North Korea Injogogi (Analysis)

Injogogi is a Korean word meaning “no meat”. There is no meat to detractors’ critiques on North Korea. And North Koreans have been eating a soy substitute to meat ahead of most of mankind which must adopt injogogi as populations reach 9 billion. But that is another topic for later.The southern "gate" from Pyongyang, North Korea Photo Credit: KCNAThe southern “gate” entering or leaving Pyongyang, North Korea. Photo Credit: KCNA

Analysis by Micheal John Feminine Perspective Magazine Writer | Editor who has covered North Korea for numerous Canadian Maclean Hunter and MPRM Group magazines and weeklies since the latter-1980s.

Think for now about the safety of 13 million women, babies and their families in the DPRK. This is a country the whole world has been bullying with 30,000 troops at its border, then getting angry when the DPRK responds by developing weapons to defend itself. Absurd. The hypocrisy is epic and quite frankly despicable. More urgent than that, this antipathy toward the DPRK  is starving its children to death. Its a global mental sickness that has permeated even the United Nations. Shameful.

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Trump detractors are attacking Trump saying the DPRK has betrayed a trust by not destroying its missile sites. The USA has not destroyed any missile sites either. Neither side promised they would. Unilateral denuclearization is not going to happen anywhere. Global denuclearization is the only way ahead.

12 June Kim-Trump Summit was Expected to be Injogogi

U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un set aside all their nation’s hatred and horrible words of seven-decades and got together on June 12 in Singapore to meet for the first time and discuss the possibility of ending the Korean War.

Trump’s detractors have spun this other ways but they are telling the same old lies that Trump has debunked. It is possible for the USA and all the world to have a good relationship with U.S. President North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump proved that point.

In the alternative, if America were to go to war with the DPRK, it would lose everything.

The USA is not in a position to go to war with Russia, China and the DPRK.

The three nations opposing the USA share one border and are like-minded about America’s roguish imperialism. The USA would be trounced. So would be the entire globe.

The three nations are also like-minded about history and although the point is mute would like to see America make amends for its 1950 to 1953 war crimes.

Trump is a Hero

Donald Trump is already a hero in this matter, no matter how unlikely that seems, and beyond any doubt.

Concomitantly the people of the DPRK could say the same thing, nowever, from a neutral table, the win goes to Trump who had to overcome seemingly unlimited odds in his home country. The belly-aching exists still to this moment but everything that has been said against the peace between the two leaders is based on pure propaganda that is more than half a century old.

Donald Trump detractors are inclined to also berate DPRK.

That is mostly because of past lies and deceptions of American leadership that created a false perception. There is also a huge amount of racism actually from both sides.

Yes, both sides have race issues, large and small. Walking around Asian communities, as an Irish/Canadian-born white guy, I get the strangest looks and am told that the last thing people expected to see was a white guy eating only with chopsticks. My answer as always is that I didn’t notice they were different from me. I didn’t. I do see greater, and nastier extremes than this. There still is a big divide between Asians and Caucasians that must be bridged with education and knowledge.

An interesting note might be that for Donald Trump who probably doesn’t care about people in the least and judges them as useable or disposable, racism while spoken, is not felt. For Trump, race is not an impediment. For his followers its a real problem to overcome. That’s another reason why Trump’s accomplishments thus far in ending this foolish war is brilliant and deserves all the accolades he will get here.

History does not favour fairness.

The propaganda canons of WWII had been rolled back, reloaded, and put back into play by America to go up against the Soviet Union. Connect North Korea to that process as well.

Because of Japanese complicated involvement in Korea and the spoils of war, Korea became split and Japan withdrew to its  island.

China and Russia (Soviet Union)  bordering the North became allies and the USA from its bases in conquered Japan claimed alliance with South Korea.

After numerous skirmishes along the border between the two halves of the Korean peninsula, the North attacked the south. America was getting bashed around badly until it got a break at Inchon. Following that the American Air Force was able to drive up the useage of bombs to continue the war dividends back home by carpet bombing the citizenry of North Korea killing one third of the North Korean citizens. It was a deliberate massacre of innocent non-combatants that still has yet to be dealt with. This was a crime that has no statute of limitations.

The DPRK is not a monster. It is a secret sin of America.

The Korean Peninsula has endured a long history of oppression and the DPRK has suffered the most.

The DPRK has had bad government at times mainly because the system of government has no consistent checks and balances. Authoritarianism can work when the leader is a benevolent dictator. That has not always been true. It could be argued well that the Kim dynasty has often put its interests ahead of the DPRK people.

In the case of the Kim dynasty, the leaders have been moody tyrants at times but mostly benevolent toward their own people. That may be especially true of Kim Jong-un although the world has not given him any credit for his management of the most enduring and extreme hardships the nation has recently faced. Mr. Kim is a young man who has not completely formed into the person he will be for most of his life. Give him a chance to do that. This period of time is formative.

The ideas of the DPRK government looked warped to some groups but so do the onlookers to the North Koreans look bizarre. Moreover, the world has known little to nothing about the country because of the American-imposed isolation of the DPRK since the Korean War.

Whatever Washington DC  has told Americans about North Koreans has never been refuted because of the US imposed isolation of North Korea.

This was a great faux pas of the 20th century. A totally false paradigm was created to cover up the atrocities done against the North Koreans.  Instead of sanctions, the United States and its culpable allies should be paying $billions to the North Koreans for war reparations and to mitigate atrocities committed against the North Korean people on DPRK soil.

Then Came Trump

Unorthodoxy has its merits.

Did anyone in the world consider that Donald Trump’s presidency may have been in the cards (destiny) as a needed change in thinking? Maybe. Not likely. But it is turning out that way for some things. Korea is a good example. The approach to North Korea has been thus far arcane, steeped in tension and hostility with the exception of Jimmy Carter who sadly had little to no backing.

Carter was always right about a humane nd diplomatic approach to the American / DPRK war. Positive and brilliant, Carter didn’t have what it takes. There is not one larcenous bone in the man’s body; he is a walking breathing saint. But working among Americans a good leader must be able to slit a few political throats. That’s not Carter. Trump does that every day. It’s not the DPRK side that is the problem–it is what America has done to the education of the American People. For example, Donald Trump grew up knowing the truth because he was alive and old enough to read some news accounts. Barrack Obama only ever heard the American propaganda side about the DPRK.

Jimmy Carter has offered to Mr. Trump his services as a negotiator and the two would likely work together well. But it would only be a second-best. Trump is the best man for this job. Mr. Kim and Mr. Trump are both con-men. The old saying should be heeded, “you cannot con a con-man“.

Approaching a recurring problem with the same failed method of solving the problem is a fool’s game if there is a better option. There is and it is Trump’s leadership.

Hatred and sanctions against North Korea must end.

Sometimes teachers use extremes to illustrate a method or point. For example, when a mother in North Korea wants to educate her baby about temperature warnings for baby’s safety she might point to the fire in the fireplace and say, “hot”. Then she might perhaps point to the frozen icicle on the pine tree outside the window and say, “cold”. So there you have the bad guys–the extremes.

American politicians tend to do that. It’s childlike. North Korea bad. Hatred and sanctions are throttling the country and killing countless civilians all over again.

Trump Began Reversing America’s Lies and Must Continue

All it really took was a handshake and an agreement to talk. Trump did more and opened up a steady dialogue. In doing that he turned upside down a nearly century-old stupidity culture of America that was born from a stream of nonsense propaganda.

Apparently one will never go wrong betting on the credulous American swallowing what the White House feeds, hook, line and sinker. When the US propaganda machinery says a thing enough times it becomes a fact no matter how wrong.

The US government slaughtered three million civilians in Korea by carpet bombing the residential regions of North Korea. That’s a serious war crime. The parties to that atrocity should have been hung if Nuremberg rules were applied to America. They were not because Europe was so grateful to America for helping out against the Nazis on WWII.

To cover its sins Washington told the American people a pack of lies about the North Koreans. It used its WWII anti-Nazi propaganda infrastructure to rip the North Koreans. To this day Americans still believe that claptrap.

Formally Ending the Korean War Is a Next-best step

Don’t expect more for a new meeting of Leader Kim and President Trump.

The friendly and tolerant approach Trump is now using will work. Yes he runs hot and cold. Trump’s personality is moody. But the DPRK conflict is stuck in his mind and it is a glowing success trend line for him that every living US President should be jealous about.

For the world, there are no greater accomplishments needed of Mr. Trump’s presidency than peace and friendship with North Korea.