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Behar Abbasi

Behar Abbasi was born in Nineveh, Iraq and graduated from Mosul University in 2013 at the age of 29 with a Masters Degree in Medical Science (Nursing). She has worked in Aleppo Syria as a surfical nurse trainee and later … Continue reading

Background on the Syrian Terror-Corridor pause.

“Turkey aims to destroy the terror corridor on its border with Syria,” is how the Turkish DoC frames the paused operations. According to one human rights worker, “Anyone who has lived since 2012 in the region knows this to be … Continue reading

Syria Troop Withdrawal debate is crock of misinformation. Trump is right. Get out.

USA had 800 military operations in 70 countries when Donald Trump first made his declaration that America must withdraw from Syria. The President shouldn’t back down on account of political nonsense from uninformed talking suits of the body politic or … Continue reading

US Withdrawal from Syria is a Good Thing, say friendlies in Syria.

The kerfuffle over Trump pulling troops from Syria is utter nonsense. US troop presence in Syria is a panacea for American arms dealers. Opponents of US withdrawal are not all sincere in their stories. Some of the Kurds in Rojava … Continue reading

Questions need answers in Jamal Khashoggi case. Global inaction is reprehensible.

“I didn’t do it,” This is the statement of most murderers who are sitting in prison cells serving life sentences. “I didn’t do it.” Analysis by Melissa Hemingway, Feminine Perspective Magazine Senior Staff Writer Several Lawyers told FPMag that they tell their … Continue reading

France’s Macron wants mediation to end Iran/USA war as massive buildup rolls in. [In Depth]

Shortly before 01:00 GMT on 14 September 2019, Houthis claim Saudi Arabia and America  received a resounding, well-deserved  figurative punch in the face on behalf of suffering Yemen. (Video) Someone who has seen the carnage in Yemen, might agree with the … Continue reading

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