Killing of JCPOA is now a Certain War Path (Analysis)

The bad behaviour of Iran and the USA might only be something like what parents must tolerate from quarreling children before they find a recipe for lasting peace. But it might also be a kindling to global nuclear war as Iran in Syria with Russia vs USA and Saudi Arabia;  and Iran in Lebanon and Syria against Israel and the USA blows up in all our faces and spreads like wildfire.

Iran nuclear deal: agreement in Vienna.
JCPOA  – Iran nuclear deal: agreement in Vienna. From left to right: Foreign ministers/secretaries of state Wang Yi (China), Laurent Fabius (France), Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Germany), Federica Mogherini (EU), Mohammad Javad Zarif (Iran), Philip Hammond (UK), John Kerry (USA). 15 July 2015 Photo Credit: Bundesministerium für Europa, Integration und Äusseres

  1. Starving the Iranian population and incurring economic bedlam for Iranian children and their families is an act of  extreme violence.  This is what has happened to the population in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and what created the humanitarian disaster in Yemen.
  2. Millions of people are threatened with externally imposed death sentences in each case by the US White House (and allies) which is now renown for making huge mistakes, like the slaughter of 2 million in the Korean War from 1950-1953; The American War in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975, and the Iraq War and a slaughtering of a million innocent Iraqis from 2003 to 2011.
  3. Iran’s reaction will be and should be whatever it takes, commensurate with the threat,  to protect its own people. 
  4. In the context of a world willing  to impose death on millions of ordinary people inside another country because it doesn’t like its government, Yemen for example, may we suggest that the Nordic nations bring assassination planners to criminal justice, not entire nation state populations they come from?
  5. May we beg Europe use its collective calm wisdom and try to embrace Iran through a mediator?

by Micheal John, Feminine Perspective MagazineWriter/Editor

Background: What kind of a man does this to Iran’s good people?

The world is going to give Iran’s population the same punishment it gave to the people of Yemen? Is this because Iran is meddling in Iraq, Syria and Yemen? Step back and answer this: Who isn’t? Is it about nuclear weapons being in the hands of violent theocracies? Donald Trump is a real estate conman who has conned his way into the White House. He thinks he can swing an axe over the heads of the Iranian people and threaten them with the Yemeni-Treatment as a way to calm down a would-be nuclear nation. There is no calm. Persia has been around forever. It’s not going away. Trump has lost already, it’s just a matter of who else’s head falls to the ground. This has to be stopped.

Hasn’t acquiring the overwhelming destructive power of nuclear weapons caused other nations to be less warlike and more responsible?

Not really, eh? So, the overwhelming response to solving these issues is the July 14, 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action a.k.a. Iran Nuclear deal  JCPOA Read it here.


Who is behind this serious crisis with Iran that just got worse with more baby-killing Sanctions Starting 4 November?

Having read the March 2017 interpretation of the “Goldwater Rule” by the American psychiatric community, Dr. Bandy X. Lee, an assistant professor of law and psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine, decided to go off the reservation and vigorously attack Donald Trump, not as a liberal Democrat but as a licensed psychiatrist (in New York State) she and others published a book to attack Donald Trump.

Bandy X Lee says she is an expert on violence. She described RINJ as a violent organization because of what she learned about the organization’s resistance actions in a war zone where women were collected and raped and murdered or enslaved. Elements of RINJ’s private security were extremely violent in self defence as hostages of an occupying force in a war. When she says Trump is a violent man, we must look at that in context. Probably Trump has never had to kill anyone in self-defence in a war. But for sure Trump’s mouth and his sexual behaviour are violently abusive. There’s no doubt about that. But some of us have met very violent people at their trials, like rapists who murder their victims.  So Bandy Lee doesn’t really have a clue when she nails Trump as a violent president, really. He is not the worst. The best might have been Jimmy Carter but all the others have blood on their hands.

But maybe instead of being a parochial political animal Bandy X Lee is indeed a total humanitarian and she figured that the millions of Americans in the United States (and Russia?) who elected Donald Trump are not smart enough or exposed to this TV personality sufficiently to know he is not from the straight and narrow? Yes. He oozes a passive-aggressive form of violence when he is not being outright verbally violent. He certainly causes a lot of death but that is normal for a US President.

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President became a best seller long before 2017 ended.

Political cutthroats or saviours Bandy X Lee, Jeffrey D. Sachs and 25 others who actually don’t seem to be clinicians or humanitarians either were willing to commit career suicide for the entire clinical psychiatric profession in order to try and sabotage a US Presidency is more of a statement about the current state of America’s frenzied parochial political scene than about the health of the US President. That’s a whole other argument but psychiatry just took a huge beating for releasing medical diagnostics about a patient. Isn’t there anything sacred about patient records for a US President? Maybe not.  There but for the grace of God go I is what many must think. Next they’ll be diagnosing dissidents and activists as crazies and getting them thrown into special migrant-minds camps.

Donald Trump is not Crazy.

Having a disordered personality is not that unusual especially in a politician and it does not mean the patient is crazy. It means that Trump doesn’t care about people’s feelings and impacts how he sees himself. He sees people as either objects he should use or dispose.

Trump is mentally unwell, they say. Well, ups and downs come with the job. Trump’s personality flaws leave him prone to quick illness on the mental side of his being but that is treatable by good people around him. We hope that is true when the military gets past General Mattis and starts yapping about trying out their new laser-magnetic-grapple-destructor beam on the last nation to get Trump peeved.  Diplomats and public policymakers should at least let it look like they buy into Trump’s latest con unless they want to risk being shot in the back as Trump did to Trudeau.

As President of the United States you will have those days. It’s a tough job say all the former Presidents. It looks like a tough job. But there are many very good medical people around the US President who know their job and they know how to decide when the President is too much under fire for good health and they speak up and get what they want say most of the past half dozen spokespersons of the US President. 

Mental health is something we all have, every minute of our existence, running in concert with our physiological health: mind and body health in short. It is something about which a person needs to have cognizance. Most people do have that awareness but they may not realize that is what it is called.  Let’s use the example of the Dad or Mom who opens the mail and finds that a huge sum of money has been overcharged on their credit card. This is not a good mental health time to go lecture their daughter about a messy bedroom. Solve the money issue, then chill to prevent good guidance for a daughter from turning into a flame-thrower toasting of the perfectly normal little girl. Just saying.

Donald Trump slurred  a few words at the end of last year in a speech about moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Sigmund Freud might gag too if he had to spit those words out. The point is that this is a very stressful situation, a tough speech to deliver, no matter which side of that decision you are on. Recordings of the difficult speeches that the compassionate conservative George W. Bush made or that Barrack Obama made are very instructive. The pressure the role of POTUS brings to the occupant of that high office is awesome. Trump had a dry mouth and his lack of experience and his nervousness did not allow him to do what highly experienced politicians Obama and Bush knew, to stop, take a drink of water, use the pause for effect, and then continue. Trump is a beginner.  Trump is not crazy. He has a significant personality disorder with a list of scary traits that would challenge Freud to figure out. That takes a lot of written tests the patient would need to consent to and then spend a few days completing as well as undergoing a series of interviews.

At FPMag we did a quick straw poll and based on the opinions of people who have thoroughly read the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5) and who are also medical professionals, and decided that any President of the United States is going to endure considerable and frequent bouts of rough mental health caused by events that cause a range of emotions from sadness to joy and even utter terror (fear) at times. The poll revealed that 100% of respondents worry about Donald Trump’s disordered personality and not his mental health. Those are two different things.

 Donald Trump has had 72 years to learn to cope with his own personality anomalies. The American people and the people of the rest of the globe have not had this training.

Trump must Dance with those who brought him to the Party.

Like George W. Bush found the religious right to launch his POTUS stint, Trump found the extreme radical right wing loonies. Trump is no more of a Neo-Con than Jesus was. But Trump is the ultimate real estate con man. The guy is a con artist and he has conned a group of people who heretofore had nobody to love and no one to love them. Trump doesn’t love anyone but he sure knows how to make you think he loves the gun-totin’  hang-em-high crowd.

Now they, are quite crazy. Imagine being Trump and trying to keep those absolute screwballs who elected him, happy. Slipping into the neo-con group from his former life as a liberal Democrat who kissed Bill Clinton’s butt and hung out with Jeffrey Epstein and Bill at the pay-as-you-play child-model-ranch  for a few years, probably Trump tossed what little personal values he may have learned (they don’t come naturally for people with his kind of personality disorder so they must be mimicked).

Donald Trump is a cur.  He ass-sniffs his way around life looking for where the going seems good. Whenever you have this kind of cur around the community, its barking and egosyntonic aggression is more than annoyance. It damages  lives. That doesn’t really make Trump violent, he is, but its not about that which is pure lack of empathy, such that everything that comes from his mouth without forethought is going to hurt someone or cause someone else to inflict the harm. Honestly, someone told us, someone who should know, that Mohammad bin Salman figured Trump would see the Crown Prince as very COOL for slaughtering a journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, because of Trumps flaming rhetoric.

Get back to Earth, people. This wasn’t Trump being caught in a bus, exposing his sexist, sadistic, misogynistic self because he did not know he was being recorded and thought his blabber was private; this was Trump speaking to the world in front of every network in every language saying that journalists are the “enemy of the people” and at times cheering on his supporters who became physically violent to journos.

Trump has been shrieking  his rabble-rousing Trailer-Park-Boys adrenaline pumpers with his eyes near popping and his face near cherry red.

Every moment Donald Trump is in the White House is another moment of all-consuming sensational attention fetching, sending human development and everything important to a distant and forgotten back burner.

Sadly one of the Dances with the Devil killed the JCPOA

The Dance also killed the Paris Accord.
America is the second worst polluter in the world next to China and is steadily getting clobbered by worsening weather calamities. But the White House has reversed all eco-protection policies claiming that climate change and pollution are both a myth.

Does Trump really believe what he says about climate change, or Iran, or anything? Trump is a highly practiced con-artist whose all-time renown is cheating people. Yes. Spend a day reading through the statements of claim that in paper weight have pulped several forests of trees. 

The Pack

Every life that Donald Trump’s touches directly is impacted forever in a negative and unforgettable manner.

This cur like all curs runs in useless packs, urinating and defecating everywhere it goes. When a cur from the pack finds a bone to chew it does not share. This cur is not followed by purebreds or intelligent hunters or canine-development community members, it is followed by similar mutts of lower intelligence, grossly inflicted with mob mentality and no ability to function without a leader no matter how stupid or dysfunctional the leader.  The pack’s members nonetheless will rejoice in the bloodshed of a leadership challenge, the messier the better. Curs at Trump’s level of conning don’t like their own type so they get their own pack.

I suspect what Bandy lee sees in reality is Trump’s followers. People like bin Salmon and Omar al Bashir are quick to laugh and grab their sword. Trump’s followers want replays of each blood-spurting blow and try to get in one more DVD replay before they run out the door to get a front-row seat at the local underground dog-fight or cock fight in armpit Arkansas or wherever they may be.

Hollywood knows these packs of curs and feeds their lust with extra-scene bloodier-than-bloody uncut DVD-versions of films already on the fringe at a steep price to make the production some delicious net/net profits.

Donald Trump made some very bad bedfellows in order to get elected (if he really was). By now they are getting job posts inside the US departments related to health care and slaughtering women’s rights; hiding male contraceptive breakthroughs (a man can have a needle and not create babies for a year or so); killing stem cell research and approving new guns and rules for acquiring them so that nephew Billy can get a 40 MM chain gun for his collection for his 13th birthday.

The Trump White House wants to kill Iran, Starting Today

When the United States

  • halts uranium enrichment;
  • stops ballistic missile and anti-missile development;
  • destroys all its nuclear weapons; and
  • and ends support for proxy forces in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East and around the world for that matter;

then and only then does it have the moral position to politely ask other nations, such as Iran, to do the same.

The world made a deal with Iran and then broke it out of fear Donald Trump will close America to Europe’s business.

Fear. That’s Trump’s game. Fear (paranoia) is Trump’s nemesis so therefore he believes it is everyone’s achilles heel.

Not fearing the USA but fearing its own soon-to-be starving population, Iran is furious and setting out to retaliate. So now that Iran’s existence is threatened by crippling sanctions, it is misbehaving. Lo and behold it acts just like North Korea has acted in the past.

Now begins another set of assassinations, cyber-subterfuge,  unexplained business failures, market instability, and general uneasiness as opinion leaders take sides and flip-flop while still deciding.

Europe wanted JCPOA but Trump Pulled out. Hire a Mediator. Hire Barrack Obama and prevent the Middle East bomb.

The thought that a foreign nation is in your country to kill the leader of the Danish branch of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz (ASMLA) is hideous. That was the case in Norway late summer, early fall, this year.

In September, Danish police were shutting down bridges and border crossings to contain the crisis.

On November 1, Norway summoned the Iranian Ambassador for admonishment.  Ambassador Mohammad Hassan Habibollah Zadeh claims to have no knowledge and denies Tehran’s involvement. Meanwhile Swedish, Danish and Norwegian police working together say they have a good picture of the operation which involved a male person who is a Norwegian citizen of Iranian birth as the linchpin in an operation to murder the ASMLA leader in Denmark say Danish police. What more do you want for an arrest warrant. These are not Keystone Cops, they are some of the best and the brightest according to one Interpol source and confirmed by USA law enforcement professional both of whom want anonymity. Reputation of these people’s world says we need to pay close attention to this and accept what we are told.

The problem is that the bar is higher on what has to be tolerated after you vote to sanction whole populations to death.

It is only recently that the Nordic governments have been talking publicly about this matter. “We see the situation that has arisen in Denmark as very serious and that a Norwegian citizen of Iranian background is suspected in this case,” Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soereide has said.

Dare civil society ask this beacon of global hope, the thing called Europe, to try again?

Look what religion’s misogyny has created. Patriarch devoid of compassion and nurturing needs Gender Balance, and  JCPOA

The Catholic and Islamic religions will continue to create wars until religions are either abolished or radically reformed to be inclusive of all humans and not just cavemen.

Don’t look so smug, Jews. Your clinginess to the Old Testament sets you apart as a same-condition mongrel. Deuteronomy 20 contains Yahweh’s instructions about war. “If a city does not accept Israel’s offer of peace and open its gates, then when the Lord your God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it” (verse13). With regard to other cities, the command is (verse 16), “Do not leave anything that breathes.”

Yes. Utter madness. Look out for Bandy X Lee, you overly violent dark ages bumpkins.

The Patriarch’s lust for blood is really a lust for power.

The angry, misogynistic neanderthal male of the Middle East is, in raw-emotional maturity, roughly equivalent to a caveman. Constantly looking over its shoulder, always living in paranoia, and forever creating emotionally-conflicted antisocial offspring trained from birth as misogynists.

If he can’t bond to the human race at the umbilical cord, as in human bonding hence empathy, that third and invisible dimension of human connection wherein we feel the other person, is  never going to happen.

For the she-baby, if she survives early infancy, many don’t, she is pushed to a strong bond with her mother. Beyond the mother she doesn’t need any particular male to form any particular strength of bond, just a dad if available but he is likely the misogyny enforcer, an uncle, a Rabbi, a Priest, a neighbour, even a male or female sibling, or doting grandparent. Stop there. That is usually what happens. She bonds to her’s or another’s grandparent and her connection to the human race is complete, and was easy.

The Modern Middle East Cavemen

Wandering around the Earth with severe yet consciously undetected mommy wounds arising from the confliction of being taught to marginalize women while fighting back the need for emotional and physical nourishment and nurturing, the modern caveman is a skillful killer with warrior muscles but always on the verge of crying like a baby.

Into this Hegemony of psychopaths comes Trump’s edicts about who can have nuclear weapons.

The answer should be “No country should have nuclear weapons.”

In this hegemony the United States is trying to bully the world into bullying the ordinary people of Iran. It’s an end game. It will lead to war. Look at the two sides.


Really. Please, Europe.  Suck it up.  You amazing people might be the last chance for the human race, on Earth, the way we know it. Iran is not going to sit still while its population is made to look like the Yemenis and the North Koreans, disease-ridden, malnourished and on death’s doorstep. Don’t let America do this.

The bad behaviour of Iran and the USA might only be what parents must tolerate from their children before they find a recipe for lasting peace. But it might be a kindling to global nuclear war as Iran in Syria with Russia vs USA and Saudi Arabia;  and Iran in Lebanon against Israel and the USA blows up in all our faces.

Feminine Perspective