'Jane Doe' Withdraws Her Donald Trump Allegations

“Jane Doe” who on November 2, 2016 was a no-show at her own press conference withdrew the case before  Ronnie Abrams – NY District Court Judge on November 4th amidst controversy including a return address that turned out to be an abandoned house in California. The plaintiff has also told people she is penniless.

The matter has been withdrawn and resubmitted four times in the latter part of the presidential election campaign.

In New York State, rape should be brought to a State’s Prosecutor for criminal prosecution; the police in other words. The District Court Judge should know that and would have directed the matter accordingly if that applied. Perhaps it did not apply.   Read the definition of rape.

2An effort by Norm Lubow (Gerry Springer Show) posing as someone other than himself to sell to media outlets for $1 million a copy of a video tape of the alleged survivor, ‘Jane Doe’ telling her detailed account of a rape, further discredits the case. 

The victimization of this Jane Doe woman seems to continue as those who seek to influence the outcome of  the 2016 US presidential election fling worthless civil lawsuit allegations against Donald Trump. 

Making a joke of allegations of child rape should be actionable contends The RINJ Foundation. The crime of rape should never be allowed in a civil court in cavalier attempts to gain $50 million, or any sum of money. If a child is raped somebody must go to prison for a very long time. 

The lightning rod of the Jane Doe allegations is the accused Jeffrey Epstein who is indeed a serious sex-offender. Nothing whatsoever suggests that Donald Trump should wear that title. It is scurrilous conduct to claim otherwise without truth for the purpose of extorting money and creating an election scandal.

This entire charade appears to be a Democrat election ploy done by bad characters who may or may not have the consent of the Democrat candidate. 

Epstein Epstein

These same bad characters have shown a loathsome contempt for a woman who in the 1990s was on the balance of probability one of Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex slaves

Jane Doe’s case’ alleged that an infamous billionaire sex-offender named Epstein raped her many times also procured her for the sexual service of other persons at one or more of Epstein’s hundreds of sex ‘parties’ that she voluntarily attended.

The case is complicated by Epstein, a child sex trader who is known to both candidates in this muck-raking but is a very close friend of the Clinton’s.  His lawyers claim he is co-founder of the Clinton Foundation.

To The RINJ Foundation‘s “Don’t Buy A Kid” campaign team this conduct of Epstein is all about child sex trade; the buying and selling of children for sex. RINJ has targeted and exposed men around the world who have indulged in the child sex trade and will continue to pursue an end to the child sex trade.

This whole Jane Doe matter makes a mockery of very serious matters. If any person has committed the crime of child sex slavery, buying or selling children for the purpose of sex, they should be charged criminally and on conviction locked away to prevent  recidivism. 

This matter and its tacky and sensational handling by crackpots who have misguided and manipulated an alleged rape survivor:

  • taints the jury pool;
  • indicates a willingness to flaunt the withholding of evidence the FBI could have used to stop a child sex trader by building a better case and averting a slap-on-the-wrist to a serial sex offender;
  • trivializes criminal matters that should in timely fashion be brought to criminal prosecution in the jurisdiction of the material events; and
  • implies malfeasance of a victim-witness where there is none.

Once again Jane Doe is victimized whether she knows it or not. Jane Doe, no matter what motive you might presume, is exhibiting symptoms of trauma consistent with being a rape survivor.