Possibility of NKorea striking USA is Propaganda Bunk.

Updated November 3, 2017 – Unless North Korea has figured out a way to turn a super-sized cargo helicopter upside down and screw a nuclear bomb payload through the earth to come up on the other side of the world in the USA, the  Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) will not be able to reliably put thermonuclear warheads into America any time soon, like maybe not for several years from now, if everything goes well in its missile testing program and thermonuclear device miniaturization efforts.

The colorful yet isolationist state says it would only launch an attack in self-defence. The DPRK has thousands of missiles and artillery shells aimed at South Korea for decades and never fired a shot in anger. That is a status quo which is not likely to change.

Spectacular colors and much pomp and paegentry are typical Asian features.

That means that it is time to sit at the peace table without preconditions. It also means that America must stop threatening the world with WWIII.

Before the DPRK backs down on its nuclear arming project it would need to have normalized relations with the rest of the world. Why is that not possible?

Governments and leaders come and go but 25 million people need assurances of their safety and well being from the nations that threaten to destroy them. That’s fair.

Twenty-five million civilians need food and safe water. In the alternative, a massive refugee exodus will swell and flood across borders to neighbouring countries, something the UN and the UN Security Council have been good at causing recently. An estimated 70 million people have been driven from their homes around the world by frivolous war. This must stop. The gut-shrinking food and medical sanctions against ordinary people of North Korea are the motherlode of testosterone folly. Countless thousands have been killed by these scurrilous sanctions. And North Korea has become a formidable nuclear nation. The patriarch running the world governments has literally gone mad and appears hell-bent for World War. This must stop.

Pyongyang wants to first finish its nuclear tests up to the point of an unannounced milestone. Until then it seems disinclined to negotiate. Pyongyang has emphatically warned it needs to conduct a test in the Pacific. The world already has established that is not acceptable but Pyongyang points to other nations, particularly the United States, doing exactly the same thing in the past with impunity. The DPRK expects the same impunity.

America has said it will not negotiate until North Korea gives up its nuclear program. That will never happen. Meanwhile the world has heard about all it can tolerate  and both China and Russia are flexing their military muscle at the United States.

Does The United States Really Want to talk about Regime Change Because of alleged Mental Instability of the DPRK’s leader?

Neither Mr. Trump nor Mr. Kim have the world’s confidence. Far from it. Of the two, however, Mr. Kim seems to be the most stable. That has everyone worried.

Mr. Kim Jong-un nevertheless stepped over a serious criminal line when he allowed the ghouls working for him to murder his brother Kim Jong-Nam using a VX-series chemical warfare weapon. This happened early in 2017 at an airport in Malaysia. Pure lunacy this macabre plot was an act of sinister terrorism if there ever was one.

Mr. Kim’s brother was not a threat. But it is very hard to understand the inner workings of the Kim dynasty. One thing is certain, there are suitable, normalized persons in the family who could run the country, such as Kim Han-sol, Jong-Nam’s remarkable son.  He says he is not interested. He is very young.

Some of the old-timers who supported and served Kim Jong-il, Mr. Kim’s father, also have rattled the chains leading to power. Because of that, some North Koreans think that there have been activities threatening their supreme leader‘s entitlement to the throne. Consequently Mr. Kim’s conduct is not completely understood. Ruthless and brutally cruel to his people, yes, but if he is crazy, that would be the craziness of the proverbial fox.

Can the USA Stop Trump From Starting WWIII?

According to Reuters news agency Democratic U.S. senators introduced a bill on Tuesday they said would prevent the mentally unstable President Donald Trump from launching a nuclear first strike on North Korea on his own, highlighting the issue days before the Republican’s first presidential trip to Asia. Simple math says the Bill will never even come to a vote. The Republicans control both houses and there has been no approval to vote the Bill.

The Senator’s seek to stop Trump, or any U.S. president, from launching an attack on North Korea, or spending any money on a military strike, without congressional approval, unless North Korea has first attacked the United States. It may be a pipe dream.

It is currently impossible for North Korea to attack the United States at home. In some videotaped interviews of US Secretary of State Tillerson, that man has said as much.

North Korea is not in a position to strike America. It wouldn’t anyway. America knows this to be true:

  1. North Korean soldiers and families are currently being treated for radiation exposure following a deadly tunnel collapse at a North Korean nuclear test site in October that killed at least two hundred people important to the DPRK’s nuclear project.
  2. The Punggye-ri site, if recoverable, is years away from being useful and probably should never be used again as a nuclear test facility.
  3. North Korea has relatively reliable intermediate range missiles but its three-stage Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) are untested and quite slow making them somewhat easy targets for anti-missile missiles if what the USA says about their technology is true.
  4. The North Korean project to miniaturize a thermonuclear device without good testing facilities and without atmospheric testing is arduous at best. Some nuclear nations have sawed off their projects at small atomic weapons with yields much less than a thermonuclear device. In other words the DPRK’s ICBMs wouldn’t even complete their journey.
  5. North Korea says it has perfected re-entry from space of warheads. These however were small dummy payloads–not fragile nuclear payloads. A thermonuclear device must be undamaged by the extreme heat of re-entry in order to detonate. Neither Russia nor the USA count on the hundreds upon hundreds of warheads they have always at ready to launch. Many would never function. North Korea does not have many and has not been developing multiple independently-targeted re-entry vehicles (MIRVs). If its one or two shots fail it then faces a volley of response missiles that will end its existence. North Korea will likely never have a first strike capability because of the shear cost.
  6. North Korea is going broke. It can’t pay the type of salaries needed to attract the best and the brightest and has recently lost good people as set out in (1).
  7. North Korea has yet to test a missile-launched thermonuclear device although such a test is imminent and will likely occur within the next 12 days barring unforeseen difficulties or being attacked by the US and its three nuclear-armed aircraft carrier task groups in the region.
  8. Despite rhetorical responses from Mr. Kim Jong-un to Mr. Donald John Trump’s twitter tweets, North Korea has repeatedly and clearly stated it seeks a nuclear weapons capability because it is in a longstanding war with the United States which is a massively armed nuclear nation 13 times its size and it wants a deterrence to invasion.
  9. North Korea, noting the United States military invasions into unwelcoming countries to change their governments in recent years, says that it needs nuclear weapons as a deterrence to the United States invading North Korea to remove its government. It makes perfect sense. Moreover North Korea has the right to defend itself and the United Nations has been directed by its largest benefactor to scurrilously starve the North Korean people as a punishment for becoming nuclear capable over the past 20 years.
  10. North Korea remembering the massive carpet bombing of its peasants in 1953 and the slaughter of 30% of its population by the United States, believes (with very good cause because this threat was made recently by US President Trump)  that the United States is willing to slaughter the DPRK’s 25 million Asian population. North Korea therefore seeks a nuclear deterrence that will convince the USA not to attack. Pyongyang has always eagerly stated its military capability. Most of the missile tubes you see on display in Pyongyang military parades are fakes just like the wooden guns the soldiers often carry (because there are not enough guns to go around?).
  11. North Korea is no more capable of launching a nuclear attack against the United States than are the few remaining mercury poisoned dolphins in the (West) Japan Sea.

Weather May Threaten Japan with Radioactive Debris Now

The most immediate threat  from North Korea is from an accident it tried to prevent but may be out of control.

Its  Punggye-ri nuclear test site has been significantly compromised. While there is no confirmation that it is leaking radioactivity, it is publicly feared by many scientists that even the slightest tremours could crack open the site of six nuclear tests and release all its radioactive debris into the environment including substantial atmospheric contamination.

Get your dosimeters and geiger counters ready if you are in South Korea, China or Japan.

Since the recent deadly tunnel collapse, winds may now strengthen from the northwest and direct radiation toward northern Japan, according to AccuWeather research.

As stated in (1) above, 200 key workers were apparently killed in the October collapse at an unfinished tunnel at the Punggye-ri site, after rescuers sent to save 100 people buried beneath debris were themselves trapped when a second collapse occurred. The testing site is located in mountainous terrain in the northeastern part of North Korea ( DPRK).

It is suggested by China that the supposed test of a thermonuclear device conducted on Sept. 3 2017, may have weakened a mountain and sent fractures into the region, resulting in the tunnel’s collapse. All five previous nuclear tests that North Korea announced were conducted at the same location where the collapse occurred.

One might speculate that North Korea conducted these nuclear tests purposefully on days with light wind conditions, so that any resulting radiation leakage would remain within its borders and would go undetected internationally,” said Dr. Joel N. Myers, AccuWeather founder and president. “We know from other news reports that there has been an accident at the nuclear test site, and the situation that North Korea may have anticipated with radiation being contained within North Korea has changed. As winds pick up out of the northwest over the next few days, it is possible that any radiation that leaks from the site could be carried and dispersed across the Sea of Japan [East Sea] and even to the Japanese islands.”

It is not confirmed, however, that there is radiation in the atmosphere. The world will know soon enough, maybe this weekend. The possible threat may include Hokkaido and far-northern Honshu, with maybe radiation reaching areas farther south this weekend, local time.

Meanwhile The Greatest Disturbance of the Peace in Asia Comes from America — As Usual.

  • Three US nuclear-powered aircraft carriers—the USS Ronald Reagan, the USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt—which are in the region and preparing for joint exercises along with their associated strike groups. Each carrier is accompanied by between six to 10 warships, including cruisers, destroyers and nuclear-powered submarines, and has an air wing of dozens of fighter jets and other military aircraft.
  • The USS Michigan, a nuclear-powered submarine armed with more than 150 nuclear-capable Tomahawk missiles, which docked in South Korea on October 17 ahead of joint exercises with the USS Ronald Reagan. The submarine also carries Navy SEALs, which in an earlier port call in April reportedly included the notorious SEAL Team Six that murdered Osama bin Laden.
  • All US military bases throughout the region, particularly in South Korea, Japan, Guam and Australia are without doubt on a high state of alert. The Pentagon has 28,500 military personnel in South Korea, around 54,000 in Japan and about 4,000 in Guam, along with a large number of naval vessels and warplanes. Australia acts as a de facto rear base for US Marines, warships and aircraft as well as housing key spy and communications bases. Two Australian frigates are due to arrive this week in South Korea for joint drills.
  • The Pentagon is set to deploy, for the first time, a squadron of F-35A Joint Strike Fighter jets and 300 personnel to the US base on the Japanese island of Okinawa. The advanced fifth-generation stealth fighters could well be used as part of a first wave to destroy North Korean air defences, opening the way for a massive air assault.
  • The US Air Force has carried out one military provocation after another—flying B-52 and B1-B strategic bombers close to North Korea. Yesterday, US Strategic Command, in charge of the nuclear arsenal, reported that it had flown a B-2 stealth bomber from the US to the Pacific to “familiarise aircrew” and to ensure “a high state of readiness and proficiency.” Unlike the B1-B, the state-of-the-art B-2 is nuclear capable. — According to Global Research Inc. of Canada

The DPRK Released the following statement on November 1.

NATO Secretary General Lambasted
for Anti-DPRK Rhetoric

A spokesperson for the DPRK-Europe Association on November 1 issued the following statement:

During his recent junket to Japan, the secretary general of NATO absurdly claimed that he was concerned about the north Korean missiles which are capable of reaching most parts of Europe and the western states of the US and that its nuclear and missile programme poses a threat to the world which demands international response.

Before leaving for Japan he had an interview with Japanese media, in which he said that NATO had a resolve and capability to counterattack for protection of its member states from the ballistic missiles of north Korea and that north Korea should be made to pay if it continued to promote nuclear and missile development.

It is a wicked sophism of turning things upside down to condemn the DPRK’s possession of nukes as “a threat to Europe and the rest of the world”.

The showdown between the DPRK and the US whereby the latter poses nuclear threat to the former while pursuing a policy of hostility towards it and the DPRK stands up to the US to defend its dignity and sovereignty is the true nature of the situation on the Korean peninsula.

As it has made it clear at the UN General Assembly and on several occasions, the DPRK has no intention of using its nuclear weapons or wielding them to threaten other countries that do not take part in the US military action against it. It is ridiculous for the secretary general of NATO, who is too well aware of the stance of the DPRK, to repeat like a parrot Trump’s reckless remarks of “global threat”.

It is obvious that NATO is an organization relying on the US military strength, but it is hard to understand why its secretary general, who styles himself the head of an organization and who is not an American, imitates Trump more zealously than an official of the US administration.

The intention of the secretary general of NATO who turns a blind eye to the essence of the Korean peninsula issue and makes a US stooge of himself cannot be construed otherwise than an attempt to pursue a wicked aim of a certain kind.

His deliberate publicity of the idea of “threats of north Korean missiles to Europe” implies that he is anxious to instigate NATO member states into confrontation with the DPRK and create an atmosphere favourable for NATO’s involvement in a war when it breaks out on the Korean peninsula.

He should be aware that his reckless acts of kowtowing to the US would bring only danger to Europe, and he had better behave with discretion.

 — 30 —

Reply Message to Kim Jong Un from Xi Jinping

November 1, 2017 – Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, received a reply message from Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, on November 1.The message said:

I, on behalf of the Central Committee of the CPC and on my own behalf, express sincere thanks to the Central Committee of the WPK and Comrade Chairman for respectively sending congratulatory messages as regards the facts that the 19th National Congress of the CPC was held and I was elected general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and took office as chairman of the Central Military Commission again some days ago.

I wish that under the new situation the Chinese side would make efforts with the DPRK side to promote the relations between the two parities and the two countries to sustainable soundness and stable development and thus make a positive contribution to providing the peoples of the two countries with more wonderful happiness and defending regional peace and stability and common prosperity.

I wish the Korean people steadily fresh successes in the cause of socialist construction under the leadership of the WPK headed by Chairman Kim Jong Un.

 — 30 —

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