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Behar Abbasi

Behar Abbasi was born in Nineveh, Iraq and graduated from Mosul University in 2013 at the age of 29 with a Masters Degree in Medical Science (Nursing). She has worked in Aleppo Syria as a surfical nurse trainee and later … Continue reading

The United States is inflicting children with grave harm.

Some kids America kills and some the US just maims for life. Tears are not enough. America’s leadership must be prosecuted. Donald Trump is the first US President to publicly call displaced migrants “animals”. He has promised his xenophobic alt-right fan base … Continue reading

Chagossian Population Expulsion a Creepy Chapter of History

Britain and USA Stole a Nation [Chagos Islands In Depth] They must now give it back before Christmas 2019. Doing so: Ends the illegal nuclearization of the African Archipelago; Reduces the threat of nuclear war causing retaliation against Africa; Forms … Continue reading

"Don’t Buy a Kid ~ End Child Sex Trade" RINJ 7th Campaign Theme is "Put Family First"

Have you read: Jane Doe vs Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein Update 7 July 2019.New criminal charges against Jeffrey Epstein may involve Donald Trump. The indictments comprise a sealed Grand Jury envelope. This is a child sex trade case involving … Continue reading

Iran was Correct to Shoot Down the USA Drone [Editorial]

The United States deliberately brought on this conflict with Iran.  What Iran’s radars saw was the signature of a RQ-4 Global Hawk over its territory which could be perceived as a precursor to a strike against Iran. The spy-plane was … Continue reading

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