Can Duterte Save Rein-of-Terror Presidency? No. Get out.

On September 11, 2001, Islamist psychopaths murdered over 3000 wonderful people, the children of mothers around the world. Those killers were dealt with.

It is no different when a non-Islamist terrorist kills more than twice that number of innocent civilians. Something will be done about the thousands murdered by our President in the Philippines.

On May 22nd, 2017  another psychopath blew up dozens of children at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in England. We women are Gut-Crying tears for dears, murdered or injured at . We reach out our hands and hearts to those mothers.

All humanity has a broken heart.

  1. No. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte cannot redeem himself. He killed our children.
  2. Duterte ignored the leaders’ of the world warnings and killed thousands of our innocent children. He must now leave our country. Go.
  3. In the Philippines a person is innocent until proven guilty by a Court with lawful jurisdiction.
  4. Duterte can’t be bothered with laws and courts, he just randomly orders people killed and then says the whole world is wrong and he is right, above the law.
  5. People reported by anyone as users of narcotics or people that Duterte’s supporters don’t like (such as a girl who refuses sex or one who has been raped or her kids raped and might report the rape) are being killed at the instruction of the President and his Secretary of Justice and National police chief.
  6. The bid to impeach Duterte was quashed by Duterte’s Junta members.
  7. A criminal charge of mass murder sent to the International Criminal Court has gone nowhere.
  8. Begging Duterte to stop the murdering of Filipinos hasn’t worked. He can live the rest of his life in exile.
  9. Nobody has the guts to charge this murdering despot in the Philippines so we are throwing him out. Get out of the country, Duterte.

Philippines President Duterte could have been good for the country.

President Duterte could even have saved his presidency when we first told him to stop killing hundreds of ordinary Filipinos like Rowena Tiamson in the middle of last year. Now the deaths of people like Oman Manaoui are over ten thousand including the more than one thousand Duterte had murdered in Davao City while he was Mayor in the years before becoming president of our country in July 2016.

Since then the President just gets worse. His campaign of terror against the people continues.

Now its the rule of “lawless violence”; the threat of martial law; bringing back the death penalty; criminal age of responsibility pushed down to little kids age of 9 years old; state-sponsored murders; aligning the country with the worst human rights violators on the planet;  treason inasmuch as handing off the Spratly Islands and the Benham Rise to China despite international authorities saying that’s ours.

Many of Duterte’s murderers are confessing now to at least their wives or girl friends. Their minds are troubling them with the guilt of murder especially when they find out the next day the person they killed was an innocent cripple or a young girl who refused sex to a Barangay Captain. Guess what? That’s us who hear the confessions. Maybe we can’t be witnesses but we know what you are doing, Mr. Duterte and fellow felons. Many thousands of ordinary Filipino women are members and supporters of this global women’s group.

President Duterte chose to continue his Davao-City-learned despotic mass murdering across the nation instead of heeding the warnings of the international community. That’s all that anyone really sees. So many dreams we had for this guy are smashed.

We blindly voted for Duterte in a fever for change. What else could we do? Manila is corrupt. It’s worse now than ever. The worst are the police. Corrupt and deadly.

So many women are saying this today.

Duterte’s murders screwed things up badly for everyone. He could have been good. Our dream is broken.

Rodrigo Duterte cannot genuinely claim to love his people and yet be doing things that cause the deaths of ordinary Filipinos.

Duterte’s killers are not brave men facing drug lords, they are cowards slaughtering babies; teenage girls; or drooling Shabu users who should be cared for by a doctor in a hospital for their bleeding brains swelling in their pained skulls.

The doctors and nurses of The RINJ Foundation survived years caring for civilians in Islamic State controlled territories. They have seen the worst of humankind in those stinking Islamic State terrorists carrying out the orders of terrorist leader Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi. They describe Duterte’s totalitarianism conduct as among the worst.

Everything that comes out of Duterte’s palace is intended to induce fear. Even the media is terrified to go after the corrupt government operations for fear of causing more killings of journalists or losing their charter and going out of business.

Duterte has threatened to cancel the business charters of several major Philippines news outlets unless they stop their critical reporting of his Extra Judicial Killings and other humanitarian issues.

Maybe that is why CNN Philippines is such an avid supporter of Rodrigo Duterte’s killing spree. Apart from macho car shows, CNN Philippines is all about making pretty dresses; great hair and makeup; beauty pageants; baking cakes; keeping your man happy and healthy; and supporting Rodrigo Duterte. Not one critical report has ever been filed on this issue of murdering the poor, the weak and the ill. We have watched Duterte instruct Filipinos to murder one another for numerous things that he has decided are wrongdoings–like smoking a joint. In many countries in the world a broadcaster could arguably lose their licence and could be jailed for airing that sort of crime-promotion content twice. But CNN Philippines is making a bundle of money without the expense of providing valid content.  Duterte has threatened the media to tow his line or lose their charter. CNN is all about money, apparently.

Compare CNN to the courageous publishers and very skilled writers producing fair and balanced content for publications like ABS|CBN News,  Rappler, and Inquirer. It’s like pablum versus a Denver Cut steak with a bottle of good wine.

Duterte and his henchmen are getting away with mass murder.

Nearly every human rights organization in the world has warned Duterte that what he is doing is mass murder. In response, some of his fellow criminals in his kleptocracy make up the wildest lies and demand impunity.

Some 45 countries have raised concerns. Several parliaments and all the countries of the European Union are discussing sanctions against the Philippines.  But already Duterte claims he sent back 238 million dollars worth of European development money. That is another of his mistakes. Most of these  EU-funded projects in Mindanao coursed through various non-government organizations and would not be affected by the Duterte edict.

We cannot weather an economic storm created by sanctions.  We are hungry already. Some 10 million are at death’s door from starvation. The door will open for up to 60 million if Duterte brings the wrath of the world upon the Philippines.

Nearly every human rights organization in the world has warned Duterte that what he is doing is mass murder.

The world knows Duterte is aware he is a mass murderer and that ordinary Filipinos think and talk quietly about why somebody is not assassinating this despot and ending the rein of terror. It’s because of commandment number five: “Thou shall not kill.” Good people don’t murder.

The Mass Killer Fears Being Murdered

Duterte has an army around him everywhere he goes. He has more security than the Pope. He is a worse killer than ISIS al-Baghdadi boss up there in the killings count who also knows he is a target with a $25 million price on his head, dead or alive.  We wish Mr. Duterte a very long life to 110 at least in prison. One of his own prisons would be best. They are awful. Don’t put a price on Duterte’s head. Don’t kill him. Jail him and at least 30 of his worst henchmen.

The Philippines needs to learn how the rule of law and proper justice works. Filipinos have no idea what that truly is all about.

Mr. Duterte, you killed our babaies.Mr. Duterte. You killed our boys and girls. You say they are just collateral damage. Why? Collateral damage is when you are defending an immediate lethal threat of magnitude and kill occupying civilians by accident. The people you kill are no such thing. The people you kill are innocent until proven in a court of legitimate jurisdiction to be guilty.  You murdered our babies. How does that help anyone? Why do you hurt us? We trusted you. We voted for you. We cannot forgive you any longer because you refuse to change your lawless ways. We are humans and do not deserve to be mistreated in this manner. We want our babies back. That can’t happen. So we want you gone. Get out of our country. Go!

If Duterte was gunning down the scumbag Chinese Triad psychopaths who earn their living by destroying the lives of ordinary Filipinos with their Shabu poison of the poor, you could swear the world would look the other way. But Duterte has been killing in the thousands his opponents, drug users, critics, journalists, NGO workers, little children, people with physical challenges–it went too far. He and his criminal friends must be arrested and sent to jail. In the meantime Duterte must leave the country–put himself in exile if he has any honour or dignity left.

Duterte Channels Misogyny to get Supporters

Duterte could have been a great president. He has some good ideas that do take a strong man to carry through. But when you are killing our people you are no better than the Spanish, Americans, the Japanese in the past invasions and oppression of the Philippines.

Instead of doing good Duterte channeled to a dark, male element we should maybe call the Philippines Weakening Testosterone Syndrome. Filipino men, like women, for centuries have been oppressed. They lost every war they fought.  Who hasn’t been the cruel owner and ruler of the Philippines?

Our country has little industry and not enough good jobs. We export our women to other countries to work as servants. Saudi Arabia, Europe, America buy us as maids and nannies without any immigration status.

Now Filipino women are better educated, quite bossy and definitely better earners than the men. They are also the slaves of other nations’ men and not our own men. That makes Filipino men silently angry; glad to have the money sent home but envious of the status. They are not the wage earners.  Pride cometh before the fall but sadly the falling is done by the women when they are beaten by angry men.Justice for Rowena

Image: The case of this first class human being, Rowena is like thousands of others — an innocent civilian gunned down in exactly the same manner as the others. 

Duterte channeled the misogyny in the Philippines to build his support: imprison or demean the women opponents like the Vice President and Senator DeLima; and marginalize the overseas workers. He talks down to ever nanny and maid in the world seeking their approval with charismatic blather.

Battle of the ‘sexes’ in a culture that marginalizes women. Women never had a fighting chance to be equal.

Filipino men, hard workers but with no education, are short, have small penises (which makes no difference to anything but they believe it does), and they have this cultural need to rule over their females. But the women are out of the country being ruled by and leered at by big handsome men with big pink tallywackers and earning five times as much money as the Filipino man who makes next to nothing as the slave of some kleptocratic government or corporate official in agriculture or mining. That may be a crude way of explaining things but do you read how men feel? Angry.

It isn’t fair. Filipino men are amazingly hard workers and mostly very good family-oriented males with strong protective instincts for their children. Their wives are sold off overseas by money-making corporate agencies and government taxation/immigration infrastructures born of the need to share the wealth of women sent away to work under conditions that are close to slavery. Nobody is saying the money is not needed. Maybe this is a smart thing to do, but coming home after three years of loneliness to a beating and finding out the girls have been raped is not the reward women want. Just saying.

Many Filipino men, too many, are abusers of women and  children in a big way. They rely on traditions that encourage the domination of females.

It’s an ugly contradiction–women earning the big money and men believing they are superior to women, getting angry and using  their fists. Domestic violence is a big problem in the Philippines. Violent men are a very big problem. They should stop. Filipino men have never won a war and they will not win this one by beating and raping their females and murdering the weak, the ill and the poor. That’s what they are doing under President Duterte’s direct instructions.

Selling our women is a big part of our GDP. Nobody knows how much money comes in from the sale of child sex slaves.

And our children are being sold all over the world.

  1. Front and centre is Duterte who can only laud the primary  export of the Philippines: its women.
  2. Number two is probably its children. The Philippines has the worst possible problem of child sex trading.

“You can do it yourselves if you have a gun. Kill them.” —Duterte

When the subordinated Filipino men were given the chance to be men again, have guns and motorcycles from Duterte (he should have picked men who are not braggarts with big mouths) , they could never afford themselves, they took money and considerations and murdered people on a list.  They also murdered people they did not like. When the target hid well from the murderers, they murdered the targets’ kids and girl friends or wives.

Many hundreds of Filipino men are proud killers for Duterte  and powerful with a gun, a little motorcycle, and some money. They are snakes brought out from under a rock by Duterte and his dirty henchmen.

That’s how Duterte channeled the misogyny in the Philippines. He is a man’s man on his big motorcycle driving around killing people. The men love him.

Sociopaths have the charisma to win elections. They do not have the empathy nor moral compass to be good leaders. That’s why they lie so easily.

Some Sociopath Leaders have been very Good Leaders. Duterte could have been great.

There is no cause to freak out because you learn your country has a seriously personality disordered leader. It’s very common. In fact any psychiatrist will tell you that this kind of person is drawn to public life like a disease-laden flying bug to a light.

Duterte’s Henchmen Voted Down an Impeachment Bid. That was expected.

Duterte Wants to go after Smokers too. Don’t Smoke. We agree.

Duterte wants you to stop using drugs. Don’t use non-prescribed drugs. We agree.

Duterte hates the Manila street kids and wants to hang children as young as nine years of age. That’s insanity apart from being immoral in total violation of global values and human rights.

Duterte has a point about smoking. Really. Are smokers nuts?  If you are still smoking in this day and age of medical knowledge, you clearly should be a psychiatric patient. You have a mental health problem. That’s not a bad thing. Now that you know what is wrong, get treated. You need to talk to somebody who will tell you “don’t smoke because you are killing yourself and those underlying self-destructive whims need to be treated as well as the drug addiction problem you have (nicotine is a highly addictive drug).”

It’s a filthy death you smokers are headed for. Your lungs, your heart, your arteries look like Betel Nut juice spit. You cannot play with this. It’s not Russian Roulette–all of the cylinder is loaded–it is a guaranteed pain and suffering death if you continue.

The good news is that by reading this far, you are going to get the cure that saves you. Quit smoking.

If you quit and we mean never touch a tobacco product again, you can heal yourself but it takes a progression of ten years before you have undone the harm you did your internals. Do not wait another five minutes. Quit now and go get help to deal with your addiction, apparent depression and death wish. That is not an exaggeration. Sadly, mental health is ignored in this country like it is ignored around the world. Substance abuse is a manifestation of deeper health problems. Those are not a very big challenge with the right treatment–painless and inexpensive treatment.

When you are dieting, hunger is your friend. If you feel a little hungry, the diet is working.

When you feel the urge for a smoke every so often, your quitting project is working and your body has started to clean itself. Amazing benefits will be felt in ten days. Amazing benefits. Wait and see.

Yes, President Duterte is right about quitting smoking. Too bad he is a mass murderer and refuses to stop. ( He said this past week he intends to kill another 40,000 people.)

Duterte has some good points about Family Planning and Reproductive Rights. Bravo.

Don't use drugsDon’t smoke or use drugs.

Duterte says the 10,000 extra-judicial killings are going to quickly climb to 50,000.

But not only is Duterte’s penchant for murdering people disgustingly immoral and cowardly, it is hypocritical.

Several of the midnight murderers Duterte has inspired and paid, are Betel Nut Juice addicts. Their lips are crimson and their teeth are rotted. Duterte himself is a (recovering?) Fentanyl addict. That’s hypocracy.

There are about 1 million Methamphetamine hydrochloride users in the Philippines. Duterte claims there are 2 million, then upped it to 3 million and now he says he had found 4 million.  The UN estimates there may be 2 million abusers of substances.

In the Philippines, lies figure and figures lie. What the Philippines has is a serious hunger problem.

People are hungry.

People are poor.

People have no money for the cops, Barangay Captains, cops, and politicians or their agents selling cheap amphetamine drugs.

When you are hungry, Betel nut juice takes the pain away.

But the real problem: Poverty.
Betel nuts grow freely.

Drugs? About 20 million people either use or have someone in their family abusing Betel nut juice too get high and to curb their hunger.  When you are hungry, Betel nut juice takes the pain away.


But the Betel nut is free and safer than tobacco and amphetamine (Shabu)–a lot safer. We know some crusaders against the Betel nut would disagree. The carcinogenic factor of the Betel Nut is not to be ignored but it pales compared to tobacco. But whatever the suggestion, all these things are toxins. They are poisons. If you put them in your body you have low self esteem, some measure of death wish, and are self destructing.

The order of most prolific substance abuse seems to be as follows.

People need to be told that the only item from among the following that they should consume would be a beer or a 5oz glass of wine once a day unless their doctor says no for medical reasons.  The rest is a recipe for suicide.

  1. Betel Nut – Free carcinogen. The seed of the areca palm used ritualistically by many tribes and prolific among all provinces of The Philippines. Instant euphoria and alertness. Highly addictive and carcinogenic.
  2. Tobacco – Terrible problem, but improving. Maybe 12% of early teens are smoking because of awareness issues and poor hopes for the future.
  3. Alcohol – Very Cheap in the Philippines. Big problem with too many people getting drunk when they have a bit of money. They need food more.
  4. Shabu – Cheap form of street amphetamine (methamphetamine hydrochloride) manufactured in The Philippines and in China (plus lesser amounts from elsewhere like Malaysia and Indonesia). Controlled by the ‘Triad’. Easy to get people “hooked”.
  5. Cocaine – Rare and expensive.

Don't use drugs

Duterte has some good ideas but killing our children is not one of them. He must do the right thing and leave the country.

The Government of the Philippines must Stop The Murders and start using the Rule of Law and fair justice.

Duterte is nothing more than a despot picking on the poor, the weak and the ill. He should self-exile.

Rosalie Neirbo

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