America adds more nukes near Russia, China, Iran, DPRK. Women issue a wake up call to the world.

“Women are worried about the American patriarch manipulating its NATO arm, acting like a desperate bully afraid of its strengthening victims and thus resorting to nuclear weapons it continues to deploy, expanding nuclear arsenals on far shores.

But according to thousands including the UN Secretary General, who have signed a pledge against nuclear weapons, “Today, there is support throughout the world for the view that nuclear weapons should never again be used,” referring to to America’s despicable nuclear attacks on Nagasaki and Hiroshima and America’s continued threats and nuclear deployments to do it again, somewhere else.

If Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, Venezuela, or Belarus, or even France, began a buildup of weapons in Cuba as American expansionism has done to the enemies it creates, what would America do?

The response to American military expansionism is reaching a crescendo. Russia and China together trump America’s military strength almost threefold.

In this video below,
is growing evidence of Russia and China cooperating militarily under a broad China-Russia military alliance pact, arguably taunting the American military dominance on China’s shores in the Asian Seas by sailing a dozen warships through Tsugaru Strait which separates the Asian Seas from the Pacific.

“In response, America is building up its nuclear arsenals in Australia as quickly as possible while Australia’s malleable, gullible, and disingenuous leadership remains in place,” says Sonya Yoshiki, team leader of the RINJ Foundation‘s security intelligence  contractor.

Video: Russia and China train together every month for search and rescue operations, marine artillery gunnery practice, missile intercepts, minesweeping and submarine tracking. Their warships are also chasing American warships out of their territorial waters.

“The bilateral trade between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has skyrocketed a multiple of 85 times to USD 684.6 billion in 2020 from less than USD 8 billion in 1991, making the two sides each other’s largest trading partners,” according to ASEAN-member, the Republic of the Philippines, Malacañang.

Why does America surround Iran, Russia, China and North Korea with nuclear weapons, endangering most of the world?

Southeast Asia is angling for a nuclear-free zone and China supports this move according to the Philippines State-Run News Agency.

“China supports ASEAN’s efforts to build a nuclear weapon-free zone, and is prepared to sign the Protocol to the Treaty on the Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone as early as possible,” President Xi Jinping told the China-Asia summit marking 30 years of the relations between two sides.

“Beijing’s demand for a nuclear-free Southeast Asia comes as the US and UK empower their ally Australia with nuclear-armed submarines under a deal called AUKUS signed in September,” says the Philippines State-Run News Agency.

“America’s patriarch seems to think that women, Blacks, Browns, Asians, are all stupid. Our organization is comprised of women from every race and creed, and is distributed all around the world. We see the B2 bombers and F22s arriving in Japan and Australia and the accoutrement nuclear support trappings arriving in military transports. We notice the increased presence of American nuclear submarines and British nukes in Australian waters and in the Asian Seas,” says Katie Alsop, a founding director of the global women’s rights group, RINJ Women.

“America and the NATO organization that the USA 100% controls claims that the Russian intermediate-range territorial defence missile known as the 9M729, or SSC-8, could also  carry a small nuclear device therefore it was OK for America to install 3000 mile range intermediate missiles around Russia and China in violation of the 1980s INF treaty. My tucking purse can carry a small nuclear device, eh holes. That doesn’t mean that my purse does carry nuclear weapons,” she added with a certain ferocity at the disingenuous breach of the INF Treaty under Donald Trump, 2 August 2019.

“Russia inherited the Soviet treaty and America violated that INF treaty. Russia’s observance of the Biden and Trump families’ personal financial rewards from Ukraine and America seeking to dominate the Ukraine as a surrogate on Russia’s border has led to Crimea voting explicitly to flee the bonds of the Ukraine and join Russia”

“Also over a half a dozen nations have fled their alliances and joined each other under the Russian protective umbrella to protect themselves against the Western expansionism trying to take over Ukraine as American nuclear weapons usurp the European Union’s sovereign interests and surround Russia and several other nations including Belarus,” explains Katie Alsop.

“Women are going to be heard, says the feminist leader. “Our organization has some big surprises for the male patriarchs in American corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the White House which all seem to think that women have the right to talk about sewing aprons, making tucking flower arrangements and explaining how we dance in white dresses to pretty music while we are menstruating. But an organization of women is moving collectively and silently into positions of power and authority all around the world, and men messing around with  nuclear threats are one day going to get more than a spank on the back of their limited minds. We are sick and tired of the male propensity in governance to threaten the lives of women and children in their penile comparison wars with nuclear weapons.”

Note: Feminine-Perspective Magazine, in cooperation with the RINJ Foundation and the office of the UN Secretary General is offering an opportunity to voice support for Nuclear Disarmament and Demilitarization of Space. Join Voices.

“Today, there is support throughout the world for the view that nuclear weapons should never again be used because of their indiscriminate effects, their impact on the environment and their profound implications for regional and global security. Some call this the nuclear taboo”, said the UN secretary General in October 2008 when this campaign began.

by Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

B2 Bpmbers moved to Australia, Guam, Chagos Islands, Japan U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Eric Driver (left) and Airman 1st Class William Farrell, 393rd Expeditionary Bomb Squadron weapons load crew members, Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, load live weapons for B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber training at Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia, in the Chagos Islands, Guam, Australia and Japan to support  Bomber Task Force missions. They, along with three B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers as part of a BTF deployment. As part of their BTF deployment, the B-2s participated in a combined United States-Australia exercise with Marine Rotational Force – Darwin and Australian Defence Forces. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Alexandria Lee)

“We notice the American antagonisms near Russia and Belarus borders, but above all we have observed the American proclivity to consistently bolster its short and intermediate range nuclear tipped missiles near China and near Russia,” Ms. Alsop added.

“America has elected two screwball presidents in a row, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Neither have any comprehension of Asian culture or the leaders who make a difference and neither can acknowledge any human existence beyond their own self-importance.

The people of China are being victimized by both Xi Jinping (slipping into a Mao Zedong II role with a touch of  Josef Mengele?) and the Joe Biden (Stanley Kubrick’s Major Kong) character out of one of Stanley Kubrick’s scripts.

“That indicates that America intends to mass slaughter millions of Asian families and continental European women and children in the event it cannot prevail in a regional military conflict,” says Katie Alsop, who is an active founding director of the global women’s rights group, RINJ Women.

“It is true that America has lost the military edge despite spending a $trillion per year on military assets, because it has made enemies of most of the world’s population groups, with its willingness to kill non-Whites. Millions of non-White civilians have been slaughtered by America since World War Two,” she added.

America’s hegemony has alienated much of the world. Today, America’s vaccine hording has led to the emergence of at least two significant genovariant coronavirus pathogens and they have helped slaughter 1,000 Americans every single day. The American patriarch doesn’t really give a damn about its own people either, it seems,” she said.

New USA weapon of mass destruction, a nuke the length of a bowling lane, wrote Elisabeth Eaves in February 2021. “It will be able to travel some 6,000 miles, carrying a warhead more than 20 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It will be able to kill hundreds of thousands of people in a single shot,” she claims.

Northrop Grumman contract to supply mega billion nukes Ernie used a certain American logic when, “he told Bert he had a banana in his ear to keep the alligators away: the absence of alligators doesn’t prove the banana worked. Likewise, the absence of a nuclear attack on the United States doesn’t prove that 4018 warheads are essential to deterrence,” wrote Elisabeth Eaves in February 2021. Photo Credit: Grumman/Northrop which is building the new $100 billion nuclear weapon while hundreds of thousands of Americans die from COVID-19 and millions of Americans suffer poverty, hunger, homelessness and even starvation.

“America is bleating like a lost lamb, through a megaphone
against Russia and China’s alliance and military buildup.

It is just a monstrous distraction from America’s own malfeasance.

It was America that has for decades antagonized  and scared these nations with a worrying escalation of intermediate nuclear weaponry on the borders of Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Korea. Each of these nations are, as a united front, a serious and overwhelming threat to American security,” suggests Simon Baldock, an Israeli security analyst.

Global War is pending and likely.

“The recent military pact between Russia and China alone doubles in every category the number of weapon systems America points at Russia and China. The number of weapons now pointing back at America exceeds America’s ability to respond. America’s global military supremacy is now an ancient myth since the military pact between Russia and China. That leaves America with one choice and that is, ‘Strike First’. And that is what America is preparing to do,” suggested Mr. Baldock.

Two major flash points are thresholds for global war: Ukraine and the Asian Seas.

“If on the island of Cuba, China, or if Russia, began a military buildup including nuclear weapons and intermediate ballistic missiles on Cuban soil so close to American shores, America would react militarily, says history in the context of the Cuban missile crisis, and the Munroe Doctrine,” added Mr. Baldock from Tel Aviv.

“The same is true for Russia and China, one might think reasonably. The latter country is surrounded by hundreds of American military bases which under the continued American expansionism under the Biden regime, which was salted in the post-WWII Cold War and uses the same tactics and strategies as were employed in the 1960s.

“Russia has been facing a belligerent NATO that is struggling for a raison d’etre with its warships in the Black sea angering the Kremlin,” Mr. Baldock added.

A large number of Russian troops near Ukraine’s borders on the Russian side, most of which have been present since 2014, have been increased somewhat but recent propaganda hyperbole from the West is exactly that, a distraction as America plans to take over an Australian Navy base for its nuclear submarines and has flown dozens of B2 bombers and F22 strike aircraft, now prepositioned for war against China from Australia, Guam, Japan, and the Chagos Islands which the UN has demanded the US give back to the Chagossians.

“America by all accounts and all evidence is a rogue nation threatening the human race around the world and is led by an old man who does not have a clue about what he is doing, a man who followed another old man who does not give a damn about the harm he has done to anyone. Meanwhile, Americans are falling dead a thousand a day from COVID-19 and millions are sleeping under bridges and intents in the inner cities of America. How can you expect American leadership to give a damn about millions of women and children in Europe and Asia, when it doesn’t care about its own people? ” Mr. Baldock concluded.