Coalition Boots on the Ground Needed – Stop Massacre of Mosul Innocents

Anger at Iraq is widespread for good reasons.

  • Iraq’s leadership is killing Moslawis out of utter incompetence.
  • Ignoring warnings from around the world the Iraqi government invasion of Mosul has failed to provide safe passage for Mosul civilians to leave Mosul. (The US has taken great pains to avoid ‘collateral’ damage but has set in the Foundation’s opinion an surrealistically high tolerance for civilian deaths. Iraq doesn’t seem to take any precautions if appearance and results are evaluated.)

al-Zahraa. Mosul
al-Zahraa. Mosul

  • Iraq and the USA were involved in the slaughter of a suspected half million civilians or more from 2003 to 2011 and therefore their tolerance for civilian death is tragically & historically high.
  • Iraq was the apparently corrupt nation under Nouri Kamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki that walked away and gave Mosul to the Islamic State in early June 2014. Iraqi troops did not defend Mosul but instead ran away.
  • To avoid a challenge over previous incompetence that cost its peoples’ lives Iraq withdrew and shame-faced walked away from the Rome Statute and the International Criminal Court thinking it would be impervious to prosecution. But there is no impunity for allowing the massacre of civilians.
  • Iraq is the country that has locked the people of Mosul in the city insisting they stay in their homes (probably to be slaughtered); 

Mosul is a mess.

  • Iraq under *Tehran’s direction has provided no safe corridor for evacuation despite a lethal environment created by American and Iraqi bombs, artillery, rockets, Daesh chemical weapons dispersal and Daesh brutality (*Iran warned that Sunni Jihadists will pretend to be civilians and evacuate with civilians therefore wants Moslawis to remain in Mosul.); and
  • Baghdad has hysterically implied it needs to lock the civilians in the city because there are 400,000 brainwashed killer-kids in Mosul representing a threat to the country. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Mosul is not safe for civilians. It is not safe for brave ill-equipped Iraqi soldiers either.

The US-Led Coalition Has Many Members

Nation members of the US-led Coalition in Iraq act for good purpose in the best interests of their nations’ populations and deserve the world’s gratitude.

Some members, like France, have suffered tragic crimes of the ill will of violent extremist terrorist groups like the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.


Directly or indirectly every single member of the ‘Coalition’ has been impacted. 

All governments need to take responsibility for protecting their children and their families from the spread of violent extremist terrorist groups and the malicious and hateful ideologies that are fuelling violence and terrorism around the world. The RINJ Foundation

For the same reasons member states are in this “Coalition” they need to bring more pressure to bear on the players in the volatile ME to protect civilians. Safe passage corridors for civilians AND proper blue-helmeted policing of camps is the way ahead. You can’t just allow the civilians of another country on another’s land be slaughtered thinking you are safe. Remember what happened when 500,000 Muslims were slaughtered in Bosnia-Herzegovina until finally the US/NATO stepped in and took on the job that the WEU and UN under Boutros Boutros Ghali dismally failed. You are still being hit by the blowback from that.

It would be extremely unfair that Coalition members find themselves implicated in the slaughter of massive numbers of Iraqi civilians, this time not over a period of eight years but over the next eight weeks or so. If you don’t see that happening, go back to sleep.

Coalition Should Intervene:

Coalition members must avoid being party to  catastrophe. Dropping into Mosul an urban war-fighting force to help save the people of Mosul and clean out the Daesh scum that pollutes the city might save the people. Can you risk not attempting an intervention?

Iraqi leadership Doesn’t Seem to Know Much About Mosul

Iraq claims that the Islamic State brainwashed more than 400,000 children in Mosul to fight for its cause, according to statements made by the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights on Tuesday. That actually is not possible.

The government of Iraq and its “High Commission for Human Rights” doesn’t seem to know much about Mosul.

The claims  about the Islamic States brutality are grossly understated. This is a violent epidemic that is spreading around the world and must be stopped. Meanwhile, Mr. Haider al-Abadi, your dear people in Mosul are severely at risk.

If Iraq’s Human Rights people are talking about the city of Mosul there are not 400,000 children here let alone 400,000 brainwashed killers. Of the 160,000 kids in Mosul, after subtracting the babies and toddlers there isn’t 20,000 of fighting age left. Most of the girls above 9 have vanished into the global child sex trade and there are no 20,000 IS fighters in Mosul.  Such utter bunk aims only to allege a fictitious risk of releasing the people from Mosul.

Iraq wants to justify imprisoning the population in the Mosul Death Trap.

There is no risk from protecting nor sheltering the population of Mosul that can’t be mitigated through good planning and resource management.

These children are not your enemy Mr. al-Abadi! Let them leave Mosul. These children are not your enemy Mr. al-Abadi! Let them leave Mosul.

A realistic estimate of Mosul population pre-Daesh was 1.694 million.

The highest population ever noted for Mosul was outlandishly exaggerated and had a lot to do with how the city government was compensated (apportioned tax sharing) by the central government since the 2003 invasion and occupation by the United States. Corruption in the city up to 2011 was moderate and after the withdrawal of the US in 2011 the population and wealth in the city seemed to plummet while corruption and extortion of the population skyrocketed.

The total population since September/October 2014 has not been much higher then 650,000 in the last couple of years. A huge number of Moslawis have been killed as well a large number have left by their own choice in the face of a bizarre variant of the Sharia religious rules, Daesh municipal-management incompetence and brutality against civilians.

The estimated TFR (Total Fertility Rate) for Iraq is 4.06, one of the highest in the world (global average is 2.33) suggesting a virtually undeveloped country in a state of murderous chaos. But that’s another matter.

The TFR in Mosul was lower in the years before ISIS. It is very low now, meaning the Mosul population is currently not being replaced.  Daesh encouraged Salafi Jihadists to have babies but it appears that the 42% non-contraceptive general population avoided pregnancy while 58% blocked conception.  (Patient statistics.)

Using the global standard, persons aged 0-14 years comprise 25.44% of the total number of children and that percentile could reasonably be calculated as 165360 but that ratio has not been maintained since Daesh took over the city. To suggest that the population of Mosul (as Baghdad has done) is 2.5  to 3 million and that the babies and children population is 400,000 is ludicrous.

To further suggest that there are 400,000 brainwashed killer-babies and kids in Mosul is obscene. The children of Mosul are lovely survivors and are as traumatized as their families. Help them leave Mosul safely and comfortably. You are destroying their city.

The people of Mosul have become accustomed to seeing the horrifying sight of ten-year-old children with AK-47s standing guard at checkpoints or chopping heads of prisoners. They are mostly the children of Takfiri extremists. Those of this group of kids that are still alive and in Mosul need a lot of help. But there are no 400,000 Islamic State cubs of the caliphate present. Attempting to tar and feather all the children of Mosul with this allegation is  crime of itself. What utter nonsense done by very creepy men who themselves have been raiding IDP camps and training kids as Shia Militia in the south of Mosul.


Innocent Mosul Kids

Innocent Mosul Kids Innocent Mosul Kids not-terrorist-mr-abadi Innocent Mosul Kids mosul-kids-rinj Innocent Mosul Kids mosul-kids-2 Innocent Mosul Kids

Iraqi Forces Are Stalled at the Edge of Mosul

Instead of making up stories about how formidable the 3500-strong enemy has become, Baghdad and the people of Mosul would be better served in making a plan to evacuate Mosul by creating a safe corridor that is guarded from the south east all the way into and along the Mosul University Hwy.

Iraq told CNN the repeated lie that it has fielded 100,000 soldiers and militia members which is likely more like 24-30,000 Iraqi Shia fighters and 8,000 Peshmerga plus allied militia units like the Mosul Freedom Brigade that has trained with the Turks near Bashiqa since 2014 under the son of the former governor of Nineveh. That’s more than enough to isolate a safe, guided, guarded corridor for people in Mosul to leave the city; pass through medical, baggage search; preliminary security clearance; and camp assignment. Get it done, Iraq.

Islamic State Also Failed to Manage Mosul

As the American and Iraqi  bombing of Mosul intensified simultaneous with Baghdad cutting off the health care and municipal salaries in May 2015, Mosul went down hill.

Shortages began and prices rose enormously.

Iraq began dropping thousands of leaflets every other week announcing that its invasion of Mosul was imminent. Daesh believed this and began to dig moats and tunnels.

Iraq drops leaflets instructing people to stay in their homes. (Most will be killed if they do.)

Daesh also began recruiting the young men in the city.

The brutal thugs then began stealing children from schools. Some parents who had daughters had pulled their kids from schools and hid them until they could smuggle their kids out of the city to friends and relatives elsewhere.

Daesh closed most normal schools or took them over converting them to Sharia brainwashing caverns.

Daesh went into each and every regular school taking from 100 to 125 children at a time. The kidnapped children were sent to Raqqa, Talafar and other places for religious brainwashing.

The children did not disappear from Mosul, only the young girls aged 9 and up vanished completely.

IS Stoning women in Mosul – Kids Watch in Fascinated Horror. Muslim children raised to despise women fail to bond to the human race and become two-dimensional creatures, missing empathy and a conscience. That describes Islamist Jihadists. The blood; the gore; the beheading; the disembowelling; and the murders–no conscience, no empathy.

Existence of Daesh Brutality Follows a Prediction in the Latter 20th Century of an Outcome To Gender Inequality Among Radical Islamists

Daesh is a collection  of a certain type of individual from the Islamic population: sociopaths.

The nature of Daesh behaviour is so unfathomably despicable, the world actually doesn’t seem to believe the stories we tell from Mosul. The world has paid little attention and in the recent US presidential election the candidates did not know where Aleppo was in the world; same with Mosul. Hillary Clinton said that the United states was invading and taking over the Syrian border-town of Mosul and was about to do the same in Aleppo [sic].

The IS males are born into this world into a doctrine that repudiates the female as a lesser being which means that the newborn in an extremist Muslim family cannot even bond at the umbilical chord to the human race. The product is a two-dimensional creature lacking any empathy. Psychopathic predilection for sure.

But while Daesh psychopaths are drawn to each other like magnets, they also don’t get along with each other for very long after their initial meeting. That is why Mosul has witnessed the beheading and disembowelling of each other; the brutal slayings done by Jihadist against Jihadist.

An argument could be made that a two-dimensional creature (incurable psychopath) is not a human.  That argument would extend a percentile of occurrence of the extreme personality deviancy to all sects of Islam that have not found some form of gender equality.

Those that continue to minimize and de-humanize the female in their families breed psychopaths at a higher proportion than all population groups except cannibals.

Love of a mother and love of a child is not possible for this jihadist group of psychopaths drawn to the ghoul of IS. If you consider that statement, you begin to understand why and how the specific elements of conduct you have heard about and we have witnessed.

The point is that no matter where you go in Iraq or Syria you are going to encounter some sick minds. The violence that exists pervasively in the Middle East is not entirely different from what you find in the Islamic State, al-Quaeda, al-Nursra, Iran’s military & government, the government of Iraq, the government of Syria and some of the Kurdish terrorist groups that have slaughtered 30 to 40 thousand people in Turkey over the past six dozen years.

Tied to a violent cultist religious doctrine members seem to reinvent repeatedly, or to simple territorial beefs, these bloody psychopaths exist for the power and control they derive from killing their fellow human beings–they have very sick minds.

The people of Mosul are sandwiched between two murderous groups: The Sunni Islamic State Wackos and the Iraqi Shia Zealots-with-guns who hate the Sunni.  This is a recipe for disaster. An armed intervention is needed. The civilians must be evacuated and the Daesh must be put out of business.

Moslawis are Innocent

The civilians of Mosul are by no means supporters of the Islamic State (IS). In the early days of Daesh in Mosul there were people who joined them. They were mistreated and eventually killed for the most part.

People here who placated Daesh in any way did so to stay alive. These are nice ordinary Iraqis who have been abused by Baghdad and by al-Baghdadi. They are now being abused and killed by TROI (The Rest Of Iraq).

Liberators Killing Civilians of Mosul

Baghdad is spending millions to tell Moslawis to stay in their homes and not to evacuate despite the fact that respiratory illness is growing in the toxic and explosive environment.

Civilians fleeing Mosul to the south east are being slaughtered by Iraqi troops which are mostly Shia, a Muslim religious sect that rivals with the Mosul Sunni Muslims.

The government of Iraq has failed to provide safe corridors for civilian evacuation of Mosul which is a must. Not to do so is a criminal offence in international law. America and Iraq need to wake up to this fact and take immediate action.

The spread of respiratory disease caused by chemical soaked air is carving out of the population the very young and the very old and will continue to eat away the population from the top down and the bottom up.

The Islamic State is planning to gas the population of Mosul at some point in the future. Stockpiles of Ammonia based chemicals; leftover chemical weapon shells of the Saddam era (too old to be very potent) and many tons of elemental sulphur are stored around the city.

When Daesh explodes and disperses its Sulphur Mustard and sets alight its raw sulphur piles, people will not die immediately but in the weeks and months ahead, tens of thousands will die from respiratory ails and from damaged soft tissue in breathing and digestive tracts as the chemicals enter the air, the water and the food chain.

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In the event, this will be blamed on Iraq for not getting the people out of the city.

What disease and chemicals does not destroy the bombs and artillery will kill. Get the civilians out of Mosul.