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Donald Trump launches Nuclear Arms Race Civil Society Opposes

On 2 August the INF Ends | Nuclear Arms Race Starts There is nothing on this Earth to be more worried about this week than the catastrophic turn toward a nuclear arms race between the United States, Russia, China and … Continue reading

Donald Trump is Popularizing Hatred, Racism, Misogyny and Violence because this is America.

Donald Trump has Joined a British Misogyny Cult Targeting Women Online. Forty+ Millions of Americans support his view. Abuse of United Kingdom female politicians is rife online – and much of it is being directed by established far-right groups and … Continue reading

Donald Trump Exposed: A very dangerous, lost Presidency.

Feminine Perspective:  77,759 voters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, influenced by Russia, determined the 2016 election  for Trump The Cook Political Report has shown that just three counties, representing 77,759 voters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, determined the outcome of … Continue reading

How Russia Won Donald Trump The Presidency [In-Depth]

Putting Trump in the White House has been good for Russia. One must credit Vladimir Putin as truly the leader of the world when considering the sheer power he exerts. Three days ago he militarily invaded Venezuela with a hundred … Continue reading

Trump Epic Fail: Kim Jong-un sends Donald Trump Packing

Kim Jong-un went to Hanoi to meet with Donald Trump on February 27, Beijing time. He sought to convince Trump that North Koreans need sanctions to end for the sake of the people of the country who are facing death … Continue reading

Five Eyes on: Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Meng Wanzhou.

Canada was tricked into kidnapping one of the most important 5G technology women in the world:  a recipe for disaster. Donald Trump – Justin Trudeau. From the ridiculous to the sublime in the age of reason (artificial intelligence). Art: Rosa, … Continue reading

US President Donald Trump is in very big trouble.

See Part I “Spoke to the King of Saudi Arabia who denies any knowledge of whatever may have happened  “to our Saudi Arabian citizen.” He said that they are working closely with Turkey to find answer. I am immediately sending our Secretary … Continue reading

Donald Trump Made America a War Zone OpEd

Barrack Obama and George Bush Helped. The missteps come not just from Donald Trump since January 2017 but from Barrack Obama, 2008 through 2016, and certainly from the George W. Bush administration from 2000 to 2008. They all cozied up … Continue reading

Donald Trump + Kim Jong-un Hit Ball Out of Park: Singapore Success

When do ships sail to DPRK laden with food & meds for malnourished children & their families? When? by Melissa Hemingway Feminine-Perspective Staff The Three Leaders Who Created The Singapore Korean Summit Photos: Creative Commons Without hesitation we congratulate the leaders of … Continue reading

Donald Trump VS Ahed Tamimi

Palestinian human rights groups have been given one more chapter to append  to their 700-page communication to the International Criminal Court (ICC), alleging that high-level Israeli officials have been complicit in committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in the … Continue reading

Donald Trump is a Child Without A Conscience.

What is worse, Trump has the Nuclear Launch Codes. From what authority does the United States believe it derives the right to demand unilateral nuclear disarmament from any other nation state? The USA has no such authority, just abundant arrogance … Continue reading

Comparing Donald Trump To Rodrigo Duterte

Comment: Updated June 4, 2017 Oozing classiness, decorum and wisdom, President Barrack Obama would deliver a speech on humanitarianism calmly enough to still a tempest. No matter how many cups of caffeine-laced coffee and inspirational speeches of an extreme cleric … Continue reading

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