Invasion of Mosul: Citizen Safe Exit Must Be Provided

Sunday, October 16
“Safe passage routes out of Mosul must be provided to civilians, guided & guarded by coalition forces,” says  The RINJ Foundation

In the late hours of Sunday and the early hours of Monday Morning October 17 another invasion of Mosul began. This one to rid Islamist extremists occupiers who have owned the city and terrorized the people of the city since June 2014.

Launching attacks against and from small villages to the south of Mosul the Iraqi Army and various allied militias began the invasion of Mosul, Iraq.

Shortly after midnight the Iraqi Prime Minister made a televised announcement while surrounded by what appeared to be his military commanders.

“The hour of victory has sounded and the Mosul liberation operation has started,” Prime Minister Abadi said. “We urge you, the heroic people of Mosul, to cooperate with our security forces to rescue you.”


Safe Passage Routes out of #Mosul must be provided, guided & guarded by coalition forces.

Flimsy tent cities are being constructed today to accommodate the exodus of civilians from Mosul. Pamphlets dropped by Iraqi helicopters tell civilians to stay in their homes and not to leave the city but the people have no money, no food and no water.

Tent cities are springing up today

While IDP camps around Mosul in Duhok, Erbil, Shingal, and Nineveh goverorates have been grossly unable to cope with the existing flood of internal Iraqi displaced persons and regional refugees, another million could flee Mosul says the United Nations which has also warned of an epic humanitarian disaster post invasion.

Read more about the risks involved in this “Liberation Illusion” as the previous occupiers kick out the current occupiers of Mosul, Iraq.

The RINJ Foundation has medical staff and facilities in the region.