Mediate a US/DPRK Solution. Russia Advances Women’s Peace Proposal

Good News.

Women’s Peace Plan for USA-DPRK (Prevent Nuclear War) Gets a Boost From Russia

Today, October 16, Valentina Matviyenko, speaker of the Russian Senate upper house, will discuss the concerns surrounding North Korea’s  intercontinental ballistic missile project as well as its nuclear bomb tests in separate meetings with the deputy head of North Korea’s legislature and also with the head of South Korea’s parliament. It is hoped that a peace proposal will arise from the talks eventually. These talks will take place in St Petersburg, Russia. The United states is not represented except as much as South Korea is willing to play that mediation role.

This is very good news. The parties will be asked by Mr. Matviyenko to continue direct contact after today’s meetings. Numerous peace proposals are expected. You may not like all of them. Be patient.

Women and Children did not ask for this nuclear fight. They beg for it to stop.


Women and Children did not ask for this nuclear fight. They beg for it to stop.

In September The RINJ Foundation women of South East and East Asia proposed that a mediator be adopted by the international community to put the group of Nuclear nations together for non-proliferation talks and eventual nuclear arms reduction talks with North Korea at the table. Not just Valentina Matviyenko moved that idea forward. We suggested a Canadian or French mediator. But Russia is closer to the problem and has more at stake. Some new and very specific suggestions have also come from Russia.

Our proposal: Help nation states achieve their goals of: 
1. Soothing current nuclear war tensions.
2. Easing out of the starvation and isolation of innocent civilians in North Korea.
3. Inclusively welcoming ‘nuclear states’ including NK to achieve valid non-proliferation accords.
4. Eagerly launch into a new global nuclear arms reduction regime.

Read more of the proposal


Russia Could Be a Broker of Peace Proposal & Much Good Will

Col-Gen. Viktor Yesin, the former chief of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces General Staff has proposed a solution similar to the extremely effective Iran agreement known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Iran’s nuclear program, signed in July 2015 in Vienna.

Col-Gen. Viktor Yesin’s knowledge on the subject is extensive and his assessment of JCPOA is accurate. JCPOA-regime inspectors have been 100% satisfied with Iran’s compliance ever since. A key aspect of that agreement was ceasing the crippling economic sanctions against the ordinary people of Iran.  The RINJ Foundation Women including North Korean members have suggested this take place immediately in the case of North Korea where sanctions are only smashing the lives of the ordinary poor people of North Korea.

A legally binding agreement, similar to the JCPOA on the Iranian nuclear problem but taking into account the specific characteristics of the North Korean issue will have to be signed for this.”  This could be possible only if the US stayed within the Iranian deal, the General told Tass. (US President Trump has indicated he wants to quash the successful JCPOA because it was instituted by the previous President Obama who is a member of a political party in opposition to the current president’s political party.)

“And only once Pyongyang has made sure within ten years that the achieved agreements are beneficial for the country, and above all the guarantees of the DPRK’s security are in place and there is no threat to the regime, an opportunity will appear to get back to the problem of  ‘de-nuclearization’ of the Korean peninsula,”

North Korean Intermediate Missile reach

It can be said with some certainty that North Korea has the proven capability of reaching nearly 5,000 kilometres with missiles and warheads. To effectively carry out its threat of an attack on the United States, North Korea needs to accurately strike at double that range with a warhead that successfully re-enters Earth’s atmosphere from space. That’s not easy. Pyongyang has not demonstrated it is reliably able to do that, yet.

Pyongyang's show of force. - We must avert nuclear war.

Many of these publicly displayed military items have been ‘mock-ups” in the past. Assessing North Korea’s capabilities is not easy and listening to America is a fool’s game. Much of the information is propaganda. What South Korean observers and North Koreans themselves have told is indeed alarming, however.

There is a high probability that North Korea could immediately introduce weapons of mass destruction including EMP attacks from space and chemical weapons just about anywhere on earth. But that is not very likely at the present time. The situation is dynamic and subject to change. Clearly North Korea is a nuclear power and on its way to being able to deliver nuclear weapons to a target. Right now they probably would need a tractor to pull a giant device on a wagon to its target. Because of their determination and continued development work, that will change. Miniaturization of their alleged thermonuclear weapon design to fit a missile warhead compartment is no easy matter.

The beautiful Zaozyonara Hill at the North Korea, China, Russia tri-border

Currently an enormous number of troops and weapons are amassing at Zaozyonara Hill, a meeting point between Russia, North Korea and China. This absolutely beautiful region of Earth must never see this stride toward violence worsen.

This week the *United States has some 40 warships to the east and west of South Korea conducting live fire naval exercises with corresponding aerial and ground-based displays of military might. Clearly this is just another form of sabre-rattling and not encouraging peaceful solutions of Trump’s and Kim Jong-un’s personal differences.

Pyongyang says it will respond with a further escalation. That threat is worrisome but an expected reaction to the continued belligerence (Trump has threatened to destroy North Korea)  from the USA which in all honesty is probably not in a good war-fighting state which accelerates the nuclear threshold. Both sides must stand down.

While Japan and South Korea are flexing their muscles to some extent, the conflict is solely between the United States and North Korea derived from the long-standing North Korean fear of American violence following the Korean war cease-fire in 1953. It’s a war that never ended. America had slaughtered some 30% of the North Korean population.

*The United States’ conduct in this conflict has been devoid of any kind of apparent common sense. The US White House boldly says it is willing to slaughter millions of civilians over a war of words involving its bizarre personality-disordered president who is the first man to ever make Kim Jong-un look like a stable, effective, sensible leader by comparison. — Sharon Santiago South East Asia RINJ Operations


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