Yemen says HearMeToo. Orange The World in Yemen?

Dear President Trump. Why did you kill my family?

A little boy.

Violence against poor, voiceless women & children in distant Yemen goes unnoticed. For these women & children I want to say “HearMeToo”.

Sadly they are disliked by many Americans; hated by many more while some Americans are indifferent to their existence. That is why it is easiest for the USA Pentagon to kill Yemenis. They have been doing that for a long time.

Why did you kill my familyWhy did you kill my family? Yemen Graffiti Art by Rosa Yamamoto

Feature article in the Orange-The-World series by Melissa Hemingway  Feminine Perspective Magazine, Senior Staff Writer 

General Atomics Video. Source: Website

Predator Remotely Piloted Drone can do what a bomber can do: kill large numbers of people indiscriminately without knowing who is a combatant and who is a civilian bystander. For years the United States has been killing civilians as well as terrorists in Yemen in what it calls “The War on Terror” but what is truly in fact the war on Yemenis.

Over 100,000 Yemeni have been killed to date by civil war violence including America’s very effective Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, starvation from the American blockade of foodstuffs and medicines reaching Yemen, and cholera which has resulted from a completely and deliberately destroyed infrastructure. Current estimates say that 80,000 deceased are children. The World Health Organization says 1,000,000 persons have cholera. and The RINJ Foundation women have been teaching: What Yemen Moms can do to save baby from Cholera.

America Continues to Slaughter Civilians & may reach its all time high: 8.5 million +

Behar Abbasi of The RINJ Foundation working with local medical groups assessing needs in Yemen says there is a consensus that 8.3 million Yemenis are at morbid risk owing to famine and disease.

Did President Trump not notice his Yemen Blockade was causing a Humanitarian Disaster

As U.S. General Stanley A. McCrystal once said, “I believe the perception caused by civilian casualties is one of the most dangerous enemies we face.” Hence if that is a story that must be told to stop the slaughter of women and children, then it must be told.

American Lies and Deceptions about Yemen War Crimes “I believe the perception caused by civilian casualties is one of the most dangerous enemies we face.” – U.S. General Stanley A. McCrystal in his inaugural speech as ISAF Commander in June 2009. Photo credit: Courtesy Physicians for Social Responsibility & Art: The RINJ Foundation.

USA was asked to Compensate Families for the more than 50 Yemeni Women and Children it Killed in the Dahyan Market.

According to Katie Alsop of The RINJ Foundation the civil society women’s group wrote to the USA government and asked that as a benevolent act without admitting guilt or liability, the USA simply compensate the families of the slaughtered women and children in the bustling market on that sunny day on 9 August 2018. The US ignored the request.

On 9 August 2018, a school bus in a Dahyan, Yemen market was bombed killing dozens of children plus women shoppers at the market. There wasn’t a Houthi anywhere around.

This deliberate civilian slaughter of children was done by an American-made bomb dropped by an American-made aircraft flown by an American-trained pilot whose aircraft was airborne-refuelled by Americans who also provided the targeting data for the bomb. With this type of 500-pound bomb guidance, the pilot can see a video picture of the target as can the ground controllers (also American).

This was one of many hundreds of attacks on civilians resulting in mass civilian deaths. Yemeni journalist Nasser Arrabyee reported that there were no Houthis in the vicinity of the strike. Why was the school bus bombed?

Photo array of 9 August 2018, Dahyan airstrike: Captured from local Television Video

On the evidence going back many years, this is not a Saudi-led war it is an American-led War. US President Trump only made the violence and blockade of Yemen much worse.

Donald Trump's ego has been stroked extensively by the House of Saud. At right is King Salman himself. You may be looking at the world's two worst misogynists who encourage untold violence against women.

Stroking Trump’s ego is something for which the House of Saud has shown expertise.  Photo credit: Media handout. Art: The RINJ Foundation

Trump Pardon’s Thanksgiving Turkey and Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MbS)  for Jamal Khashohhi’s Murder

  • Donald Trump’s ego has been stroked extensively by the House of Saud. At right in tghe above picture is King Salman himself paying homage to emperor Trump.
  • Trump continues to receive financial compensation from Saudi Arabia to his businesses hence his judgement is biased and he cannot be trusted in Middle East Asian matters.
  • Trump’s  decision to ignore the kidnap/murder of Washington Post columnist and American resident Jamal Khashoggi is proof of the above.
  • Misogyny is a cause of Violence against Women and Children
  • You may be looking at the world’s two worst misogynists who encourage untold violence against women.

Women and children suffering in YemenThis Child is almost two years old but has the weight of a 6-months old baby. The child’s development is seriously interrupted. Photo credit: Behar Abbasi


These are the Countries currently still supplying military equipment to Saudi Arabia. They must stop, pronto

Countries Still Supplying weapons to Saudi ArabiaSource:SIPRI

The USA-KSA-UAE WarTeam Against Yemen’s Houthis and allies

 This war in Yemen is about a USA-run puppet government that fell to the Shiite Muslim community in Yemen after the USA had been medling for years in the affairs of Yemen. The USA has disrespected Yemen sovereignty, bombing with UAVs, and running troops in-country since more than a decade ago. The Yemen civil war which began in March 2015, was a result of a grass roots uprising that sprang from the resentment of an authoritarian kleptocratic puppet government of the USA and Saudi Arabia.

Anti-Yemen Coalition

and supporters.

  • Saudi Arabia (Primary combatant invader into Yemen since  03/2015)
  • United Arab Emirates (Primary combatant invader into Yemen since 03/2015)
  • United States (Primary combatant invader into Yemen since 03/2015) (US Air Force, US Army, US Academi Mercenaries, US Navy)
  • Other Coalition Combatants
    Qatar (until 2017)
Support list with:

  1.  finance,
  2. intelligence,
  3. weapons,
  4. experts &
  5. soft support
  • Al-Quaeda
  • Australia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Eritrea
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • ISIS
  • Malaysia
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
Saudi/US imposed Puppet government led by Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi

  • National Army (pro-Hadi)
  • Yemeni Air Force
  • Popular Resistance CommitteeNon-state resident co-belligerents with Hadi and Coalition:
  • Al-Islah
  • Hirak
  • Al-Qeaeda
  • Islamic State (ISIS)
  • Academi (US Mercenaries)


  •  Houthis Rebel militia that overthrew
    Yemen puppet government of US and Saudi late 2014.

( Past Houthis supporters: Yemen Army Loyal to former Pres. Saleh and Houthis (2015-2017) and  Yemeni Republican Guard (2015-2017) )

Alleged unproven support from:

  • Iran (weapons)
  • Hezbollah (weapons)
  • Qatar (since 2017, soft support)
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Table: The Yemen War from UN data, Yemen-internal sources and media reports. –


Take half an hour and watch this video produced by medical workers in Yemen.