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Katie Alsop

Katie Alsop has been with The RINJ Foundation since the early beginnings of the women’s group in 2006. She is an expert in Middle East affairs and speaks Hebrew, Arabic, French and English. Occasionally but not often she writes for … Continue reading

Background on the Syrian Terror-Corridor pause.

“Turkey aims to destroy the terror corridor on its border with Syria,” is how the Turkish DoC frames the paused operations. According to one human rights worker, “Anyone who has lived since 2012 in the region knows this to be … Continue reading

American dirty secret: child soldiers in Syria. Breaking a silence. Part 1.

 The USA accidentally admitted it is “shoulder-to-shoulder” with child soldiers fighting ISIS in Syria. But The United States has legislation saying it cannot provide military support to any group that uses child soldiers. All of the so-called American “Kurdish allies” … Continue reading

Climate Change: Replace leaders who pollute. Hold a family meeting. Families, here we go…

Did you know that a family climate plan, although costly to some rich corporation bosses, ‘saves money for individuals’ no matter how rich or poor they may be? That’s what a highly-cited scientist says, Dr. David Takayoshi Suzuki CC OBC … Continue reading

Listen to our children.

Children Want a Good Climate Change Plan – Millions around the world agree, including women in Afghanistan. When millions of women and children take to the streets asking their leaders to bring into action a clear cut plan to protect … Continue reading

Female resistance fighter tells of survival against ISIS. Interview Part II

20 September 2019 Manila interview with a resistance soldier. – This is part two. Part one is here. FPMag interviewed a female security expert and former soldier now employed by a mercenary-type organization that protects women and children in war … Continue reading

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