30 Nov. Update: Mosul, Iraq A Human Slaughterhouse

Mosul is now Iraq’s civilian slaughterhouse, akin to Syria’s Aleppo.


  1. All bridges of the city of Mosul crossing the Tigress River have been destroyed. Only one was destroyed by the Islamic State, the others were bombed by Coalition aircraft.
  2. Bridge three was bombed on the 22nd and the thin iron bridge, the oldest in the city was badly damaged and put out of commission on the 24th of November.
  3. The Iraqi Special Forces have taken some control of 12 out of the 152 neighborhoods in the city of Mosul.
  4. The only medical services available to people isolated on the west side of Mosul is a makeshift Iraqi Army field clinic handling about 60 patients per day. Western Erbil surgical hospital is reporting 150 critical admissions per day.
  5. The Iraqi government has not rescinded its order to its troops and to the people of Mosul to stay in their  homes. This has caused the deaths of thousands of civilians.
  6. The Iraqi government on the weekend passed legislation ordering the payment of Shiite Militias a full military salary and a pension.
    Iraqi PM’s broken promise: Shia militias bring sectarian violence to Mosul.
  7. Breaking all his promises to Turkey and the world not to mix Iran-backed Shia militants in the battle for Mosul, Shiite militias including the Iran-backed al-Hashed al-Shaabi have been ordered to enter Mosul and attack the Sunni Islamic State in the second largest city of Iraq.
  8. Food and water shortages in Mosul are worse than ever.
  9. Electricity is rarely available in the city. Keeping batteries charged is a challenge.
  10. Because of damaged water pipes and sewers, clean water is not available to most people and the availability of stored tank water and well water is limited.mosul-nov-29
  11. Water supplies are not safe without at least boiling however a lot of the supply has been contaminated with the pollution of war. Existing supplies may last ten days.
  12. The Islamic State continues to slaughter civilians at its most alarming rate. It is running out of space to bury massive numbers of bodies.
  13. Roughly 75,000 civilians have fled to quickly improvised tent camps from Nineveh province, about 24,000 from Mosul itself.
  14. The Islamic State continues to tale ownership of Moslawi homes. They have been installing mortars, rocket launchers and placing snipers on the roof tops throughout the city.
  15. Muhandiseen Park has become a firing squad’s killing field. Several groups of Moslawis have been taken there and mowed down with automatic weapons allegedly for providing assistance to the Iraqi ‘Golden Division’.
  16. Human shielding of the terrorists continues. IS fighters have been rounding up hundreds of civilians which groups they use for embedding themselves into and forcing a march to get from place to place. Others are herded into buildings.
  17. In all we estimate 85,000 civilians have lost their lives to violence in Mosul since June 6, 2014, including some 24,600 who died at the hands of IS murderers before the Iraqi government began its “liberation”; and about 12,000 missing from Hammam al-Alil, a large small city south of Mosul on the west bank of the Tigress.
  18. That number of civilian deaths is growing at a terrifying rate as all fighters in the city lob hundreds of mortars, hundreds of rockets, dozens of artillery shells, and scores of bombs into the city where the Iraq government claims 1.5 million Iraqis live.