocked, looting homes and killing people they were questioning.

“They fired at us when we tried to interrupt two fighters wearing a Ukrainian Nazi militia insignia. They were shaking a middle-aged man who was crying and yelling ‘no I did not’ or words to that effect.

“Lana, our driver had followed instructions of the security detail that had accompanied her to Lviv where she delivered a busload of Mariupol evacuees,” said Ms. Carter who had been picked up near Kiev by the bus returning from an evacuee drop in Poland.

“Lana had been told to approach the two Nazis and the citizen keeping them on her left. She has a wall of solid steel that Alex the mechanic had installed a month ago for her. The two members of the security detail, both women, armed with what they called Tavor 21s, exited quietly in a crouch from the rear door on the far side of the bus away from the three parties, when the bus was still moving a little. Then came two hard bangs on the back of the bus and Lana revved the engine and let the clutch out and we rocketed away leaving the two women of the security detail suddenly facing the Nazi militiamen in a crouched, ready-to-fire stance. My gaze backwards was interrupted.”

“Lana pointed and screamed ‘watch for soldiers‘.

“Alex had fallen forward out of his seat and was holding the hand-railing at the front with his face at the ledge in front of the window so he said, ‘I will’.

“Lana followed directions the security detail had given her and traveled about a kilometer then turned left into a small apartment building and turned the bus around pointing to go out, then stopped. In a short while after a lot of noise, the two women of the security detail came running around some cedar trees at the corner of the laneway and the street and each one had an arm of the man the Nazi goons were interrogating, running him toward the bus.”

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“Suddenly a scream came from behind us. I literally ran to the back of the bus with my head down and I saw a lady on the third floor hanging out a window waving both arms. Alex was letting the security detail in the front door of the bus but the man ran away. Next we saw two kids and a woman come out the front of the building; the man running toward them; and her and the kids running toward him. Yikes. We had to get out of there.

“Each of the two women in the security detail went in different directions. One went back to the start of the driveway and crouched down, doing some things with her gun then from a low crouch she was peeking almost at the ground level around the corner to see if anyone was coming.

“The other guard ran and grabbed the kids, turned around and told the adults to run and get in the bus.

“The security guard at the driveway entrance by this time was on her feet and shooting her gun around the corner. It sounded like a small jackhammer.

“With everyone in the bus, told to lie on the floor, the guard stood in the doorway and signaled Lana to go forward. She did and when she came even with our fighter at the corner of the street she was signaled to stop. Suddenly both of our security detail were at the corner shooting their guns. The tree was being ripped apart as they were being fired upon. One bullet came through and hit the door frame of the bus and came inside. Next I realized it hit Alex but he was wriggling to get away from the door. Then all the shooting stopped. The two guards were in the middle of the street pointing as smoke from their smoker grenades billowed up behind them. Lana gunned the engine and the two guards ran toward the door. I ran forward and grabbed each of their hands one after the other and pulled them into the bus and we finished the left turn and Lana drove like a wildcat up the street.

“I went to Alex and asked him where he hurt. I started pulling off his coat and was surprised to see two body armour thingies. He laughed.

“Everyone has been shooting at me for a month,” said the active senior. “A Russian soldier gave me a vest and I was afraid to say ‘no’ so I put it on top of mine and this is where I was hit,” said Alex.

“It was a piece of the yellow coloured doorframe the bullet had dislodged. Alex was laughing as I tried to open the Velcro to see if he was hurt.

“Alex told me, don’t do that, I have not had a bath in three weeks.”

“Lana hollered out, ‘Me too,’.

“The guards laughed. Them too, I guessed. I learned the entire crew of that bus has been on the road ferrying evacuees nonstop for three weeks. They had made a side trip to pick me up. Now I was in complete awe of my sisters and this amazing elderly man-pal of Lana from Mariupol.

“The two security guards were putting bullets into ‘clip’ parts of their guns that hold bullets, saying they had used up a lot of their ammunition, checking how many they had of each of their equipments. They said they were getting low. They pulled some stuff from their rucksacks to put in their belt pouches. They were saying they would each have to write a report about discharging their weapons and what happened. I was in awe of how cool, organized and methodical they were. I wish I had some of that training. My heart was in my throat.”

“The rescued man, his wife and two kids were huddled in the back of the bus. I went back and sat with them. I was frazzled but I had to hear their story. His name was Rudy.  He was supposed to go down the street and try to buy food for the children. The Russians had left. In the news there was a Mr. Anton Herashenko who was a worker of Mr. Zelenskyy, they said. Herashenko has said that everyone who helped the Russians or accepted humanitarian aide from them was to be called a traitor. That’s what the militia was doing. They were accusing Rudy of being a traitor. He told them he had no food but somebody else on the street apparently said he was an informant for the Russians in order to get some credit, so they were going to kill Rudy we figured.”

Anton Yuriiovych Herashchenko Anton Yuriiovych Herashchenko Photo supplied by The RINJ Foundation/Ukraine. Zelenskyy presidential aide is urging Ukrainians to become informants via social media, and hand over data on Russian sympathizers, Russian informants, Russian supporters, and Ukrainians who accepted humanitarian aid from the Russians, according to a message broadcast in Ukrainian by Anton Yuriiovych Herashchenko.

“I went and asked the security detail if they were OK. I asked what happened to the Nazi militia soldiers. They said, ‘We are former IDF soldiers. We are Israeli Jews. Our forefathers escaped from Nazi Germany and founded David Ben Gurion airport. We are cousins, descendants of Auschwitz concentration camp survivors. We just passed through a Jewish neighbourhood where Nazis were killing Jews, not Russian sympathizers. And our job was to make sure, ‘not us would be killed either‘. We suppressed the Nazis attacking us and obscured our escape with smoke, as you saw. Before that we did not see anyone else attacking us and our visual range was over a kilometer,’ they explained to me,” Dale said.

“I went back to the man and the woman and their kiddies. I told them I did not believe their friends and family on their street would be bothered any longer. Somehow I was absolutely certain of that.

“Finding support for this family was my next challenge but I had to sit down in the middle of the bus, put my face in my hands, and cry. In my whole life, soon to reach 30 years, I have never felt this humble, yet proud, and utterly flabbergasted at the sick cruelty of men that surrounded us, in the shadow of my extraordinarily courageous sisters.”

Ukrainian Holocaust deniers kill civilians they claim are Russian sympathizers. Adding insult to injury, Biden blames everyone but the Nazis USA trained and armed

“On the trip toward Donbass, it was rough as we had to make a number of repairs and there were many crazy checkpoints by everyone, even roving, well-armed street gangs. We needed an alternator but no luck, so we liberated batteries from abandoned vehicles, and Alex kept switching them. Alex is a genius mechanic and a good companion,” explained Lana, later, at Svetlana’s home in Moscow. Read about that.

Protesting USA Misogyny wars wherein innocent unarmed women and children are forced to suffer the most tragedy.