Mosul Humanitarian Tragedy, Citizens Slaughtered, Army not near Mosul to Protect Citizens

  1. British, American and Iraqi “special forces” in white APC’s (Brit), drab mine counter-measure vehicles (USA)  and Mad-Max-looking HumVees bang around in the villages outside Mosul’s southern outskirts while Takfiris march hundreds of residents to their eventual death and the Iraqi Army is nowhere near Mosul to protect citizens.
  2. Inside Mosul the salafi jihadists randomly slaughter civilians out of pure anger.
  3. According to “coalition” numbers,  more civilians have been killed in Nineveh than Takfiris.
  4. Iraq’s PM Abadi misspoke himself about Shiite Militia & evacuation of Mosul, the Shia Militias are tighter to the fight than the Iraqi Army.
  5. The worst of this fiasco is yet to come as Turkey mobilizes troops to counter Shia Militia preparing to slaughter Turkmen and Takfiris in TalAfar.
  6. October 30, 2016 – The town of Hamam al-Alil south of Mosul (see map below)  and the downtown core of Mosul has a swelling number of Nineveh citizens who are barefoot, hungry and terrified. We are sneaking as many as possible to shelter but are completely over-capacity. They have been flowing into the core of Mosul for the past 30 hours. At the same time we are told by a traveller that Hamam al-Alil has grown from 20k to about 50K or more. These are persons from various villages surrounding Mosul within thirty to forty kilometres. People have nowhere to go; they have no shoes so escape is near impossible; and they are hungry. Many are just randomly killed by ISIS. There is no safe corridor for their egress from Mosul. Medical staff are trying to fulfill requests for critical care patients such as diabetes and heart meds. 

The RINJ Foundation, a humanitarian action group in the Kurdish Region of Iraq is raising an alarm on one critical issue in the humanitarian ‘Liberation-Invasion’ catastrophe in Mosul, Iraq: getting the 650,000+ civilians safely out of Mosul before the heavily-armed fighting men destroy the city and whoever is in it.

  • Iraq’s PM Haider al-Abadi misspoke himself. Mosul is surrounded by Shiite paramilitary fighters much closer to the city than the Iraqi Army.
  • Meanwhile Abadi’s troops, while not having moved an inch from their position 35 kilometres south of Mosul are in the meantime impeding the evacuation of civilians from Mosul.
  • Bombs fall and kill what the US-led Coalition has described as an acceptable number of civilians.
  • Residents in Mosul outskirt towns are slaughtered.  Takfiri fighters gather up these civilians from their homes with impunity, even hundreds at a time, and march them in the open until the fighters reach a place of cover away from air-attack, like a gun-emplacement, bunker or a tunnel entrance. The civilians are then slaughtered if no longer needed. No one intervenes. This is in plain sight of drones and aircraft as well as observers on the ground. In the alternative civilians are shepherded to the next area where the Daesh must travel in the clear and killed later. Some human shield groups have been slaughtered at the Mosul Agricultural College and buried there. Witnesses who escaped this fate estimate 1,000 deaths a day are probable, if not more. We don’t know. From some villages, three and four groups of Takfiris left with large entourages of detained civilians; men, women, and children at all hours of the day.


This fiasco may not be without accountability. The world population seems fed up with the missteps of leaders resulting in civilian bloodshed. The backlash of that anger is the nomination and election of utter buffoons to public office in the hope of breaking the “establishment corruption pattern”.

During the operation to “liberate Mosul” from Islamic State (ISIS) militants neither the Kurdish Peshmerga nor the Shiite militia of Hashd al-Shaabi* will enter the city throughout the course of the operation, the US Deputy Secretary of State has said.

Iraqi PM Abadi also promised on October 20 early in the day in response to harsh criticism that a safe-passage corridor would be ‘guarded and guided’ for evacuees from Mosul. That has not happened, in fact the Iraqi Army is in chaos and is unable to interfere with just 7 Daesh men who detain 300 civilians and march them a few kilometres into the outskirts of Mosul past Iraqi Troops.

Peshmerga fighters, Iraqi soldiers and Shia militia are attacking in varying degrees most of the 10,000 Mosul evacuees who have chosen to enter the Kurdistan region of Iraq (by now perhaps more than that have exited north-west to Rojava and probably Turkey).

These attacks on civilians discourage others from evacuating and delay women and children from humanitarian assistance while their men are abusively interrogated under suspicion of being a “supporter” of the Islamic State, something that is both unlikely and that will get sorted out later or eventually anyway.

In one case of refugee abuse Iraqi troops took around 175 (some occupied) of 200 tents from the incipient Tinah camp, plus a half dozen water trucks and all the latrines intended for a new camp to house Mosul evacuees, and sent the goods and supplies on to the Q-West base they share with US troops in the town of Qayyarah. The theft was done at gunpoint.

Children have been tortured and beaten, men have been shot and physically abused and as far as abiding international law is concerned one Major suggested a few very rude places to put international law.

A RINJ Foundation executive in Iraq, noted rhetorically, “if the Iraqi government cannot manage 10,000 evacuees, how will it handle the 1,000,000 people they themselves say they are expecting?” 

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At least 650,000 Moslawis are trapped in Mosul, unable to leave.

Mr. Abadi has promised repeatedly that irregular militia soldiers of the so-called “*Shiite Popular Mobilization Units” (PMU) (Arabic: الحشد الشعبي‎‎ Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi) co-commanded with Iraq by Iran through Baghdad surrogates would not be involved in the so-called “liberation” of Mosul. But in reality, Shia Militias now surround Mosul and TalAfar and are participating in the fighting against the Islamic State and the citizens of Mosul. Shia militia have already begun operations against TalAfar, the temporary home of many trapped Moslawi workers and a large number of ‘Turkmen’. There is even a fighting unit in the area direct from Iran.

Why is this strong Shia Militia presence a problem?

The people of Mosul are Sunni Muslims, the arch-rvials of the Shia Muslims.

In all the destroyed cities of Iraq that are the result of so-called “liberations” from the Sunni Islamic State the Sunni civilians have been killed or tortured by the Shia Militias.

When the Islamic State entered Mosul on June 4, 2014 it found an abused and somewhat unhappy population ruled by an abusive Shia government in Baghdad.

Currently the population of Mosul is very modestly armed for rebellion with few small-arms weapons but certainly mounting a token resistance against its Takfiri jailers. Conceivably an invasion by Shia Militias, past the first signs of abuse, would result in some resistance then the eventual slaughter of thousands or more Sunnis as the unarmed citizens met the Iranian-backed and heavily armed Shia fighters.

This cannot be allowed to happen.


The government of Iraq must focus on one thing and one thing only: create a safe-passage corridor for civilians to evacuate Mosul.

You said you would, Mr. Abadi. So do it, please.