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Sharon Santiago

What is important for me in this job is the work that I do to combat incest and rape of children and my ability to communicate how to end child sex trade. Facebook @SharonFPMag Click here to Check out some … Continue reading

Santiago Launches Funding Campaign for Rohingya Babies

Mission: Help Rohingya Women Who Said ‘No’ To Abortion “We want to help the brave Rohingya women who will deliver babies resulting from repeated rapes in Myanmar”, says Sharon Santiago a RINJ Foundation nurse, director and staff writer for Feminine Perspective. “And provide … Continue reading

American dirty secret: child soldiers in Syria. Breaking a silence. Part 1.

 The USA accidentally admitted it is “shoulder-to-shoulder” with child soldiers fighting ISIS in Syria. But The United States has legislation saying it cannot provide military support to any group that uses child soldiers. All of the so-called American “Kurdish allies” … Continue reading

Chagossians planning November trip to Chagos Islands

Pierre Prosper, chair of the Seychelles-based Chagossians is planning to lead a group of Chagossians to their islands which in May 2019 were ordered by the UN General Assembly to be returned by Britain to the Chagossians  people. by Sharon … Continue reading

Hong Kong capable of peaceful protest in the millions. This is not Hong Kong.

What is happening in Hong Kong is no longer peaceful protest it is a surrogacy of Britain and American agitators backing armed street gangs. Violence begets violence. Families stay home! Sharon Santiago rhetorically asks “What are you thinking, bringing weapons … Continue reading

The Rohingya HIV/HBV project.

FPMag has learned of a remarkable humanitarian plan under development these past 8 months to provide STI (incl. HIV/AIDS/HBV) testing and treatment for gender-based violence survivors in the Rohingya community. The Rohingya have  been driven from Myanmar in large numbers … Continue reading

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