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Idlib, Syria Explodes Again. Hospitals are Targets. Assad must Hang.

In the past 24 hours the Assad-Regime plus Russia have resumed bombing in civilian areas of Idlib. Syria. A ceasefire requested by Civil Society lasted all of one day. The shot-callers are deliberately targeting civilians and using UN don’t-bomb lists … Continue reading

Idlib is becoming a 6,097 km² Cemetery.

There is no escape for the orphans, the infirmed, the disabled and the aged Nobody really knows the exact numbers of migrants who this Spring have fled from Idlib governorate in Syria since the bombing began. Bombs have been slamming … Continue reading

Idlib, Syria: The Distributed Community Health Care Proposal To Idlb Health Directorate

Local Idlib NGOs continue to work with the chronically ill and the injured but supplies are drying up. International NGOs whose people had barely nudged the north of Idlib because of the inherent danger, have fled. The male-dominated Idlib Health … Continue reading

World Needs Idlib Peace say Medical Workers, Part II

Refugee families returning home might be the effectiveness measure of peacemaking and humanitarian action in war-torn areas. But returning refugees might also indicate conditions in the refugee-hosting nation are so bad that anything would be better. Notwithstanding this dilemma of Syrian migrants, … Continue reading

World Needs Peace in Idlib say Medical Workers, Part 1

Unsung Heroes in Syria, Recep Erdogan and Vladimir Putin saved thousands. Parties must now respect the peace in Idlib. That is exactly what medical workers in the city of Idlib are telling Feminine Perspective Magazine. by Melissa Hemingway, Feminine Perspective … Continue reading

Idlib: Reminder that Syrian War is Global Sickness

Questions and Answers A US-sponsored assassination of Bashar al-Assad was alleged to have been discussed or even planned by US President Donald Trump. That is not too surprising, is it? Somebody had a bullet for good people like Abraham, Martin … Continue reading

Idlib Three Pariahs: Putin, Assad, Rouhani

Idlib is scheduled for Total Destruction by 3-Pariahs The three-pariahs cannot be trusted. They have used chemical weapons; have slaughtered half a million women and children; attacked civilian medical infrastructure; put a price on the heads of white-coats (nurses, doctors, … Continue reading

Stop Bloodbath in Idlib. A line in the Sand.

Civilian Evacuation from Idlib, Syria continues today amid bombing attacks by Russia. Most people do not have the means to evacuate. Some 3 million people in the larger Idlib region are endangered by advancing Syrian Arab Army and Russian bombers or … Continue reading

Is Idlib, Syria Doomed Tomorrow? (Comment)

Russian and Syrian Forces have begun their onslaught of Idlib. Another humanitarian disaster has begun. South west of Aleppo about 45 slow kilometers on the M60 is Idlib governorate and the city by the same name, Idlib. ( Or you can use … Continue reading

Why Trump should resign now.

Five Words of Advice for Trump: Resign now as US President ! Donald Trump has changed the world for the worse by popularizing racism, lowering the value of human life, especially children, and starting a nuclear arms race. Trump defaulted … Continue reading

Don’t spill the oil, children. (Britain and the USA vs Iran)

They are like two bully boys roaming around the school yard at recess time with a pair of sling shots to hurt the kids they don’t like. They don’t care who else they hurt. They brutalized Chagossians, Iraqis, Iranians, Yemenis, … Continue reading

Turkey with Russia’s S-400 protects 85 Million Citizens

Showing the world how to be a humanitarian nation, Turkey continues to be home to the world’s largest refugee population (UNHCR-Turkey-Fact-Sheet). The number is suspected to be over 4 million Syrians, Iraqis and Kurds (Kurdish regions of Syria and Iraq). … Continue reading

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