Fighting Hate in Canada for the Safety of Women & Children.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is correct in saying that Canada has an Islamophobia and anti-Semitism problem.

The way ahead must be Inclusivity and diversity.

Hate gives license to numerous atrocities committed around the world. This is real and it is shameful. Many Canadians are killing the goodness of Canada. Stop doing that.

Fight for the safety of ALL women and children. Fight Islamaphobia.

Americans (and Canadians to a lessor degree) have been bombing Iraqi and Syrian cities to rubble killing thousands of Sunni Muslim civilians needlessly. These atrocities we have witnessed with our own eyes and we have medically treated many survivors of your atrocities.

In Myanmar where in 2012 a series of ethnic cleansings and crimes against humanity began, the slaughter of Muslims continues today despite a recent ceasefire. At least 270,000 Muslims have fled their homes when mobs of ethnic Rakhine militants torched houses and attacked Muslim families with swords and other weapons as the local police, military, and you stood by and watched without a word of intervention.

In the Philippines the authoritarian leader Rodrigo Duterte told his Junta soldiers to rape Muslim women in Mindanao and you did not bat an eye.

In Canada and in the United States the general population has put fear into the lives of ordinary Muslims and Jews. What is wrong with you? Why would you embrace this kind of hatred?

Canada has not been immune from the cultural fanaticism transpiring across the world and the United States. Hate crimes against Muslims in Canada have significantly increased yearly. Fourteen Muslims were shot by a Canadian while peacefully praying in a mosque in Quebec City. A group of Canadians protested outside a mosque, holding signs saying “Muslims are terrorists,” while Muslims were praying inside. Just the other week, Concordia University and McGill University received a bomb threat citing specifically the presence of Muslims on campus as motivation. This is on top of the mosques that have been vandalized and individuals subjugated based on how they look or what they believe. –  Huffington Post

This is not to reduce the prevalence of many other hate crimes against Jews, Christians, Hindus and people of all faith. However, it is calling on the Canadian government to address and act as a leader on a particularly salient issue in the global political climate.

For a country whose Lester B. Pearson was instrumental in helping create the United Nations and its worthy, peaceful human development goals, Canada’s attitude is shameful and defies the values for which your country has come to represent.

There isn’t a gentler way to state this.

Canada - Your Racism is Showing

The West’s violent interference (in the name of “God”?) in the lives of oil producing developing nations has displaced as many as 60 million civilians.

Meanwhile in the Philippines some 5 million unwanted babies will be born into poverty and death because the Catholic Church’s Mercede’s-driving priests and Bishops have used the Church’s wealth in the Manila Supreme Court to block contraceptives and destroy the reproductive rights of 110 million Filipinos. Your favourite religion, Canada is not so perfect. Molestation of children by Catholic clergy is a systemic problem around the globe making it difficult to stop the child sex trade.

You are not righteous in your condemnation of other religions.

Our nurses and doctors have lived among Islamic State brutes alongside their Muslim captives and fully know the difference between a radical Islamist and a peaceful Muslim. The same applies to all religions, none of which have truly made a valuable 21st century contribution to human development.

FightFight Islamaphobie in the fight for safety of women and childrenFight Islamophobia to win the fight for safety of women and children.

It is time to learn tolerance and to reach out to all communities and both share and learn in a calm and constructive environment.

As human development needs new frontiers and new places to house millions and billions of humankind, the teachings of Moses, Jesus and Muhammed, men who believed the Earth is flat, will no longer have relevance in parts of the solar system and in other galaxies.

Get out of the dark ages and learn to love one another.

The RINJ Foundation Women

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