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Sharon Santiago

What is important for me in this job is the work that I do to combat incest and rape of children and my ability to communicate how to end child sex trade. Facebook @SharonFPMag Click here to Check out some … Continue reading

Santiago Launches Funding Campaign for Rohingya Babies

Mission: Help Rohingya Women Who Said ‘No’ To Abortion “We want to help the brave Rohingya women who will deliver babies resulting from repeated rapes in Myanmar”, says Sharon Santiago a RINJ Foundation nurse, director and staff writer for Feminine Perspective. “And provide … Continue reading

'This is not what Yoni Netanyahu died for,' says elderly friend.

Several witnesses observed and reported to FPMag that three Palestinians were shot by Israeli police inside the Old City of occupied Jerusalem on Thursday. A few hours later, US President Trump and Israeli PM Netanyahu banned from Israel two outstanding women … Continue reading

Our men will be the death of us.

Men run the world. Badly. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, the 4th and current Chief Executive of Hong Kong since 2017 speaks with the voice of Xi Jinping. She sounds like the new totalitarian shift in Beijing and she has been … Continue reading

Skies are not blue when the air we breathe is black. 23 Sept. in NYC

Pollution in Asia is black and dirty. The black you see in this picture is soot from fossil fuel burning vehicles. They spew without any pollution control. The pollution index is 50. In Western cities, people go home when the … Continue reading

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