Mosul ‘Liberation’ Illusion Update – Daesh Winning

  • Daesh goal:  kill as many innocents as possible.
  • Iraqi government’s role is to protect its people.
  • The Islamic State is winning.


Translated: from Arabic Poster:

Nurses inside Mosul Warning Civilians: Get Out

  • Dear patients and friends in Mosul. Be warned: most invading soldiers are Shia & don’t trust you.
  • They are likely to kill or hurt your male family members & you.
  • Most soldiers surrounding Mosul now are  Hashid Shaabi commanded by Hadi al-Amiri.
  • This has enraged Daesh to fight even harder to the death. They vow to kill you.
  • Other militia are under Iran’s Quds Brigade, the extra-territorial arm of the Iran Revolutionary Guards led by General Qassem Soleimani  who is camped near Hwy1.
  • Daesh is in a killing frenzy and intends to murder you for no reason other than anger and hatred.
  • Invaders are mostly Shiite Muslims and very few Sunni.
  • All soldiers don’t want to die either and they will be suspicious, angry and afraid that you are Daesh.
  • They are heavily armed and when you see them they have already killed.
  • They will be quick to kill again.
  • Many combatants are not wearing recognizable uniforms and may dress just like you.
  • We know Daesh will not leave without trying to kill every Moslawi.
  • Get out of Mosul at the first opportunity. 18,000 Did Already. They joined 25,000 from Nineveh province.
  • If you see a tunnel entrance or Daesh bunker or weapons cache near your home and you have a phone, call KRG Security and report this quickly and get off the phone.
  • Read how Mosul Underground Resistance suggests you leave in ORGANIZED groups.

Mosul Liberation “Illusion” Awaits Rescue

Despite valiant efforts in Mosul, Iraqi soldiers are being slaughtered by ISIS fighters who are doing every disgusting war-crime imaginable. They seem to want to fight ferociously to the death. Meanwhile, bogged down Iraqis are taking out their frustration on the local civilians claiming they are Iraqi spies. War crimes are common to all claimants of Mosul, Iraq.

Iraqi losses, sadly, are very high.

There is a significant possibility the US military will  invade Mosul.

We believe there is a US urban-battle force made ready and the US will send a sizable contingent of  urban warfare fighting units into Mosul including some members who are already in Iraq. (About 8-10,000 US troops are in the region currently; nearly 2,000 are based in and near Qayyarah South airfield). Permission must be sought from Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi and US President Barack Obama who was briefing President-Elect yesterday.

The reaction inside Mosul is minimal because the word has not spread.  Most people have heard rumours and have seen Daesh operating American firearms and equipment enough to think Daesh have been armed by the USA. It will seem ironic, the two fighting each other, face-to-face.


Daesh Fighters Are Fiercely Holding Ground

“Every urban warfare tactical action of the Daesh takfiri is done behind a human shield,” say nurses in Mosul.

Many significant Mosul roads are blocked with staggered “T” or “L” shaped concrete barriers.

Daesh get around on foot or on motorcycles when outside their tunnels but for the most part their motorbikes are driven in tunnels, especially by the snipers who play “pop goes the weasel” meaning the Daesh shoot Iraqis from one place and as the Iraqi response is mustered, the Daesh sniper scoots quickly into a tunnel and along tunnel routes they know very well (or sometimes a back alleyway between rows of houses) to allow the sniper to come up on the other side of the zone and shoot the Iraqis in the backs. This tactic has caused Iraqi withdrawal to a safe distance and Daesh retaking some ground.


Man-Made Humanitarian Fiasco

For two years ISIS has killed an estimated average of 27 civilians per day. The combined total today, people killed by Daesh and the pro-Iraq forces is over 300 per day.

Daesh have moved right into civilian’s homes. They are bombed and everyone is killed three-to-one civilians-to-Daesh. That is based on anecdotal and eyeball evidence of the graves, moving around neighbourhoods,  and the lineups of people to be killed by Daesh. There is no more morgue. The morgue is beyond coping.

Something explodes every few seconds. Bodies are buried in mass graves along the river, down south toward the airport and in industrial areas, parks and agricultural gardens where the dirt is soft.  Daesh have a lot of dirt from their tunnels.

Every time Daesh fighters must resupply a house with ammunition or other supplies or make a change of fighters, they drag the civilians out of some houses and force them to come along for the trip, creating a human shield even for toilet visits by Daesh fighters.

The fighting is so fierce that attempts to evacuate the population is failing–people don’t yet believe the invasion of Mosul and eviction of Daesh will be successful.

The advance into Mosul has completely stalled. No progress is being made in fact the Iraqis are losing ground to ISIS.

Partly because the Islamic State is now slaughtering an estimated 100 civilians per day (calculations including groups of ‘missing’ civilians from the southern outskirt towns, presumed dead), The RINJ Foundation and the local resistance has been urging people to leave Mosul at any available opportunity.

Make A Plan Now To Get out of Mosul –
Talk To Your Street Captain

People who just fled the Intisar district of eastern Mosul are seen along a road in Qaraqosh, Iraq November 4, 2016. REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra This pic is from the farmlands. People in Mosul have big truck SUVs. Use them to carry your family and friends with their white flags. Thanks REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra

  • On the Left Coast evacuation is not going well because people are hearing tales of abuses to civilians and are also hearing about extremely long walks to safety. Including all of Nineveh there may be 42,000 people now.
  • The IDP camps are poorly prepared to receive and house people. Aid agencies beg for help but nobody helps.
  • Far too many male persons, men and boys are vanishing, never making it to camps. There are dozens of reports circulating about torture and murder by advancing troops. There is even some talk about this taboo topic in some media.
  • No safe corridor has been provided by the Iraqi military which is suspected by many Moslawis of being a collective ‘war criminal’ to match ISIS. Perception can be reality. People are afraid of leaving Mosul despite the extreme brutality of Daesh
  • A large quantity of toxic chemicals are stored in locations downtown soley for killing you.

Unseen Escapes From Mosul

As usual, with the assistance of good-hearted insiders attached to the Mosul Underground Resistance, a few thousand civilians on the Right Coast, and from the north are escaping to Rojava and Turkey.

Turkish people have been extraordinarily helpful in assisting the escape of Moslawis under very dangerous and difficult conditions. Many are already in that country, safe and sound.

Shia militiamen operating on their own initiative have been smuggling the wealthier civilians out of Mosul for up to $5,000 a head. That is not encouraged, but each person must make their decision for their family’s safety and survival.

Conditions in Mosul Suggest Leaving

Conditions inside Mosul are extremely bad. But this will get much worse. We are out of medicines for most chronic illnesses and are unable to smuggle any more inside Mosul. Thousands of patients are in worsening unsafe conditions including diabetics, dialysis patients, heart disease patients, small children with even minor illness and both children and seniors with respiratory illness are suffering terribly.

Food is now a serious problem for a growing percentage of the population. Most families have been able to store away rice and canned goods but water and fuel for cooking are expensive and not readily available every day. Merchants are doing their best. Yes, there is a certain level of profiteering. Fisticuffs sometimes result. Daesh Hisbah police sometimes step in with a humanitarian mediation.

It is possible to go to the market but ISIS variant of Sharia rule is in force and both men and women must be observing in their dress and their timing. Daily prayers must be observed. Women may not travel alone. Smoking is not permitted. Etceteras ad nauseum.

The East and West of Mosul (Left Coast / West Coast of the Tigress looking south.) are traffic-separated and nearly isolated by three functioning bridges sealed off  with blocks and sentries. All bridges are heavily mined with large amounts of explosives including cars full of bombs driven down to bridge supports at the river-level. Water level of the Tigress is currently a bit low.

Daesh patrols on the west side are numerous. There are sounds of fighting coming from all directions. Bombing, shelling, mortars, rockets, gunfire–war is everywhere.

We continue to believe that Daesh brass are living in subterranean bunkers and also know that Daesh are operating significant command and control facilities at IBN Seena hospital and to a lesser extent the Al-Jumhoori (Republic hospital), each connected into the tunnel infrastructure. Daesh also operate regional outposts in the basements of other hospitals (including Tal Afar three hospitals have been destroyed) Mosques and other public buildings. These basements are interconnected by tunnels.

Moslawis, despite the risk, are now being encouraged by Mosul Underground Resistance to share any information they have, including tunnel access and more.

Current setbacks in the defeat of Daesh, an enemy to all women and children, can be overcome through unity of purpose and communication.

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